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Chapter 1080 - Seven Cities Assault -Part 1

Chapter 1080 - Seven Cities Assault -Part 1

The night went by peacefully for the Taris Army with no incidents and that alone reinforced the fact that the Demopolis Police and even their Home Guards were too busy dealing with the internal strife to even know about them.

Taris General Yaega had sent scouts ahead to check on the city's situation for he felt something was still amiss. There was no way the Demopolis would not know about them given that they were blatantly out in the open. All that bustling for setting the camp up should have already given away their position and yet there was no retaliation on their side.

However, the commanding officers under him reassured him further when the scouts returned safely to state that the infighting was still ongoing.

Even though it was before the peak of dawn, the scouts reported there were sporadic infightings in each district and the place was basically torn down. This gave General Yaega a momentary peace of mind until the arrival of Bodek and Merah City's legions came into view. Their Generals had also assembled in the temporary headquarters Taris had erected within the night. For the rest of the army, they were given a moment's respite as well as a hearty breakfast before their assault.

As the other two cities were further than Taris, they were unable to carry as many food supplies as they would like to and thus given that responsibility to Taris to handle. Surely it was not a wise decision from a strategic point of view since they would all be vying for the treasures and loot of Demopolis but the Church's power to guarantee the cities participating, a fair compensation if they were to coordinate until the demise of Demopolis.

With that contract enforced, the various City Generals were still protecting the best of their interests but at the same time cooperating between the cities whenever needed while a few Church Agents were made as overseers to make sure that their alliance was valid.

And one of such overseers was Agent Ravis. Scrawny but not to be underestimated as he was also one of the few who had taken the prototype serum after the scientists' countless attempts at refining it. Besides, his true identity was an elite agent employed by the Church of the Afterlife who accompanied Merah City's Army to Demopolis outskirts. (Mainly because the agent happened to be around that area and it was easier to rendezvous with them.) And thus alongside him was General Ana, who was well known in their circles of cities as the War Angel of Fire.

Bodek City's general had also arrived as per stipulated time and the three generals were discussing the fine points of the battle plan created by the tacticians of the Seven Cities. The current war master plan was fairly simple. Taris, Merah and Bodek would attack from the north, attacking from three points. The middle point would be led by Taris Army but only a small force would be allocated for that position. A bulk of their troops would be separated to assist with Merah and Bodek attack points which were the North East and North West respectively.

Eun City, Kemban City and Leba City would be commandeering naval fleets to attack from the south. These three cities, which had superior naval fleets compared to the rest, would be attacking at a later time as they would want the Demopolis Home Guards to focus on the north as their naval fleets swoop in from the south.

As for the last city, Aljun City, they were the trump card of the Seven Cities alliance and the one Kraft was a little worried about. This was because they were not sea or land based but aerial. But unlike the Land and sea, the aerial forces would come in the last because their city did not wish to waste their precious expensive machinations to be destroyed by some magic ball wielding demons. They would however provide whatever fire support the other human cities would need against the Demopolis and should the demons put up a fierce fight, the rest of the armies could retreat and allow Aljun Cities Fleet Armada to burn the entire Dempolis to Kingdom Come.

"General Ana, it's nice to see you again and a good day to you to Church Agent Ravis, I have received your correspondence and sent my units to check out the parameters. Everything is in order and proceeding smoothly. Hope you all had a decent time travelling through the other cities without much disruption." Taris said as he pointed to them their seats on their war table.

"There were some unpleasant encounters with a few groups of bandits who think that they could steal our supplies. Other than that it was nothing significant, just a bit of sport for our army." General Ana said as she sat down and placed her War Axe at the side. It nearly tipped the table to her side but she reacted quickly by picking it up and placing it on the ground.

"Where is General Edgar? I thought you said everyone had arrived." Ravis said as he opened his pocket watch to check the time. "He knows that he had to be here by-"

"Stop your nonsensical yapping, you bloody agent. I am already here." Edgar swiped the tent's entrance flap away and sat at the remaining chair available around the war table. "Don't you bastards already know that my city's the furthest and you had to yap on being punctual when I am REQUIRED to take detours of unknown difficulties and to come on time as instructed as well? Well f.u.c.k you, you churchie."

"Mind your words, Edgar. I can denounce you as a heretic and have you cut down even before the start of this assault." Ravis raised his finger at him but Edgar did not back down and instead, challenged him further.

"Try me." Edgar raised his chest and looked down at the scrawny looking Church Agent.

"Enough!" Ana was about to pick her war axe and stomped it to stop the commotion and Yaega placed himself in the middle to intervene them from even attempting to confront each other. "We can do all this after the assault, not in the middle of it. Let's quickly review the plans and start the attack. The dawn is approaching soon and we should hit before the Demopolis Home Guards notice us."

The three generals including the church agent once more went through with their plans while their armies ate their breakfast in the Taris temporary headquarters. Once the generals were out of their camp meeting, the orders to reorganise and sortie were given as Church Agent Ravis reported the army's progress to his main headquarters. His main purpose was to liaise the information between the land, sea and air so that the war master plan could proceed with ease.

But that was not their main concern for the Church as they themselves were actually preparing a special surprise for Demopolis in case the Seven Cities failed in their assault. After all, they saw the swift capture of Demopolis as well as the stout defences from Pandapolis. Therefore, they were taking no chances.


"Ahh… So, this is what they had been planning. Now I finally know why my senses had been tingling for some time. Naughty, naughty! My dear elves, please catch that Church Agent, I would like to know more about their surprise." Kraft smiled to himself as he received the very same information not soon after.

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