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Chapter 1082 - Seven Cities' Assault -Part 3

Chapter 1082 - Seven Cities' Assault -Part 3

"We are getting out of this no matter what!" Taris General refused to throw the towel down as he fiddled with his lance, feeding it power. Even if the Siege Weapons were not working as expected, he always had a backup plan in mind. His lance was not just some stabby little spear that he carried around on his armoured horned bear.

It also has the ability to bring down a fortress wall.

That was one of the reasons why General Yaega had continued his charge towards the fortress wall and his battalions religiously followed him through because they had witnessed the power of his siege tier lance in battles before. The Taris General tightened his grip on the all powerful lance, or as the others dubbed it as the Wallbreaker Lance.

Yaega's magical energy steadily acc.u.mulated within his lance but instead of him leading the charge, three hors.e.m.e.n sped ahead of him to protect his front. This was mainly because there could be anti personnel traps such as spike pits placed right below the fortified walls. The three hors.e.m.e.n who were in front were to ensure that their leading commander would not be hindered by these traps and he could pave the way right in front of him.

To the hors.e.m.e.n's surprise, no traps had been triggered as they reached the last few metres towards the fortified wall as if the enemies were so confident of their wall.

Sure, it looked weird from the standpoint but it did not lower their confidence in their general's attack. So, they quickly did a sharp turn in order to not clash themselves onto the walls and also run away from the possible residual debris of Yaega's lance attack.

But despite knowing the might of the Wallbreaker Lance, Yaega suddenly has doubts in his mind because he had never seen such a wall before. It was not made from the usual brick and mortar since he could not see any lines or crevices in this particular wall he was attempting to break.

It looked way too smooth and white like a blank piece of canvas staring back at him. Other than that, this was the only way forward and the general could not think what else he can do in this current situation.

"WALL BREAKER!" Yaega shouted as he raised his charged up lance and directed it to the wall. The Wallbreaker lance immediately acted as a large rotating drill with all the magic infused into it, directly impacting onto the wall. If everything goes fine, his Wallbreaker lance will reveal a hole large enough for the entire battalion to charge through into the inner city.

However, the loud bang on the wall does not sound the same based on Taris General's experience. It felt muffled and the debris that flew away from the impact was not as much as expected even though he knew that he had inserted even more energy than he ever had because of the adrenaline that was pulsating through his veins. True enough, the Wallbreaker attack only revealed a hole big enough for three battle bears to go through and there was no light at the other end of the wall but Yaega had to keep moving or else the momentum from the battalion behind him would crash the front few.

The Wallbreaker Lance eventually lost its stored energy and as Yaega tried to move forward, he found himself in a tunnel like environment that was poorly lit with red light and the only paths available were either left or right. So, in order to reduce the possibility of an impending accident or jam from behind, Yaega sent the order to split up and go through the tunnels from both sides. "Kill anything that moves!" The Taris General orders literally echoed through the huge tunnels.

However, because of the unsuccessful siege attempt, the two battalions were indeed attempting to squeeze through the hole that Yaega had created. In the process, a few hors.e.m.e.n were trampled and crushed because of the crash from the charging Horned Bears mixed in their army's composition. And due to the accidents, some of the horses made a fuss by not moving forth and instead raised their forelegs to neigh. That alone amounted to a standstill, giving Demopolis soldiers to pick their targets off from their edge of the wall. They even have the time to push tubs of hot oil to the area the Taris Battalions were gathering and pouring the oil down at them.

With the design of the fortified layered smooth walls like terraced farms, the oil was able to acc.u.mulate a little before flowing down. This build up caused a torrential wave of piping hot oil to crash down onto the battalion, melting anyone who was in its path. The rain of bullet projectiles and the flood of oil caused some of the heavily armoured horned bear knights to violently push their way into the tunnel hole for cover but eventually got killed when the oil gushed into the hole and melted the cavalry's legs, causing their riders to fall. The hot oil was enough to burn the riders and their mounts, rendering them severely burnt.

And while they might be comrades in arms but in the face of death where all were bound to lose in this catastrophe situation, the soldiers felt they had to fend for themselves especially when their general was out of sight.

The rest of the knights and riders at the back of the battalions had determined that going back through the woods was their only way out of this shit show. To them, the choice they were left with was to either get shot down by these mysterious projectiles which they could not see or take their chances against the ambushers who have explosive arrows which they could blow their heads off.

Obviously, the latter was more feasible for the rest of the battalion since the front was filled with a deadlock of cavalry trying to squeeze through and the hot oil flowing down the fortified white wall, killing the rest who were stuck in that position. If they could return back to their headquarters they might have a chance for a proper regroup against the ambushers.

Thus, one of the commanding officers in the rear took charge of the retreat and ordered the rest to stay in a scatter formation so that the projectiles and arrows would have a difficult time hitting them. However, the remnants of the battalion were taking casualties as they tried to enter the forested area again. Still, the commanding officers were also not stupid to retreat from the same place they were from, and they split their troops again so that their ambushers had split their forces. This way, there should be fewer ambushers following each group and their chance of survival would technically be higher.

The problem was that they had no idea who their ambushers were and they might go into a fit to know that they were none other than the Night Foxes. Furthermore, if the remnants retreating were to know that only ten Night Foxes were left handing them to the afterworld, it would be a complete disgrace to the battalion since they imagined that it was an entire platoon of ambushers attacking them. They had no idea that the fifty odd Night Foxes had split themselves equally based on the numbers they saw marching out from the camp.

As for the temporary camp headquarters itself?

The result was obvious enough.

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