Nine Sun God King

Chapter 933

Chapter 933

Murong Changwu and other few youngsters are very famous in Hundred Pagoda City and they surely possess the air of arrogance. Everyone here now knows that Qin Yun is very skillful in repairing magic tools but they no one believes that he can defeat all of the Murong youngsters.

“Everyone, please sit as you please, no need to be reserved.” city master Murong giddily said : “Next, we will be eating and drinking while watching our younger generation exchange pointers in martial arts!”

City master Murong looks like he can not wait to see the result of this martial arts competition. Usually, equipment are not allowed to be used during martial arts competition. And this time, not only equipment usage is allowed but also a young highly gifted Inscription Great Master will be battling city master Murong’s 6 most outstanding grandchildren. Not only this is a confrontation among people, it is also a confrontation of equipment. City master Murong is very wealthy, he surely has many good equipment in his possession. On top of that, he is holding his birthday party today. To ensure victory, he must have given the best equipment to his grandchildren. Qin Yun’s equipment are all refined by him. On the other hand, the equipment city master Murong gave to his grandchildren are all gifts from his groups of formidable and powerful friends.

“That young Great Master is late stage Martial King, his strength is surely not equal to the few grandchildren of city master! Also, he certainly can not compare when it comes to equipment! City master Murong receives many gifts every year, among them are many good equipment like Dao talisman, Dao tools and etc.”

“Forget about the Great Master defeating all 6 of them, even if he were to fight just one of them, he would also lose!”

“As expected of city master Murong, he can make even that Great Master suffer losses!”

“That Great Master have some skills but he is too young. Since he loves to seek fame, he would run into trap!”

Everyone is speaking this way because they ca see the equipment Murong Changwu and the other youngsters are wearing, those are all King tools. Even majority of the old Half Immortals only have 2-3 King tools. It must be known that majority of the Half Immortals don’t posses Half Immortal or Immortal tools. Having a few King tools is pretty good for them. Yet battle gear and weapons Murong Changwu and other few youngsters wearing are all King tools.

“Are we starting soon?” old Feitian asked.

“It is dusk now, the banquet is about to begin, so we will begin the fight now. It will be exciting and lively and will brighten up the mood!” city master Murong said with laugh : “No matter who loses or wins, today it will surely be lively!”

Ying Chengyu said with smile : “Old man Murong, if your grandchildren are injured, don’t blame brother Yun!”

City master Murong laughed loudly and said : “How can that be? When I train them, they suffer injuries frequently!”

“Brother Yun, go up and don’t be too heavy handed!” Ying Chengyu said. Qin Yun laughed and then got on the spacious battle stage.

City master Murong chuckled and said : “Brother Yu, you truly have great confidence in him!”

Ying Chengyu only smiled and did not say anything. He saw with his own eyes how Qin Yun played those powerful Half Immortals to their death!

After everyone took their seats, they eagerly looked at the battle stage. Today there will be many martial arts competition to liven up the event, reportedly, even Martial Emperors will compete. So everyone is very expectantly looking on. Qin Yun walked up to the battle stage and stood at a side of the side, as far away as possible from 6 Murong youngsters. Murong Yuwei seems like she is very excited, it’s because she feels that if she can defeat the very famous Great Master, she would have a big achievement. Qin Yun is a very famous person and everyone wants to step on a famous person.

Murong Changwu said with smile : “Great Master, don’t think that we are bullying you with number, it was you who suggested this battle! After losing, I hope you don’t go around saying that we bullied you!”

Murong Yuwei lightly groaned and said in low voice : “Great Master is very awesome, he can help a peak stage Martial King to become a Martial Emperor! The number of beautiful women beside him as numerous as clouds! Hundred Pagoda City’s miss Yu, Qian Feng Sect’s Hong Mengshu.. moreover there are also Gong family’s beautiful mother and daughter pair. If he loses, there would be no short of women who would console him!”

“Xiao Wei!” Murong Changwu lightly yelled : “You must not be rude!”

Murong Yuwei glared at Qin Yun, curled her lips and said : “He doesn’t even have a little bit posture worthy of a Great Master yet uses the fame of a Great Master to fool around with women! He even claims that he can help peak stage Martial King breakthrough, he is just a big swindler!”

Everyone can hear what Murong Yuwei said but they dare not say anything to add to that because old Feitian is still here. Qin Yun is very young yet he is being very respectfully called Great Master by olf Feitian and brother Yu. This makes many people here extremely jealous. Moreover, they have never seen Qin Yun’s true skill, therefore they are very doubtful about this Great Master. Only the few tremendous Inscription Masters present here understand how awesome Qin Yun is because they all failed to repair old Feitian’s Purple Star Heavenly Dipper Shield but Qin Yun could, so they all wholeheartedly accept Qin Yun. Majority of the people who don’t accept Qin Yun are ignorant and arrogant youngsters.

“I already said, it is other people who call me Great Master, I never claimed to be one!” Qin Yun can’t help but shake his head. He took out a talisman and said : “When can we begin?”

City master Murong yelled : “Open the barrier, we will begin right away!”

The barrier opened, bell rang and the battle began!

“Go!” Murong Yuwei yelled, the slender saber in her hand flickered with gorgeous red light.

