Ninth In the World

Chapter 783 - The Heaven’s Beyond Is Under My Control

Chapter 783: The Heaven’s Beyond Is Under My Control

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Di Jiu looked at Nie Changping and asked coldly, “Nie Changping, do you have a son called Nie Qianchi? He kidnapped my friend, Cai Ji.”

Nie Changping was dumbfounded, as he had never expected that he would be killed because of a weakling.

That was right. In his eyes, Cai Ji was a weakling or perhaps even less than that. That weakling was friends with such a scary person?

“This place is not bad, Brother Di.” Qian Fuyan had already decided to stay on and cultivate in the Beyond of Heaven and Earth.

“Then you can stay in the Beyond of Heaven and Earth. I will set up a Defense Array here. Many of my friends might come in the future.” Di Jiu understood what Qian Fuyan was trying to say. However, he was not in the mood to enter reclusive cultivation here, as he still had many things to do.

Most importantly, he felt that his strength was still too weak. He could cultivate in the Beyond of Heaven and Earth, but it would not help his strength swiftly increase.

Upon hearing that, Qian Fuyan slapped his chest. “Brother Di, leave this place to me. I promise to help you look after the Beyond of Heaven and Earth well.”

Di Jiu replied helplessly, “The Beyond of Heaven and Earth does not belong to me. However, since we are here, this place will no longer be sealed up like before. From now on, anyone can enter the Beyond of Heaven and Earth. Of course, death will await anyone who stirs up trouble here.”

“I will stay here as well, Big Brother Di.” Yu Xiangbing hesitated, realizing that Di Jiu would leave after settling this matter.

She had discovered that she would have nowhere to go once he left.

“Where is Nuo La?” Di Jiu confined Nie Changping inside his Divine Essence handprint.

Nie Changping laughed maniacally, refusing to reply. His physical body transformed into a Dao rune aura that dissipated instantly.

“This man is quite brave to disintegrate himself,” commented Qian Fuyan in surprise.

Disintegration was different from reincarnation, and such an act was akin to giving up on any chance of being reincarnated.

There was nothing Di Jiu could do about it. He could stop Nie Changping if the latter wanted to commit suicide by exploding. However, this willing act of disintegration had been executed without any preamble, which meant that Di Jiu could not stop it from happening.

“Daoist Qian, I intend to leave this place for a while. I will leave a jade slip behind. Follow the plan on this jade slip and reorganize the Beyond of Heaven and Earth.” Di Jiu was in a hurry to go to the Heavenly Union Planet. The Quintessential Essence of the Universe was there, and he had promised Ling Xiaoshuang that he would help resurrect Cai Ji.

He had killed seven Dao Integration cultivators, including Nie Changping, in the Beyond of Heaven and Earth. Hence, he was worried that Nie Qianzhang might catch wind of this news.

“Big Brother Di, there are currently very few cultivators here in the Beyond of Heaven and Earth. Since you have already gained control of this place, leave behind some words to properly claim this place as yours,” suggested Yu Xiangbing.

Qian Fuyan hastily agreed to the suggestion. “Yes, yes. Brother Di, before you leave, you must tell everyone that you are the Heavenly Lord of this place from now on.”

Di Jiu nodded at Yu Xiangbing, understanding what she was trying to do.

Yu Xiangbing was worried that Qian Fuyan might lord over the Beyond of Heaven and Earth after he left. Therefore, she wanted him to claim this place as his own first. Qian Fuyan understood that as well and hastily denied these allegations. He did not want to be killed by Di Jiu.

Di Jiu recalled what Ling Xiaoshuang had told him. The Beyond of Heaven and Earth was the intersection point of numerous realms. Regardless of what type of realm it was, one had to pass through the Beyond of Heaven and Earth to reach another realm.

This clearly showed just how important the geographical position of the Beyond of Heaven and Earth was. He would have to return to the Beyond of Heaven and Earth again in the future after taking care of his responsibilities.

At that thought, Di Jiu announced, “I am Di Jiu. A few pieces of trash from the Great Beginning Realm came to the Beyond of Heaven and Earth, terrorized the people here, and sealed this place, preventing people from entering and exiting. In addition, they made sacrifices in the Beyond of Heaven and Earth to refine the altar in an inhumane act. I have already killed these human pieces of trash. From this day onward, the Beyond of Heaven and Earth is under my control.

