No Way People Find Cultivation Difficult, Right?

Chapter 287 (END) - Big Brother, I Got It!

Chapter 287: Big Brother, I Got It!

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Longevity Mountain.

“The true body of the Fiendcelestial has appeared.”

Su Changyu sat cross-legged, opened his eyes, muttered under his breath, and closed his eyes again.

The Green Lotus in front of him had already clearly become dim and malnourished.

The Green Lotus swayed on his essence soul platform and a crystal clear lotus seed was condensed on it.

The Ten Nations.

As Xiao Muxue, Ye Ping, and the others blasted the Heavenly Fiend Ancient Diagram away, Xia Qian forced the Fiendcelestial to appear while sacrificing himself.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

The loud sounds resounded in the sky and the six Gates of Hell formed the body of the Fiendcelestial, making the demonic aura roll through the void, intertwining with death and inauspiciousness.


The Fiendcelestial opened both his eyes that were like sanguine stars and stared at Xu Luochen. The death aura that was emitted from his eyes made everything in front of him turn into nothingness.

In an instant, Xu Luochen felt a dangerous aura that made the billions of stars behind him shine brightly while the five spirits around him turned into a barrier that immediately shielded him.

However, under the attack of the Fiendcelestial, the layer of defense began to burst with a destructive speed.

Seeing this, the Fiend Lord immediately turned around to attack and shield Xu Luochen.

“Thank you so much, Father.”

Xu Luochen immediately thanked him. It was a terrifying strike that would put him in agony even if he wouldn’t be annihilated.

“The situation now is a bit difficult to deal with.”

The Fiend Lord said when he saw the situation.

Even he couldn’t help but frown when he saw that situation.

“Everyone, calm down!”

Faced with this situation, Xiao Muxue immediately spoke up and told them to calm down and that they absolutely must not panic in this situation.

“Senior Fiend Lord, please continue suppressing one of the Gates of Hell!”

Xiao Muxue bowed to the Fiend Lord.

She continued, “Luochen, Ye Ping, you two shall work together to suppress one of the Gates of Hell.”

“Perfected Ziyun, Perfected Tianxuan, Householder Shan He, you three work together to suppress one of the Gates of Hell.”

Xiao Muxue told everyone to suppress the Gates of Hell.

The Fiendcelestial was truly terrifying, but they were all contributing to the battle with all their might. Now that the Fiendcelestial hadn’t truly descended and completed his body, there was still a ray of hope.

“Luochen, if you want to leave, I can take you to ascend with me.”

The Fiend Lord did not look at Xiao Muxue and instead looked at Xu Luochen to ask for his opinion.

He did not feel much about the Fiendcelestial destroying the world because it had nothing to do with him.

He had already become an immortal in the mortal world and could now ascend together with Xu Luochen.

When Xu Luochen heard the Fiend Lord’s words, he felt that his father was impressive and he was extremely touched.

“Father, I’d like to try it.”

Xu Luochen said.

In the current situation, he obviously wouldn’t choose to escape.

“For the sake of my son, I’ll suppress this one!”

When the Fiend Lord heard Xu Luochen’s choice, he charged towards the Gates of Hell at the head of the Fiendcelestial.

It had the most powerful and terrifying aura.

“Ye Ping, you will fight alongside me!”

Xu Luochen nodded. He wasn’t afraid at all and his eyes were full of battle intent.

“Yes, Senior Brother Luochen.”

Ye Ping remained fearless and was full of anticipation.

Everyone else nodded and charged towards the Gates of Hell too.

In such a situation where their lives were concerned, they didn’t show signs of retreating and instead showed their determination.

Although the Fiendcelestial put them in a state of despair, they had chances of winning.

They were all firm and determined, which was a large part of the reason that they could cultivate to such a strength.

“The rest of the cultivators, listen up, fight and attack with all your might!”

“We mustn’t lose this battle! Spread the message to gather the powerhouses of the five dynasties and the immortal sects to get ready to provide aid at any time!”

Xiao Muxue said sternly.

