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Chapter 1075 - Wide Active Response Event (WARE)

Chapter 1075 - Wide Active Response Event (WARE)

King Rex had already met with the only female Shadow 'King' of the Eld Enclave before having his conversation with Satov. While Rex and Satov sealed the deal, she was in the midst of preparing the spells to protect the remaining portion of Demopolis for the next phase.

Honestly, he had not expected Jin's rich resources to be so easily accepted by the Shadow Kings but it had proven that their intelligence gathering had been on point. Through the constant eavesdropping, the goblin communications team had successfully managed to figure out the desires of each head of the three major Mafia factions. It was not an easy feat but the completion of this particular task had further shown Jin's War Council that information gathering and manipulation was indeed as important as the strength to fight off their enemies.

The Eld Enclave had always needed more magical stones and the higher quality the better. So, with the System's access to the Intergalactic Black Markets, Rex had been able to find a magical stone that the Eld Enclave had been unable to resist.

The price to pay for it had been rather obscene but the System had believed it to be a decent recompense. After all, it couldn't risk losing Demopolis because of the infighting between the Mafias and the Pandarens. Fortunately, the System had felt that it had earned sufficiently from the sales from the raid so far, so it had decided it was time to enter the next phase as quick as possible.

Thus, an alert had been sent out via the Pandamonium App indicating a very important Active Response Event was about to be created. The warnings had not been restricted to one particular district, unlike the previous events, but more and more alerts had popped up in the outer districts. Eventually, it changed into a call to gather at the Royal Palace of Demopolis which would henceforth act as the stronghold for the Pandarens.

Xiong Da, Ruo Ying, Xue Ping and Lee An were fighting in the raids as this large scale Active Response Event had been activated since it happened to coincide with the weekend. (And the inspectors for once wanted to finish this raid. For 'research purposes' as Xue Ping claimed.)

The Pandawans did not know what exactly was happening and all they could do was to follow the narrative of this current raid, as stated within the Pandamonium App. By adhering to the instructions of the ARE, the Pandarens were immediately rewarded with twenty raid points which already resulted in a boost to morale.

They quickly realised that this was not just some ordinary Active Response Event as the panda symbols with Vikings helms had evolved into a Viking panda having its back leaning beside a plushie looking minotaur similar to Moloch while they were surrounded by sinister shadows. They were whispering between themselves, wondering if this could be like a starting signal for phase two of this particular Demopolis raid.

And true enough, the Pandarens saw the narrative changed once the timer on the event expired. Multiple district events merged into a singular city wide event which was the Pandapolis called a Wide Active Response Event, or WARE.

The narrative instantly changed within the Pandamonium App as King Rex broadcast a holographic image of himself at the top of the Royal Palace. It was huge enough so that everyone who wasn't currently hiding in a bas.e.m.e.nt would see it. And even then, his booming voice reverberated from the palace to all over the city, to alert and inform everyone.

"Citizens of Demopolis, while some may claim that a king should never bow to his subjects, today, I, King Rex, have come to ask you for your help." King Rex announced while publically lowering his head in front of them all. "Over the last few days, we have been fighting amongst ourselves for our personal beliefs, yet now outsiders have come to prey on us, wishing to make use of our own turmoil."

"They are Purist Humans who have aligned themselves with the Church of the Afterlife, and intend to plunder while we are at our weakest. As I speak, they are coming closer to our lands and shores for a definitive attack. My scouts have reported to me that we will be contending not with one, not with two, but with the military of seven cities at once. Their numbers in strength alone could topple our city in a matter of hours."

"Thus, I beseech each and every one of you, just as I have implored the Shadow Kings, stop the infighting and concentrate on the real enemy. Although we had our differences with the Shadow Kings, ultimately Demopolis is our home and WE ARE NOT GIVING IT UP WITHOUT A FIGHT!!!" Rex roared and the city shook once more, as the ones inside the palace joined their king in his declaration.

As King Rex mentioned the Shadow Kings, three beacons, one in red, green and blue were emitted within their respective districts, showing holographic pictures of their families' crest. The ones belonging to the Mafia recognised it as an affirmation of what the current King was saying and that they should stop the infighting.

"With what little time we have left, we need to prepare against the horde of humans. I, therefore, ask all the various Mafia members who listen to my proclamation to move to those beacons and follow the instructions of your respective Shadow Kings. Together we shall save the entire Demopolis from becoming a ruin. Listen to me now and I promise to lead us to victory against the Seven Cities!!!" King Rex announced which subsequently led the Pandamonium app to start beeping again.

The rules of the City Raid had changed and any Pandaren who were still fighting against the mafia would be eliminated from the current raid instance. To avoid such a fate the app recommended for them to rendezvous at the Royal Palace instead. The time limit was an hour and this led the Pandarens to wonder what they could do until a new objective started to appear in their app.

"Rest and prepare for the next phase of the raid."

This enabled people who were not in the current raid instance to have some time to make their way to Jin's store as the alert had been sent out to every customer who had the Pandamonium App installed on their device. The Pandawans took the chance to call on their remaining team members to gather once more while they explored the current monument they were residing in, the palace itself.

While it had been designated a forbidden place during the raid, the now opened Royal Palace of Demopolis offered the Pandarens a chance to explore the luxurious buildings built during King Baal's reign. Not only that but there were also portals that allow them to return to their customised rooms to change their gears as well as a bunch of System Traders which the Pandarens could stock up at. Judging from King Rex's message, they discerned that the upcoming fight would be a tough one.

And that preparation alone was enough for Jin to open up a very special page in their app that would change the experience of the Pandarens that were playing this particular raid.

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