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Chapter 343 - The Virtuous Nirvana Sect Master Pays A Visit

Chapter 343: The Virtuous Nirvana Sect Master Pays A Visit

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Radiant Fortune Immortal Sect Master Yi Zhen was frowning as well, for he knew that the sect needed to leave the Newborn Immortal Protectorate.

The murderous aura of the Newborn Immortal Protectorate was increasing and many places could no longer allow one to cultivate. The area in which cultivators could survive was getting increasingly smaller. Killing had to occur repeatedly in order to fight for these areas.

Two Radiant Fortune Immortal Sect disciples had just been killed two hours ago.

This would have been unbelievable in the past. Now, however, it was inconsequential.

The Radiant Fortune Immortal Sect had no choice but to fight for survival. The sect’s position would only drop exponentially in the future.

The reason he took no action was because he had sent 36 Radiant Fortune Immortal Sect disciples into the Sunset Immortal Protectorate to search for the place the light from providence was flowing towards. However, he had received no news, even though three years had passed.

He would let it go if all these disciples met their doom. However, the Soul Cards belonging to these disciples had all been shattered.

“Sect Master, could they be trapped somewhere, which is why we have yet to receive any news from them?” asked a Zenith Heaven Immortal Realm Elder as he stepped forward.

Yi Zhen shook his head. “This is absolutely impossible. After entering the Sunset Immortal Protectorate, they would immediately split up to search for the direction the light from providence is flowing towards. They would definitely not get trapped in one place.”

Yi Zhen refused to believe that someone had captured all 36 Radiant Fortune Immortal Sect disciples and trapped them in one place. No such expert existed in the Sunset Immortal Protectorate.

It was also impossible for the culprit to be Jing Luowen, who had rushed out of the Great Sky Wall Array along with the Radiant Fortune Immortal Sect disciples. Jing Luowen was indeed an Immortal King, but she must have been severely injured from his punch.

The first thing she must have done after getting injured was sneakily escape and find a place where she could recuperate. She had not captured the Radiant Fortune Immortal Sect disciples.

“Elder Hai, disseminate the Newborn Immortal Protectorate sect summon. The Sect Masters of all sects are to gather at the Radiant Fortune Immortal Sect so that we can collectively discuss where we could go. The Newborn Immortal Protectorate will become the second Sunset Immortal Protectorate if this slaughter continues any further.” Yi Zhen finally made a decision.

A new path of survival had to be discovered. After all, waiting in the Newborn Immortal Protectorate would be akin to waiting for their deaths.

Jing Luowen sighed and opened the Defense Array enclosing her. She had been severely injured by Yi Zhen three years ago, and her injuries had only healed a little during the three years she had spent in the Sunset Immortal Protectorate.

If she had not been an Immortal King who had created her own Immortal King domain, her injuries would not only have not healed, but they would most likely have been worse.

However, she could not continue to recuperate in this manner. She refused to believe that every place in the Immortal World had entered a sunset state. There had to be a way out in the Immortal World. She just had to search for it.

If she failed to find it in time before she met her doom, then so be it.

Jing Luowen had seen no one in six months after leaving the place she had been recuperating at. She was unsure whether no cultivators from the Cultivation World had ascended to the Immortal World, or something else had happened.

That day, she suddenly felt the light from providence of the Immortal World flowing. Jing Luowen dashed towards the direction the light from providence was flowing towards, without thinking or hesitating.

Half a month later, Jing Luowen stared dumbly at the two majestic Immortal Cities.

Actually, to be more accurate, one of them was an Immortal City and the other an auxiliary city. This was definitely not the castle of the Sunset Immortal Protectorate. However, she felt the light shining from providence gather there.

She had never seen before the Sunset Immortal Protectorate’s castle, but she knew very well that the environment there was severely lacking. Average cultivators who were not undergoing Tribulation Transcendence would barely take a breather. Any cultivators who had undergone the Tribulation Transcendence would similarly be unable to cultivate.

However, she was able to sense cultivating aura there. It was important to note that she was an Immortal King.

With a religious heart, Jing Luowen slowly walked towards the Immortal City. Then, she finally saw flourishing greenery. Trees and grass had started growing outside the Immortal City, and water was flowing in the moat surrounding the city.

This was certainly not an Immortal World in sunset state. The first thing to dry up in the Sunset Immortal World was water, and the second was the presence of life. Now, she could see both water and presence of life.

The six humongous words “Starry Sky Immortal City Auxiliary City” floated above a multi-story building. This was an effect created by a Dharma Array.

This was an auxiliary city that allowed one to cultivate outside as well. The closer she walked to the auxiliary city, the stronger the life-force she sensed was. It was not hard to imagine that the Starry Sky Immortal City was definitely an Immortal City brimming with life.

Jing Luowen shook her head speechlessly when she spotted the Defense Array hidden underneath the Immortal City. It was outrageous that a mere level-three Immortal Array was the foundation that protected this place.