They indeed couldn’t lose this battle.

If they failed to suppress the six Gates of Hell and allowed the true body of the Fiendcelestial to be fully formed and manifested, it would be completely over.


Everyone charged into the clouds.


Xiao Muxue immediately stepped out and offered the immortal artifact seal.

“Great Desolate Heavenly Halberd!”

“Great True Dragon Hand Seal!”

“Divine Fiend Fist!”

“World Freeze!”

“Heaven-Burning Great Sun!”

“Heavenly Heart Demon-Slaying Great Mystical Ability!”

Everyone struck in unison, releasing terrifying lethal attacks that made the world shake, the stars to fall, and all beings to wail in agony.

The Fiendcelestial body in the six Gates of Hell was simply too terrifying. It kept attacking and killing in a bid to leave the Gates of Hell and shatter everything in the void.

The Fiend Lord slashed his halberd through heaven and earth in a bid to shatter it. However, the Fiendcelestial’s head was extremely terrifying. It opened its mouth, which was like a black hole, and tried to devour him.

Ye Ping and Xu Luochen, both of whom had unparalleled bodies, began striking the right arm of the Fiendcelestial with both their fists that were covered in light.

The other Mahayana cultivators all did the same, suppressing the Gates of Hell.

Xiao Muxue kept her eyes fixed on everything, and whenever someone was injured, she would reach out to heal them.

The battle was shocking and terrifying, staining their bodies with blood.

The Fiendcelestial was way too terrifying. If the Fiendcelestial appeared in his complete form, it would be unimaginable.

At the rear cliff of Qingyun Dao Sect.

“Lin Bei, take good care of Disciple-Nephew Gu.”

Wang Zhuoyu’s injury had been healed and his condition was stable now. When he saw the situation in the void, he instructed Lin Bei and Da Xu to take care of the seriously injured Gu Jianxian. He then flew to the sky.

Now that he had Xue Zhuan’s Golden Dragon to enhance his abilities, he would be extraordinary in a brief amount of time.

“Senior Sister Muxue, we want to help too!”

Wang Zhuoyu held onto the Starry Chessboard and Golden Dragon shadows appeared around him.


When Xiao Muxue saw Wang Zhuoyu, she could immediately roughly tell his current physical condition.

Wang Zhuoyu immediately attacked and the Starry Chessboard evolved in a bid to seal one of the Gates of Hell.

The void fluctuated and Chen Lingrou came over too, but everyone ignored her as they only paid attention to the Qilin that she was riding.

The Ancient Qilin Emperor, Gu Aotian, stepped on the auspicious clouds, surrounded by the Xuanhuang Qi, giving everyone a great shock as they didn’t expect there to be a divine beast like the Qilin in this world.

“Girl, just stand at the side and watch me. I’ll show you the strength of my 2,999 levels of Qi Refinement!”

Gu Aotian tossed Chen Lingrou, who was on his back, towards the side and attacked.

He was a Qilin, a divine beast with terrifying strength and abilities. Each strike of his carried the power of wind and thunder, just like a Heavenly Tribulation.

Xiao Muxue was surprised to see Gu Aotian appearing together with Chen Lingrou.

‘Where’s Su Changyu?’

‘Didn’t Chen Lingrou say that Su Changyu left on the Qilin?’

It was strange that the divine beast had already appeared at this point, but Su Changyu was still nowhere to be found.

“Ancient Qilin Emperor, where’s Su Changyu?”

Xiao Muxue asked.

“When the time comes, Big Brother will naturally appear.”

Gu Aotian said and suppressed the Gates of Hell of the Fiendcelestial’s body.

His strength was on par with the Fiend Lord.

Time passed bit by bit.

The immortal sects of the five dynasties had sent the majority of their powerhouses here to join the battle, leaving only a few behind to guard the sect.

This battle concerned the survival of all beings and was beyond the level of the sects and dynasties.

Even though the four fiend cults were watching, they couldn’t care less.

The battle lasted for three days and three nights, during which all the cultivators continuously took turns to fight and suppress the Gates of Hell.

