Ninth In the World

Chapter 341 - Entering Seclusion to Predict Array Dao

Chapter 341: Entering Seclusion to Predict Array Dao

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The first thing Di Jiu did when he returned to the City Lord Manor was help Mo Yuxuan settle down. After that was accomplished, he took out a Rainbow Immortal Peach and placed it inside Mo Yuxuan’s mouth.

The Rainbow Immortal Peach melted in her mouth and Mo Yuxuan’s life-force aura instantly became more distinct.

Di Jiu let out a sigh of relief. He would think of something to help Mo Yuxuan achieve a Tempered Body after he upgraded the Starry Sky Immortal City’s Defense Array. The Colossal Kun Art Schema was different from other body-tempering cultivation techniques, for it could temper the body of the user and also allow the user to help someone else temper their body.

After confirming that Mo Yuxuan’s life-force could be sustained by the Rainbow Immortal Peach, Di Jiu went underneath the Sky Bamboo River and implanted the two high-grade spirit meridians at the riverbed.

The Sky Bamboo River ensured the light from providence would once again be shining on the Immortal World. These two high-grade spirit meridians would speed up the congregation of the light from providence and also make the Starry Sky Immortal City’s Defense Array become sturdier.

The Immortal Spirit Qi pulled in by the Spirit Gathering Array was sufficient to sustain the operation of the various Defense Arrays of the Starry Sky Immortal City if the opponent was a cultivator with a cultivation level below the Immortal King Realm. Even more powerful Immortal Spirit Origin would be required to provide Immortal Spirit Qi the moment Immortal King experts came.

The Immortal Spirit Qi of the entire Starry Sky Immortal City instantly became way denser after Di Jiu implanted the two high-grade immortal spirit meridians. The immortal aura and the Dao laws of the Starry Sky Immortal City became more distinct. A cultivator with high potential sensed the Golden Immortal Thunder Tribulation, even though he had not consumed any elixirs.

After hastily bowing before the City Lord Manor, this cultivator asked for Yan Xiaosha’s permission to head out of the city and undergo Tribulation Transcendence.

Yan Xiaosha was even more excited, as he was certain that Di Jiu had implanted immortal spirit meridians underneath the Starry Sky Immortal City. Otherwise, it would not have been possible for the Immortal City’s Immortal Spirit Qi to become so dense.

Given that the Immortal World was in a sunset state, Di Jiu could find immortal spirit meridians after heading out for a trip. The light from providence shining on Di Jiu would surely be great.

Only the people the light from providence shone greatly on could control the Starry Sky Immortal City. Di Jiu would definitely be the best candidate to become the Starry Sky Immortal City Lord.

Di Jiu was not in the mood to care about anything else. In front of him were the 386 rings of the true Immortal World cultivators. Two of these rings belonged to Great Unity Immortals.

He needed to possess sufficient materials if he wished to become a level-seven Immortal Array King.

As far as flames were concerned, Di Jiu’s Dao fire was sufficient. A level-four Dao fire was significantly more powerful than a level-five Sangharama Flame. Furthermore, this flame belonged to Di Jiu, so using it would be easier than using flames borrowed from someone else. Di Jiu also possessed a Planetary Core Rock and a level-five Void Gray Flame.

His Dao fire could become a level-six immortal flame so long as he was willing to sacrifice these two items.

Di Jiu might be unwilling to part with the Void Gray Flame, but he had set aside the Planetary Core Rock for the advancement of his Dao fire.

When he took out the Planetary Core Rock and his Dao fire, the Luminous Starry Sky easily advanced and became a level-five immortal flame. After it attained level five, the Dao fire pulsated in satisfaction in front of Di Jiu. The line of blue within the black flame became more distinct. A look at the Dao fire using his Spiritual Force revealed that it kept becoming increasingly like a boundless galaxy with a milky way within it.

The basic requirement to advance to a level-seven Immortal Array King was to possess a good flame. Other than that, one also needed various top-notch immortal materials for refining array flags.

The cultivators who wished to reside within the Starry Sky Immortal City’s auxiliary city had offered up numerous materials in order to exchange them and obtain contribution points. However, very few of these materials were at or above level seven. The majority of them were below level seven.

He could only depend on the rings of the Radiant Fortune Immortal Sect cultivators to get the materials he desired.

Di Jiu was extremely happy when he opened the very first ring.

There were at least 100,000 immortal crystals within, as well as various materials and medicinal herbs. There was even a Golden Transcendence Pill that one could use to advance to the Golden Immortal Realm. A large portion of these immortal crystals were middle-grade and high-grade immortal crystals. Di Jiu ignored the elixirs within the ring. Among the pile of materials were numerous types of level-seven immortal materials.

Di Jiu remembered clearly that this ring belonged to a Golden Immortal cultivator.

Based on the sheer amount of quality items a Golden Immortal possessed, this evidently showed how many notorious deeds the Radiant Fortune Immortal Sect disciples had committed before the era of the Sunset Immortal World had begun. Di Jiu suspected that the hands of every Radiant Fortune Immortal Sect disciple were covered in blood.

As Di Jiu opened the restrictions of the various rings, the immortal crystal pile in front of him grew taller, ranging from low-grade immortal crystals and middle-grade immortal crystals to high-grade immortal crystals.