“A piece of trash by the name of Nuo La from the Great Beginning Realm is still alive, so I need to make a trip down to the Great Beginning Realm. As a result, the Beyond of Heaven and Earth will temporarily be rebuilt and managed by Qian Fuyan and Yu Xiangbing. Any cultivators who wish to enter or leave the Beyond of Heaven and Earth must prove their identity.”

Di Jiu had to head down to the Great Beginning Realm, but not now, as he intended to head to the Heavenly Union Planet first.

Di Jiu’s cultivation was very strong. Plus, he had delivered this message using spatial laws. At that moment, almost all the cultivators in the Beyond of Heaven and Earth had heard his words.

The number of cultivators who had come out to investigate this matter quickly increased.

After confirming that Di Jiu had indeed killed Nie Changping and company, the cultivators cheered in excitement. The first thing a Primordial Chaos cultivator did upon finding out that Di Jiu had killed Nie Changping was rush to the Nie Family.

Some cultivators who had sensed that something was amiss bowed in Di Jiu’s direction.

The Great Beginning Realm had built a huge altar there, and many people were aware of the purpose of this altar. Since this was a memorial ceremony for all the living beings in the realm, all the living things in the Beyond of Heaven and Earth would be offered up as sacrifices as the final step.

Di Jiu would definitely destroy the altar. After all, he had killed Nie Changping, which signified that they were safe now.

As they had predicted, the first thing Di Jiu did after making that announcement was destroy the altar on the Beyond of Heaven and Earth’s square. Then, he rebuilt the Beyond of Heaven and Earth’s Defense Array.

Di Jiu left the array flags that controlled the Defense Array to Yu Xiangbing rather than Qian Fuyan.

Nuo La was merely a late-stage Dao Integration cultivator. He would not be here even if she came. However, Nuo La would not be a concern since Qian Fuyan, Yu Xiangbing, and the Defense Array were there.

After all, he had left four Five-Element Flags there.

The Heavenly Union Planet was relatively easy to find. Di Jiu had found a locale ball for the Heavenly Union Planet inside Nie Changping’s Quintessential World.

The Heavenly Union Planet was a fair distance away so he let Lightning, which had just woken up, control the flying shuttle. Lightning had fallen into a deep slumber after devouring a Dao Integration cultivator and had therefore missed the opportunity to cultivate in the Chaos Lava.

Di Jiu made use of this time to continue researching the Array Dao. There were two reasons behind this decision. One, he had obtained an opportunity in the Land of Seven Chakras and his Array Dao had broken through to the level-seven Divine Array Emperor ranks. Two, Di Jiu was wary of Mo Zhou, who possessed great strength and Array Dao skills. He suspected that Mo Zhou’s Array Dao might have surpassed that of a level-seven Divine Array Emperor’s.

Cultivation knew no time, and this applied even more to Array Dao research. Time flew past.

Qian Fuyan had left behind a pile of Array Dao jade slips and the Chakra-Severing Eye array disc. Therefore, Di Jiu’s Array Dao standard was consistently improving.

Half a year passed as he researched. Di Jiu vaguely sensed that he would be able to join the ranks of level-eight Divine Array Emperors if he gained the opportunity to do so.

Suddenly, the violent shaking motion of the flying boat alarmed Di Jiu and woke him up. He immediately rushed to the deck.

In front of the flying shuttle was a huge void flying boat. Two Primordial Dao cultivators were standing on it, one of them at the Primordial Dao Realm and the other at the late-stage Primordial Dao Realm.

With one glance, Di Jiu could guess what had happened. This void flying boat must have blocked the path of his flying shuttle, an act that Lightning would certainly be able to evade. However, Lightning did not have a mild temper. It had chosen not to evade the boat and had instead controlled the flying shuttle into colliding with the void flying boat ahead.

The void flying boat was very big. The late-stage Primordial Dao cultivator, who was standing at the very front, let out a sigh of relief when he saw Di Jiu come out.

Di Jiu noticed that this man was quite young. Given his age and the fact that he possessed such a good-quality flying Dharma treasure, he most likely did not have simple origins.

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