At this moment, someone suddenly looked shocked.

“What’s going on?”

The void collapsed and cracks appeared on the Gates of Hell which began to shatter.

Crack! Crack! Crack!

The Gates of Hell shattered and then coalesced into a large gate that was 10,000 feet in size while a terrifying death aura swept through the entire world immediately.

At this moment, all the cultivators took a deep breath as they watched the scene while their hearts trembled.


A terrifying roar filled the air and a 10,000-feet tall figure stepped out from the Gate of Hell while intimidating pressure pervaded, causing everyone to feel an unprecedented pressure.

“Fiendcelestial, it’s the true body of the Fiendcelestial! What’s happening!?!”

Some people shrieked in disbelief.

The aura was too scary and it shrouded everyone, making even the Mahayana realm and Tribulation Transcendence realm cultivators shudder.

The crowd could not believe everything that was happening before them. How did the six Gates of Hell fuse into one and the true body of the Fiendcelestial appear?

The Fiendcelestial stepped out of the Gates of Hell with demonic aura that drowned all the mountains and rivers. The heaven and earth changed drastically and a Thunder Tribulation appeared in the sky.

That was forbidden by heaven and earth.

Everyone looked at the Fiendcelestial in disbelief.

Countless cultivators turned pale after getting frightened by the sight of the Fiendcelestial.

“Everything is over!”

The Fiendcelestial roared furiously. His body seemed like immortal divine metal as demonic aura permeated from it, making everyone overwhelmed with fear.


He raised his big hand and shook the sky, making the world roar and millions of mountains collapse. It was simply too terrifying.

Everyone felt an aura of death at this moment.

‘Array formation!’

Xiao Muxue yelled loudly.

In an instant, the array formation that had been set up in the void activated, and several pillars of light charged into the sky to block the Fiendcelestial.

However, under the large hand of the Fiendcelestial, the array formation collapsed and was destroyed at a speed visible to the naked eye. The Fiend Lord, Gu Aotian, Ye Ping, Xu Luochen, and everyone else attacked at the same time before finally blocking the attack of the Fiendcelestial.

The Fiendcelestial struck again in an incredibly ferocious manner. His dynasty was drowning out the entire Great Xia Dynasty and he could destroy the world with a lift of his finger.

When his punch landed, the Ten Nations collapsed together with the void and everything in his path turned into ashes.

The rolling demonic aura exterminated all the living beings.

It was the Fiendcelestial of extermination.

Xiao Muxue, the Fiend Lord, Ye Ping, and the others couldn’t resist the attack of the Fiendcelestial and were subsequently defeated.

Everyone on the battlefield could see the look of horror in one another’s eyes. Although they knew that the Fiendcelestial was terrifying, they didn’t expect it to be that horrid.

“Why did this happen?” Xiao Muxue spoke with a bitter expression on her face.

The overpowering attacks made them feel hopeless.

After just two rounds, they couldn’t hold on for much longer. To make matters worse, the demonic aura was spreading incessantly and it would probably spread throughout the entire world in no time.

The demonic aura could wipe out everything. When faced with that demonic aura, ordinary living beings and cultivators couldn’t resist at all. It was truly doomsday.

“Hang in there!”

Xiao Muxue continued in a hoarse voice.

At this time, she didn’t know what was the point of holding on either.

‘Su Changyu?’

Xiao Muxue suddenly thought of Su Changyu.

The Fiendcelestial attacked incessantly, making the sky collapse and the earth sank. It made the Fiend Lord, Xiao Muxue, and everyone else retreat continuously.

However, at the next moment, there was immortal music in the void and immortal Qi was spreading everywhere.

A door appeared.

The door was dozens of feet high and there were True Dragons and phoenixes intertwining around it. Immortal Qi spread and blocked the attack of the Fiendcelestial.

“What’s going on?”

“What’s the matter?”

“There’s a figure in the door!”

“Could it be that an immortal has intervened to block the Fiendcelestial!?!”