She is the first to attack, she rapidly rushed towards Qin Yun like a red lightning. Qin Yun’s shadow flickered and he avoided the saber attack. However, Murong Changwu suddenly appeared behind Qin Yun in a flash and stabbed towards his back with sword. Qin Yun also suddenly disappeared and avoided the sword stab. Other 4 people also ferociously attacked Qin Yun. Shockingly, Qin Yun avoided each and every one of the attacks. His movement is splendid, profound and mysterious, causing many Martial Kings and Martial Emperors in the audience to cheer.

City master Murong cursed in low voice : “This guy, he is clearly very strong, no weaker than a peak Martial King! Yet he said that he is not very good in martial ability!”

Qin Yun, a lone late stage Martial King, is being besieged by 5 peak stage Martial Kings and a late stage Martial King with 3 martial spirits, yet he is dodging attacks as if he is a fish in the water. Murong Changwu is the strongest among these few youngsters, he has the confidence to defeat even an ordinary Martial King. Yet he attacked Qin Yun several times and failed to even hit Qin Yun’s cothes. This caused Murong Changwu to be very shocked, he realized that if he were to fight alone, he would have definitely lost! Murong Yuwei is even more scared, he was very disdainful towards Qin Yun earlier but now she has discovered that her peak stage Martial King cultivation is just trash in front of Qin Yun.

Qin Yun has just been holding the talisman in his hand all along while dodging, he did not throw it out. Many spectators are urging him to take action. Even Murong Changwu and others on the stage very much wish that Qin Yun would take some action. Because that talisman in Qin Yun’s hand is making them very anxious. They are always on guard against that talisman, making them unable to completely concentrate in attacking. Qin Yun can see that Murong Changwu and others are not attacking with all of their strength, moreover they seem panicked. He realized that they are scared of the talisman in his hand. Before the battle began, Murong Changwu and others felt that Qin Yun was not much. But now they can see that not only Qin Yun is very strong, he also has not used the dreadful talismans and talisman tools he possesses. This caused them to reserve a portion of their power to defend against talismans and talisman tools.

Old Feitian chuckled and said : “Old man Murong, your grandchildren are still too soft!”

The smile on city master Murong’s face has already disappeared, he cursed in low voice : “This brother Yun is truly treacherous! My grandchildren are too young, doesn’t even realize that they are in a psychological battle!”

Not to mention Murong Changwu’s group on the stage, even city master Murong and other elders of Murong family are secretly worried that Qin Yun would suddenly attack with the talisman in his hand. Qin Yun has only been dodging and not attacking, he just wants to completely understand the 6 opponents’ capability. To be honest. he doesn’t want to waste too many talismans and tools. Although he can craft them, it wasted too many materials and time. Using Passing Shadow Extinction Breath Step and Flowing Light Extinction Shadow Step, he can easily dodge the 6 youngsters’ attacks.

Murong Yuwei cursed in low voice : “This stage is too big, if not, he would not have any place to run!”

At this time, Qin Yun laughed loudly at the distance and the talisman in his hand disappeared. The talisman has finally been used! Everyone very seriously looked at the stage. The talisman landed within the 6 youngsters and exploded with a burst of air wave. Everyone immediately let out a sigh of displeasure. Because it seems like the talisman has failed, it did not produce any powerful explosion or anything.

“Is it empty? A talisman to scare people?” Murong Yuwei cursed in delicate tone : “This guy actually wanted to scare us to death!”

Just as she finished speaking, she sensed a peculiar power curling up on her face.

“3rd brother.. you.. how did you become fat?” Murong Yuwei yelled : “You.. all of you.. how did you suddenly become fat?”

Many people burst into a cry of alarm. Because Murong Changwu and others’ face have suddenly became very big and as fat as a pig head. This few are beautiful and handsome youths, they very much care about their appearance. Yet now they have turned into big pig heads, it is same as suffering ten thousand points of damage!

“Bastard, what did you do to us?” Murong Yuwei furiously shouted. The slender red saber in her hand burst with waves of flame and released a furious flame.

“Be serious when fighting!” Qin Yun suddenly appeared behind Murong Yuwei, gathered two of his fingers together and stabbed forward.


Murong Yuwei was hit by Qin Yun’s Piercing Mountain and Splitting Earth Finger and sent flying, she then knocked against the barrier. She was merely sent flying because of the King tool battle armor on her body, if it did not exist, she would have a large bloody hole on her body. These youngsters’ face suddenly turned into pig heads, they are both worried and angry, they suffered psychological attack and became muddleheaded. They carelessly rushed to attack Qin Yun.

Qin Yun took out a shield, this is the shield he won from Long Changwu, a Half Immortal tool. Qin Yun and Jian Linglong joined hands and improved the runes within this shield. Now it can release a very strong devouring force, not only it can suck in weapons but can also absorb energy from people through the weapons. Murong Changwu’s sword stabbed into the shield, about half of it went in but it did not pierce through the shield, it is actually inside a strange space.

“My sword!” Murong Changwu yelled because not only he is unable to pull out the sword, the energy inside his body is also being sucked away through the sword.

At this time the other 4 also attacked but their weapons were immediately pulled into the shield. Qin Yun faintly smiled and released Vibration Power through the shield, it also brought together Suffering Divine Ability power.

“Ahhhh!” 5 of them screamed in pain. They felt their arms being inflected with intense, unbearable pain. They have no choice but to let go of their weapons.

Just like that, aside from Murong Yuwei, the other 5 men’s weapons were sucked away by Qin Yun’s shield.

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