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Chapter 756 - You Are Not Wise

Chapter 756: You Are Not Wise

Cen Fa had never seen the State Teacher be so interested in something. Upon thinking about his gradually-aging, weakening body, he had a thought.

“I intend to personally visit this place that gives birth to spiritual objects. However, the journey is indeed long and inconvenient. Since the State Teacher is going, then I can rest assured. I have decided to head over to Jia He Town with the State Teacher to see what is so wondrous about this place,” said Cen Fa with a laugh.

Nai Yisheng immediately understood what he meant. He was unwilling to die of old age in this manner. In truth, Cen Fa had asked for the technique to obtain immortal cultivation more than once. Nai Yisheng would never be in the mood to teach a fella like him, who lost himself in alcohol and women.

In his opinion, Cen Fa could at most live another three to five years.

Nai Yisheng did not quite care that Cen Fa would die so early, however. He and Cen Fa were only business partners. Cen Fa would make use of the manpower in the entire empire to help him find spiritual objects, saving him time and allowing him to cultivate in peace. Helping Cen Fa clear the path of any obstacles was nothing noteworthy.

“There will naturally be no issue if you wish to take a look as well, Your Majesty.” Nai Yisheng quickly calculated the pros and cons.

He would take ownership of Jia He Town if such a top-notch spiritual object existed. If there were more Spirit Peaches like the Sunset Peach in Jia He Town, then he could leave some aside for Cen Fa to let the latter live a few more years.

Wang Xie, who was standing beside them, hurriedly went up to them and bragged. “Jia He Town is the most suitable place to build the imperial temporary palace, Your Majesty. There, none of the villagers ever fall sick and those who were previously ill have all swiftly recovered. Additionally, a man who was comatose for more than a decade has already recovered. He can even walk normally.”

“Is that so?” Cen Fa had previously made a decision based on the State Teacher’s reaction. Upon hearing Wang Xie make that claim, he decided to make a trip down to Jia He Town.

His life had been really peaceful, and he had overdosed on alcohol and sex, more so on the latter than on the former. This had caused his body to start deteriorating. He predicted that he would not have long to live if he did not find a place to nourish his body.

A place like Jia He Town was where he needed to go the most right now.

The peace in small Jia He Town was broken. Recently, all sorts of people had come and started to occupy the territory. Other than setting up shops, they had also started planting various kinds of fruits.

These people quickly left, however, for the Emperor and the State Teacher of the Chang Yuan Empire personally went there. Rumor had it that they wanted to build an imperial temporary palace there.

Since the Emperor was there, no one else could get involved in this matter anymore.

Nai Yisheng knew that he had made the right call by going there the moment he stepped over the border of Jia He Town. He was so excited that his face flushed.

This was because the Heaven Earth Spirit Qi there was both dense and unbelievably pure. He had not started cultivating, but his cultivation level had already broken through from the sixth-stage to the seventh-stage Foundation Establishment Realm.

Nai Yisheng was so excited that he started trembling the moment he attained the seventh-stage Foundation Establishment Realm. He had obtained even high-grade Spirit Stones before, and the amount of Spirit Qi they had could not hold a candle to the Spirit Qi available there. So long as he cultivated there, he was confident that he would be able to swiftly break through the Foundation Establishment Realm and attain greater heights.

He immediately decided to build his cave abode there. Cen Fa could scram off for all he cared.

There was no longer a need for Cen Fa to help him find cultivating spiritual objects when such a place existed.

“This place is indeed wonderful, State Teacher. I feel so refreshed now that we’ve arrived here.” These words came from the bottom of Cen Fa’s heart. He sensed that his energy had increased the instant he had crossed the borders into Jia He Town.

The fatigue accumulated throughout the journey had mostly dissipated as well.

His body would certainly recover if he stayed there long-term.