Everyone couldn’t help but be full of anticipation when they saw that.

A peerless figure slowly walked out of the door.

Everyone held their breath and looked at this figure.

At this moment, they were all full of expectations.

“There are three million Sword Immortals in this world.”

“But all of them must bow down to me.”

A calm voice filled the air and it seemed noble, as if it came from above the nine heavens.

The figure appeared. It was a man dressed in a green brocade robe who had an extraordinary aura and a peerless appearance, just like an immortal.

He stood in the void, his etherealness radiating to the space around him with the five sacred beasts surrounding him.

“Eldest Senior Brother!”

“Eldest Senior Brother!”

“Eldest Senior Brother!”

“Big Brother.”

“Su Changyu!”

Ye Ping, Xu Luochen, Wang Zhuoyu, Gu Aotian, Xiao Muxue, and the others immediately recognized the figure.

It was none other than Su Changyu.

Many others also recognized him. After all, almost everyone knew about the matter of Su Changyu becoming the Supreme Sword Immortal in the Great Xia Dynasty.


The moment Su Changyu appeared, the Fiendcelestial roared and punched Su Changyu.

The void that spread across thousands of kilometers was shattered.

Su Changyu raised his hand, and the sun and moon behind him rose into the sky, blasting down on the Fiendcelestial below. The roar seemed to have resounded throughout the world.

That scene made everyone overjoyed.

‘He stopped him!’

‘What a powerful and peerless man!’

Everyone saw a glimmer of hope.

“Damn it, he’s still the best at acting like he’s an expert!”

Xu Luochen watched Su Changyu attack, surprised to find that he was still inferior.

However, he saw the way Su Changyu appeared and he thought that he should mimic him next time while reading a poem too.

Apart from Ye Ping, everyone felt surreal when they saw Su Changyu attack.

“I have a sword that can slay the Fiendcelestial.”

Su Changyu said indifferently with a calm expression.

He inhaled sharply.

He inhaled sharply.

He inhaled sharply.

Everyone gasped.

He could slay the Fiendcelestial with a single sword.




It was simply too terrifying as it made their hearts tremble in fear.

What was being invincible like?

That was what being invincible was.

Everyone stared at Su Changyu with ardor and zeal coursing through their blood.

“Eldest Senior Brother, you’re so mighty!”

Ye Ping exclaimed with great enthusiasm.


Su Changyu stood with his hands by his side as he continued to speak in an indifferent voice.

In an instant, the supreme sword intent shot straight up to the clouds, and everyone could feel it.

At the same time, the sun, moon, stars, mountains, rivers, grass and trees, and everything in the world all transformed into swords that formed a supreme sword diagram behind Su Changyu.

The Fiendcelestial attacked Su Changyu continuously, but all the attacks were dissolved by the supreme Sword Qi.

Su Changyu’s figure looked extremely small under the Fiendcelestial, but he seemed extremely majestic.


Gu Jianxian, who was lying on the rear cliff, couldn’t help but sober up when he sensed Su Changyu’s sword intent.


He raised his arm and the supreme sword diagram condensed into a supreme divine sword which made Su Changyu look like a peerless Immortal Emperor.


He slashed with his sword.

It drowned the Fiendcelestial and everything in the world.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

Boom! Boom! Boom!

Boom! Boom! Boom!

The sword of Su Changyu made the physical body of Fiendcelestial collapse continuously.

That wasn’t all. Wisps of immortal light emerged from the sky.

That was the Heavenly Gate.

The power of Su Changyu’s sword was too terrifying. Not only did it slay the Fiendcelestial, it slashed open the Heavenly Gate too.

All the cultivators held their breath and their minds went blank.

“The Fiendcelestial is dead!”

Someone yelled in disbelief.

“Has it been settled?”

“Yes, we’ve won!”

“It’s incredible!”

“A peerless Sword Immortal, Su Changyu!”

At this moment, everyone was overjoyed.

They didn’t expect the Fiendcelestial to have gotten killed by Su Changyu just like that.

It was just too incredible.

