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Chapter 255 - Why?

Chapter 255: Why?

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Huan Mingzi rushed over in time, squeezed a ring into Di Jiu’s hand and said, “Hurry on in. The Small Central Planet will be open for a year. I hope you can improve further during this year.”

Di Jiu, who knew that this ring had been exchanged with the three qualifying jade cards, accepted the ring unabashedly. “Senior Huan, the Small Central World opens once every 100 years. However, I heard the Skygold Domain Lord say that the spirit herbs inside are all more than 1,000 years old. Why is that?”

Di Jiu had wanted to ask this question for a long time, but he hadn’t managed to.

Huan Mingzi didn’t answer directly. Instead, he only told Di Jiu, “I’ve heard scattered news that there’s a layer of time-law fragment cocooning the Small Central Planet. Whoever gets this could become a mighty expert in the universe…”

Di Jiu took a deep breath. Time-law fragment…

Although he wouldn’t have known what this meant in the past, thanks to the Book of the World, he knew very well what it was. There were rumors that some very precious nomological worlds existed in the universe. All these nomological worlds were priceless treasures.

There was actually a time-law fragment outside the Small World Planet. This time-law fragment had in fact broken off from the nomological world.

If the experts discovered this, the Small World Planet would definitely be taken away.

Di Jiu suddenly remembered something. “Senior Huan, you just said that the Small Central Planet stays open for a year…”

Di Jiu didn’t need to finish his question. Huan Mingzi had already understood what he meant. “You are right. Superficially, the Small Central Planet stays open for a year. However, you actually have to stay inside for 10 years.”

Di Jiu was completely shaken. This was amazing for him. What he lacked right now was time. However, in 10 years, he believed that he could attain the Life Tribulation Realm on his own, even without the pool of spirit herbs in the Small Central Planet.

“Okay, everyone please hurry on in!” Huan Mingzi could vaguely sense that the Skygold Domain Lord’s Spiritual Force was still scanning the area. Thus, he shouted quickly, afraid that an undue delay might cause trouble.

Di Jiu led the group of people towards the five-colored light beam. Just as he was about to enter the five-colored light beam, he vaguely felt a streak of obscure Spiritual Force land on him. The streak of Spiritual Force disappeared when Di Jiu pushed his Spiritual Force out.

Being marked by people was normal. Di Jiu didn’t mind it at all. “Let’s go. Let’s enter the Small Central Planet!” he told Geng Ji and the gang.

In an instant, all the cultivators with qualifying jade cards rushed over to the colorful light beam. Anyone who went near the light beam was whirled away by it immediately and disappeared.

Once Di Jiu approached the five-colored light beam, he felt a strong force sweep in and whirl him away. Thanks to his level-ten Spiritual Force, he could vaguely detect that the five-colored light beam had an aura of Basic Law.

Bang! Di Jiu didn’t get the chance to keep observing the place with his Spiritual Force, as he had already fallen to the ground.

There was no one around. It looked like this five-colored light beam had been a teleporting light. However, the people teleported in weren’t in the same place as him.

When he looked down, he saw a level-seven Phoenix Cloud Grass by his feet. Di Jiu was elated. The Small Central Planet was indeed a sacred ground for spirit herbs. However, even without the spirit herbs, just based on the thick Spirit Qi there, the Small Central Planet would still be a good place for reclusive cultivation.

Di Jiu had just picked up the Phoenix Cloud Grass and taken a few steps when he saw more spirit herbs. He picked up various spirit herbs crazily along the way. He only cared if they were above level four.

In just two months, Di Jiu’s Small World was full of all kinds of spirit herbs and his herb garden was filled with high-level spirit herbs.

During these two months, Di Jiu did not see Geng Ji and the others, nor did he hear any news about them. However, he didn’t mind. There were natural restrictions all over the Small Central Planet, so any teleported information could only be received over extremely short distances.

Di Jiu had just collected a level-eight Blue Shadow Flower when he saw a Rainbow Immortal Peach in a tiny, downward-flowing stream.

If one asked what was the most valuable thing in the Cultivation World, many cultivators would choose the Rainbow Immortal Peach, even though it wasn’t actually the most valuable thing. The Rainbow Immortal Peach was rumored to be able to add 10,000 years to one’s lifespan. A True Form cultivator typically had a lifespan of only a few thousand years. With the Rainbow Immortal Peach, however, one could reach the True Form Realm just because of the abundant time they had.

Di Jiu had naturally always wanted such a treasure. He had seen a Rainbow Immortal Peach at the foot of the snowy mountain before, but it had unfortunately been wilted.

Even though this Rainbow Immortal Peach wasn’t completely mature, Di Jiu decided to take it. It would be a sin to let such a precious thing go to waste.

Di Jiu flashed the array flag and surrounded the Rainbow Immortal Peach.

Just as he was about to send the Rainbow Immortal Peach into his Small World, he heard a voice say, “Slow down.”