Di Jiu even obtained an incomplete middle-grade immortal spirit meridian from one of the rings of an Immortal Lord.

There was an even greater number of immortal-rank Dharma treasures.

Di Jiu organized everything for three days. In total, he had obtained nearly 500,000 high-grade immortal crystals, nearly one million middle-grade immortal crystals, and almost three million low-grade immortal crystals.

Di Jiu valued the pile of immortal materials the most, as it included large amounts of high-level alchemy materials and blacksmithing materials.

These fellas must have started frantically searching for Immortal World materials as the sunset of the Immortal World was approaching.

Di Jiu needed materials for alchemy as well. However, his current priority was blacksmithing materials, for he had to quickly improve his blacksmithing skills and refine top-notch array flags.

Di Jiu entered reclusive cultivation. Meanwhile, Yan Xiaosha, who was in the midst of watching over the half-dead Radiant Fortune Immortal Sect disciples, also started cultivating. Yan Xiaosha’s potential was not bad, but it would be relatively difficult for him to attain the Great Unity Immortal Realm without the aid of a Primordial Unity Pill.

However, he was feeling anxious about this. It had been extremely difficult to obtain a Primordial Unity Pill even before the Sunset Immortal World, much less now that the Immortal World had faltered.

Time flew and three years passed in the blink of an eye.

A temporary lodging was built outside the Starry Sky Immortal City’s auxiliary city, where the majority of the occupants had arrived only recently. There was no better place for cultivating than this place in the entire Sunset Immortal Protectorate, although the massacre that had occurred three years ago was still being mentioned occasionally.

Now, one had to be able to pass the examination array and also possess a certain amount of contribution points before they could enter the Starry Sky Immortal City.

Anyone who possessed insufficient contribution points was not eligible to enter the Starry Sky Immortal City, even if they had never even killed an ant before.

There had indeed been some treasures in the Sunset Immortal World. However, they had all been taken away by cultivators from the Newborn Immortal Protectorate. Therefore, there was not much left for the cultivators who came later to find. Furthermore, it became increasingly difficult to obtain contribution points after the City Lord returned and entered reclusive cultivation. Only immortal materials above level seven could obtain large amounts of contribution points.

On this day, a man and a woman who looked extremely exhausted arrived outside the Starry Sky Immortal City’s auxiliary city. It was apparent that they had traveled a long distance before successfully arriving there.

“Big Brother Xian, we could really cultivate here! There is no bloodlust or desolate aura around!” The female cultivator was so excited that her eye rims had turned red.

After spending so many years in the Immortal World, she had finally arrived at a place where cultivating was possible.

The male cultivator merely rubbed his eyes, as he was a little worried that Di Jiu might not be the founder of the Starry Sky Immortal City. If that was truly the case, he and Zhuo Wenshu would not qualify to cultivate there.

These two people were Zhuo Wenshu and Xian Ze. Their cultivation levels were low. Hence, they had spent more than three years traveling non-stop before they had finally arrived outside the Starry Sky Immortal City.

“How dare a lowly True Form Realm weakling actually come to the Starry Sky Immortal City!” exclaimed someone in surprise when the two of them arrived outside the city.

“Senior Brother and I just came to the Starry Sky Immortal City. May I know if we could visit the Starry Sky Immortal City Lord?” Zhuo Wenshu asked respectfully and bowed hastily.

“Ha ha…” Everyone around roared in laughter. Zhuo Wenshu was a mere lowly fourth-stage Domain Realm cultivator, yet she had dared say that she wanted to visit the Starry Sky Immortal City Lord. Was she being ignorant or fearless?

Xian Ze said hurriedly, “Junior Sister Zhuo, let’s first obtain some information inside the auxiliary city.”

“I suggest that the two of you do not go. It hasn’t been so easy to enter the auxiliary city after someone attacked it three years ago,” said a slightly older cultivator kindly in an effort to persuade them.

Three years ago, the Radiant Fortune Immortal Sect disciples had committed a massacre outside the Starry Sky Immortal City’s auxiliary city because they had thought highly of themselves. This had given the auxiliary city an opportunity to activate the Defense Array. The outcome might have been completely different if these cultivators had entered the auxiliary city immediately and killed the cultivator controlling the array flags.

“No, you can enter the city with me. I’m currently lacking manpower. Help me and I will consider allowing you to reside permanently within the auxiliary city if your performance is good,” said a hoarse voice. A long-haired cultivator in a gray robe walked over and pointed at Zhuo Wenshu.

The surrounding cultivators hastily bowed. “Greetings, Deacon Mi.”

All the cultivators who stayed outside the Starry Sky Immortal City’s auxiliary city recognized this person. It was Mi Chenghe, a Deacon of the auxiliary city who was in charge of the influx and outflux of people into and from the auxiliary city. He possessed a great amount of power.

“Deacon Mi, don’t we need to obtain contribution points if we wish to reside in the auxiliary city?” asked a cultivator who was standing nearby in confusion.

Deacon Mi’s face sank. “Helping me is akin to having contribution points.”

However, Zhuo Wenshu said, “Thank you, Deacon Mi. I came here with my Senior Brother, so we wish to enter the city together.”

Xian Ze, who was standing aside, hurriedly explained, “We know City Lord Di. Deacon Mi, please help us report to the City Lord.”

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