“Hahahahahahahahs, Su Changyu, you lost!”

At this moment, there was a loud and sudden laughter that startled everyone.

A figure appeared. It was Xia Qian.

Previously, he had sacrificed himself to summon the six Gates of Hell, so they didn’t expect him to appear again.

“This sword has depleted your heaven and earth willpower. You can’t kill me now!”

“I admit that I had been taking a gamble, but I’ve won and you’ve lost!”

Xia Qian was overjoyed and excited.

Previously, Su Changyu had been absent for a long time and due to the fact that he was caught in a tough predicament, he decided to sacrifice himself and evoke the true body of the Fiendcelestial. He was the core of the Fiendcelestial, but the Fiendcelestial was not subject to his control.

However, if the real body of the Fiendcelestial was killed, he could break free from it and even launch a massacre in the world through the Fiendcelestial, turning evilness into nutrients to boost his strength.

Xia Qian was taking a gamble by banking on the fact that Su Changyu might be hiding in the dark and waiting to launch the last strike.

If he had assumed wrongly, he would be trapped in the Fiendcelestial forever.

Everyone was astonished and in disbelief at the fact that Xia Qian was still alive.

‘What’s going on?’

However, Su Changyu didn’t look at Xia Qian and instead looked at Ye Ping.

“Ye Ping, have you learned something?”

Su Changyu said calmly.

“This! This! This!”

Everyone was dumbfounded.

‘What does that mean? Can anyone learn what you’ve just done?’

Xiao Muxue, Xu Luochen, Wang Zhuoyu, Xue Zhuan, and others froze.

They looked straight at Ye Ping.

They understood what Su Changyu meant.


A gust of cold breeze suddenly blew over slowly.

Shortly after, Ye Ping slowly spoke up too.

“Ah, Eldest Senior Brother, I’m enlightened.”

At this moment, Xia Qian was stunned.

Everyone froze in shock.

‘You’ve learned it?’

‘Are you trying to comfort us?’

‘You only saw that sword technique once and you said you’ve learned it?’

‘Will it kill you not to pretend?’

‘Why do all of you like pretending?’

Everyone was speechless.

However, Xiao Muxue, Xu Luochen, Wang Zhuoyu, and others were shocked.

They knew that Ye Ping had really learned it.

Ye Ping continued, “I have a sword that can slay the Fiendcelestial.”


Ye Ping repeated the same words that Su Changyu previously said.

His voice was not as indifferent as Su Changyu’s. Instead, it was very bright and clear.

At the next moment…

Clang! Clang! Clang!

Several flying swords appeared behind Ye Ping.

Stars trembled in the sky with dazzling rays of light that darted towards Ye Ping, bathing him in radiant, divine light.

Ye Ping raised his arm and condensed all the flying swords into the Supreme Divine Sword while supreme sword intent erupted completely.

Everyone was shocked and dumbfounded.

‘You’ve really learned it?’

‘Did you two agree beforehand to stage this act for the sake of pretending to be impressive?’

“How is that possible!?!”

Xia Qian couldn’t help but be dumbstruck when he saw that.

If someone else had launched that strike, they wouldn’t be able to kill him.

However, Ye Ping had the willpower of heaven and earth.

Ye Ping remained silent and slashed the Divine Sword towards Xia Qian.

“I refuse to accept this, I refuse! How is this possible!?!”

All eyes were on Ye Ping and the sword light was extremely eye-catching as it consumed Xia Qian who was roaring furiously at the same time.


Under the strike of the sword, Xia Qian’s physical body began to collapse and he vanished.

In the battle between the Yin and Yang of heaven and earth, when the evil thoughts accumulated to the extreme, a fiend would emerge.

The mission to obtain the willpower of heaven and earth was meant for resisting evil thoughts and destroying the fiend.

However, after the elimination, evil thoughts would continue to accumulate in the world and a fiend would appear again, causing the cycle to continue.

In the letter that Su Changyu gave Ye Ping, Su Changyu told Ye Ping that the root cause of the evil thoughts and the manifestation of the fiend was the true body of the Fiendcelestial.