Somebody was coming. Although Di Jiu’s Spiritual Force had already discovered the intruder, he didn’t want to slow down. He continued to pull the Rainbow Immortal Peach along with the soil until it was in his Small World.

A blue-haired youth landed in front of Di Jiu. “Did you just take a Rainbow Immortal Peach?”

“Correct.” Di Jiu’s voice was cold. He had already felt the blue-haired young man scan him with his Spiritual Force. This man owned the hidden Spiritual Force that had scanned him when he had entered the teleporting beam.

The blue-haired youth nodded. “I know you. You are Di Jiu from the Polar Night Continent. I’m not sure if you were lucky or unlucky. If you were unlucky, you wouldn’t have seen the Rainbow Immortal Peach. If you were lucky, you wouldn’t have been found by me after merely two months here. To thank you for your help, I will tell you why I must kill you before I do…”

As he spoke, the blue-haired youth flashed several array flags and sealed their surroundings. It seemed like he didn’t plan on letting Di Jiu go.

Di Jiu didn’t move. He just let the blue-haired youth act. Although he had some inkling of the youth’s origins, he wasn’t completely sure yet, so he waited for him to speak first. The youth was just at the first-stage Ekayāna Tripod Realm, which meant that his cultivation was poorer than Di Jiu’s. Thus, Di Jiu didn’t take him seriously.

The blue-haired youth had just set up a killing array. However, Di Jiu wasn’t moved. The young man was a little surprised as he said, “You seem calm. I am Jian Yiwu from the Jian Family of the Commonality Planet. Oh, I am also a Level-Nine Array King.”

Di Jiu smiled. “Never heard of you. But I can guess why you have been looking for me. If I remember correctly, I must have acquired one of your Spiritual Force escape technique jade slips. That jade slip had your mark on it. You believe that I might have the Spiritual Force Training Art with me…”

When he heard Di Jiu’s words, Jian Yiwu said excitedly, “Correct! Regardless of whether you have the Spiritual Force Training Scroll, I will let you off this once if you tell me how you mastered the Spiritual Force escape technique.”

He knew that Di Jiu was going to die the moment he finished setting up the Confinement Killing Array. He was a Level-Nine Array King after all. Di Jiu wouldn’t be able to escape, no matter how strong he was.

Di Jiu chuckled. “I am not a pig. You want to get the Spiritual Force Training Scroll, when you can’t even master a simple thing like this… Oh yes, you want this precisely because you can’t master such a simple thing.”

The moment Di Jiu opened his hand, the Spiritual Force Training Scroll he had previously exchanged appeared in his palm.

“It is real!” Jian Yiwu shrieked excitedly. Without hesitation, he took out the Dharma treasure called Broken Cliff Token and pounced on Di Jiu. He had completely forgotten that Di Jiu had called him a pig. He hadn’t struck before because he’d wanted to coerce Di Jiu into revealing how to master the Spiritual Force escape technique. Now that Di Jiu had taken the jade slip out, he didn’t care anymore.

The Heavenly Aqua Saber landed in Di Jiu’s hands. He performed the Split-Wave Saber Move, one of the three saber moves, without even moving his feet.

“Ha ha! You didn’t expect that I’d be a Ekayāna Tripod Realm…” Jian Yiwu suddenly stopped speaking halfway.

His Broken Cliff Token had transformed into seven token seas. His original intent had been to suppress Di Jiu. However, the token seas were frozen by Di Jiu’s saber move before a frightening saber strike swept in. The ruthless saber intent felt like huge sea waves that surged in turbulently, wave after wave.

Boom, boom, boom! It only took two waves for the seven token seas created by the Broken Cliff Token to be destroyed. Without the token seas, the killing intent of the Split-Wave Saber Move lashed out at Jian Yiwu blatantly.

Jian Yiwu threw out array flags like crazy, trying to trigger the Confinement Killing Array. He suddenly realized that there was no way to trigger his confinement array.

Jian Yiwu regretted trying to trigger the Confinement Killing Array first. He should have blocked Di Jiu’s saber instead. Unfortunately, he had wasted the right moment and the saber wave had already boomed down on him.

As the deadly killing intent kept surging in, Jian Yiwu panicked and shouted, “Di Jiu, I come from the top-notch Jian Family of the Commonality Planet! You can’t kill me…”

Di Jiu laughed coldly. “I killed the Sect Master of the Genesis Sect—one of the five large sects. Why would I fear someone from an insignificant family?”

“Ah…” As Jian Yiwu stared at Di Jiu in panic, a voice in his heart shouted repeatedly. Shu Haolan had actually been killed by Di Jiu! Why couldn’t he trigger his Confinement Killing Array?

Bam! The saber wave of the Split-Wave Saber Move swirled around Jian Yiwu while endless fragmented saber pieces transformed into killing intent and drowned Jian Yiwu. Jian Yiwu was crushed to bits by this endless saber intent.

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