Nai Yisheng silently sneered. This would have been insignificant if this had been just an ordinary place. However, he had decided to treat this place as his future cave abode. Thus, it was wishful thinking on Cen Fa’s part to think that he could stay there.

“Wang Xie, didn’t you say that someone who was bedridden for more than a decade recovered? Call him over. I have some questions for him.” Cen Fa anxiously wanted to know how exactly this person had recovered.

He might still be agile now but he knew very well that his condition was no better than that of a comatose person.

“Yes.” Wang Xie quickly instructed his subordinates. Two soldiers brought over a middle-aged man shortly. A young lady was supporting the man, who seemed to have truly just recovered.

Cen Fa had yet to ask this middle-aged man anything, yet his gaze was already drawn to the young lady.

He had never once thought that a village would produce such a beautiful girl. This girl was completely different from the ladies he frequently saw in the palace. She was filled with wilderness and liveliness, unlike the female servants who were as docile as sheep.

“What’s your name?” Cen Fa tried his best to make his tone gentler, although his pronunciation exposed his true intentions.

Gan Rou cautiously looked at the dead-faced fellow who was wearing a crown, feeling disgusted. However, she knew that she had to carefully answer the question, or this person could exterminate the entire Jia He Town.

“My name is Gan Rou.” Gan Rou did not know how to properly bow before important figures, so she did not say anything else after answering.

Cen Fa laughed and did not take Gan Rou’s lack of respect to heart. He instead beckoned to Gan Rou. “Come here.”

Gan Rou remained stationary. Cen Fa stopped the soldiers, who wanted to make Gan Rou move, and said gently, “I am the Emperor of the Chang Yuan Empire and I think you are not bad. From now on, you will follow me and you will enjoy unlimited wealth and glory…”

Gan Rou might be ignorant but she understood what these words meant.

She said calmly, “I will not leave with you, for there is already someone I like.”

Nai Yisheng, who was standing beside Cen Fa, chuckled and commanded her. “You have to leave with His Majesty. Today.”

Cen Fa looked at Nai Yisheng in surprise, as he had not said anything about leaving today. He had only arrived today, so there was no way he would leave immediately. He intended to stay for some time after the imperial temporary palace was built.

Nai Yisheng seemed to not notice Cen Fa looking at him. A giant fireball suddenly appeared on his open palm, slowly flying toward Gan Rou and floating above Gan Rou and her father.

Then, Nai Yisheng said, “Say another word and this fireball will fall, burning you, your father, and the entire Jia He Town until there’s nothing left.”

Upon saying that, Nai Yisheng turned to Cen Fa with a grin. “Take this beautiful lady away without worrying, Your Majesty. You can take any of the villagers away at will. Leave those you do not want to take here. I have already decided to enter reclusive cultivation here and I do not want anyone to disturb me during that period.”

As he spoke, he stepped into the air above everyone present and seemed to be looking down at everything.

The soldiers and ministers all prostrated on the ground when they saw Nai Yisheng throw out a fireball and float in the air.

In their opinion, this was the sign of a god.

Gan Rou’s face was pale as a sheet. She could even smell her burning hair and sense the heat of the fireball above her head. Perhaps, in a moment, both she and her father would be burned to ashes by this fireball.

Cen Fa’s face was pale as well. He knew that Nai Yisheng no longer intended to help the Chang Yuan Empire. Otherwise, Nai Yisheng would not have said what he’d said.

In other words, Nai Yisheng had set his sights on this place and Cen Fa would be out of the equation from now on.

“What do you think, Your Majesty?” grunted Nai Yisheng when he saw that Cen Fa remained silent. He looked at Cen Fa meaningfully.

“The State Teacher is right. I will bring my beau along.” Cen Fa dared not say anything, as numbers did not matter when the need to face the State Teacher arose.

“You are indeed wise, Your Majesty.” Nai Yisheng landed on the ground but did not put his fireball away.

A resounding sigh was heard. “Unfortunately, you are not wise.”

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