Su Changyu wanted to completely destroy the Fiendcelestial, so that the evil thoughts in heaven and earth would automatically dissipate and fiends would never be bred again.

In order to do that, he would have to kill the true body of the Fiendcelestial and Xia Qian at the same time.

However, Xia Qian was the only person who could summon the true body of the Fiendcelestial. That was the reason why Su Changyu did not directly kill Xia Qian after he knew that he was a Demon Seed.

If he had killed him, he wouldn’t be able to resolve the root cause.

“Has it been settled?”

Everyone looked at the situation in front of them and couldn’t help but tremble.

‘Has the calamity really been settled?’

After a long time, the calmness was restored and everyone cheered because they confirmed that the calamity was over.

“Eldest Senior Brother, I did it!”

Ye Ping’s body became a little feeble but he was still smiling.

The battle of extinction came to an end, but the entire Great Xia Dynasty had been wrecked and was in ruins. There were also countless casualties in the Ten Nations.

Along with the death of Xia Qian, the Heavenly Supervisory, the five dynasties, and the immortal sects began attacking the four fiend cults.

Due to the fact that their whereabouts had been exposed previously, the four fiend cults couldn’t resist the force and most of them were exterminated.

The remaining ones could only hide in the shadows, unable to do anything.

Thus, the great battle came to an end.

Afterwards, Ye Ping found Xiao Muxue.

“Senior Sister Muxue, I can restore the Great Xia Dynasty, but I need treasures, Spirit Stones, or anything valuable!”

Ye Ping said to Xiao Muxue.

Qingzhou of Jin Nation in the Ten Nations was the place where he had been staying. Many of his close friends had died in that battle.

He wanted to sacrifice to the heavens with the Heavenly Dao Altar, so that the Ten Nations and the Great Xia Dynasty could be restored.

At the same time, he wanted to resurrect Daoist Tai Hua.

Xiao Muxue was surprised and she asked Ye Ping how he would go about doing it.

Ye Ping told Xiao Muxue that it was a supreme Dharmic Dao called the Omnipotent Wealth that Xue Zhuan had taught to him. It was a method where one would use their Dao Heart to connect with the heavens and evolve the Heavenly Dao Altar to conduct a sacrifice and get the returns that he wanted.

As long as the price paid was high enough, anything would be possible.

Xiao Muxue was stunned.

‘How does that work?’

If someone else said it, she would have slapped him.

However, since it was Ye Ping who did, she would naturally believe it.

She immediately mobilized resources to Ye Ping in the name of the Heavenly Supervisory.

With the previous battle, no one in the Heavenly Supervisory had any objections. At the same time, the immortal sects of the five dynasties and the Alliance of Itinerant Cultivators were all willing to provide resources.

At the rear cliff of Qingyun Dao Sect.

Everyone watched as Ye Ping made the Heavenly Dao Altar appear.

Seeing this scene, Xue Zhuan felt a sense of participation and he thought that he was really impressive for being able to come up with such a wonderful Dharmic Dao.

Immediately afterwards, Ye Ping placed the sacrificial resources on top of the Heavenly Dao Altar and began to sacrifice to the heavens.

In order to revive the Great Xia Dynasty and the Ten Nations, he would need a terrifying number of resources. Fortunately, Xiao Muxue was around.

Ye Ping took out a few storage bags and took out his resources.

As long as the sacrificial objects did not disappear or get seized by the Heavenly Dao, it meant that he would have to add more.

Add more!

Add more!

Add more!

Finally, the sacrificial objects on the Heavenly Dao Altar vanished as they were taken away by the Heavenly Dao, which proved that the Heavenly Dao had detected it and was willing to give them help.

In an instant, a seven-colored rainbow appeared in the sky above the Great Xia Dynasty.

Under the light of the colorful rainbow, the mountains, streams, and ancient cities began to be restored to their original forms as if they had gone back in time.

At the same time, the cold corpse that Su Changyu was holding in his arms also opened his eyes.

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