She paid no more attention to this Defense Array as she turned her head and looked at a market outside the auxiliary city. Outside the auxiliary city was a market where numerous cultivators were walking about. Evidently, not everyone was qualified to enter the auxiliary city. One could cultivate outside the auxiliary city, so these cultivators were staying there for their survival.

Di Jiu did not even have the time to question Zhuo Wenshu further. After letting both Xian Ze and Zhuo Wenshu cultivate within the City Lord Manor, he headed out to upgrade the Starry Sky Immortal City’s and the auxiliary city’s Defense Array.

First, he upgraded the Starry Sky Immortal City’s auxiliary city’s Defense Array to level seven and set up a level-seven Confinement Killing Immortal Array and a Strangulation Immortal Array. A level-seven Concealment Immortal Array was built outside the Defense Array and the killing array. A level-three Defense Array was placed outside all these Immortal Arrays.

This level-three Immortal Array was used as a measure against Immortal King experts. He believed that even an Immortal King would not be able to see through his level-seven Concealment Immortal Array unless the opponent was also an Immortal Array King. In that case, Di Jiu would have no choice but to fight head-on.

He would be able to use the Floating Flame Flag to upgrade the auxiliary city’s strangulation array if the opponent underestimated the auxiliary city’s Defense Array and attacked the city. The Floating Flame Flag would resonate with the Sky Bamboo River’s Seven-Star Aqua Flag, so that the Immortal King would be confined and killed.

Jing Luowen knocked on the array just as Di Jiu was speedily upgrading the Starry Sky Immortal City’s Defense Array and strangulation array.

He instantly arrived outside the auxiliary city when he sensed someone knocking on the auxiliary city’s array.

“This is definitely a top-notch expert…” Di Jiu’s pupils dilated the moment he saw Jing Luowen. Jing Luowen might be severely injured, but Di Jiu could still sense the domain aura Immortal King experts possessed around her. Could she be an Immortal King expert?

However, shouldn’t an Immortal King expert who went there directly break open the array? Why would the expert politely knock on the array?

“I am Jing Luowen from the Virtuous Nirvana Sect. I came to pay the Starry Sky Immortal City Lord a visit,” said Jing Luowen with an extremely gentle tone as she bowed respectfully.

“You are the Virtuous Nirvana Sect Master!” exclaimed Yan Xiaosha, who arrived slightly later.

Although the Virtuous Nirvana Sect was a hidden immortal sect, he had seen Jing Luowen from afar before at an Immortal World Sect conference.

Di Jiu suddenly thought of something and asked, “City Lord Yan, is this the Virtuous Nirvana Sect Master?”

Yan Xiaosha immediately said, “That’s right, City Lord. She is indeed Jing Luowen, the sect master of the Virtuous Nirvana Sect.”

Even though Yan Xiaosha spoke softly, Jing Luowen still heard what he said and hastily said, “I didn’t know that the City Lord came down personally. I’m Jing Luowen and I came here to pay a visit.”

She was surprised that an Immortal King like her had been unable to identify Di Jiu’s cultivation level. She had only been able to vaguely sense that Di Jiu was not yet a Great Immortal.

“Sect Master Jing, you’re being too courteous. Come in.” Di Jiu had a good feeling about the Virtuous Nirvana Sect because of Mo Yuxuan.

“Thank you, City Lord.” Jing Luowen stepped into the Starry Sky Auxiliary City.

She immediately sensed an even denser life-force aura and a more distinct Immortal World Dao law aura when she entered the auxiliary city. There was a flourishing vibe there that was absent in the Newborn Immortal Protectorate.

“This is the true Newborn Immortal City,” lamented Jing Luowen before she had even stepped into the main city of the Starry Sky Immortal City.

Di Jiu silently praised the Virtuous Nirvana Sect Master’s bearing. Another cultivator who possessed the same strength as Jing Luowen would not have spoken so calmly and politely to a Perfected Immortal cultivator like Di Jiu.

“I’m Di Jiu. The Starry Sky Immortal City was built thanks to the combined effort of me and some friends of mine who were pursuing peace. Our goal for building this city is to prevent killing and to establish a peaceful life,” replied Di Jiu.

Although he knew that Jing Luowen was not a cunning person, he remained vigilant. He would use the Confinement Killing Array to confine her the moment she dared to attack.

After hearing Di Jiu’s words and thinking of something, Jing Luowen sighed and remained silent.

She was dazed as she followed Di Jiu into the Starry Sky Immortal City, whose aura was much more majestic. No such Immortal City existed even in the Newborn Immortal Protectorate.

She had not seen such a majestic Immortal City in an extremely long time ever since the Immortal World had reached its sunset.

Di Jiu concealed all the Confinement Killing Arrays and Defense Arrays as Jing Luowen’s gaze landed on the Sky Bamboo River. Her eyes shone with delight after several long moments. Then, she said with a quivering voice, “This place is gathering the light from providence shining in the Immortal World…”

No one understood better than Jing Luowen what was going on. The sunset of the Immortal World would pass if there was a place that could gather the light from providence shining in the Immortal World. There would come a day when the Immortal World would regain its former glory.

Nothing else could make her feel as excited as this.

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