Nine Sun God King

Chapter 9

Chapter 9 Hua Ling Martial Arts School

“Teacher Yang… Qin Yun’s strength was terrifying, so it was not normal for him to be ruthless in his attacks. If you accept this demon as your disciple, even if it is you, you will be in trouble. Please let go of this demon and hand him over. I will only cripple his origin energy and spirit vein and will not harm his life.”

The red-clothed old man had a cultivation base at the ninth level of the Martial Body Stage, and he had cultivated the Martial Dao for sixty to seventy years. However, this young woman’s cultivation was on par with his.

“I can naturally tell if Qin Yun cultivates a demonic art or not. If there are consequences, I’m willing to bear it!”

Yang Shiyue stood in front of Qin Yun. While she was sparring with the red-clothed old official, she suddenly felt a gust of wind pass by her from behind.

Qin Yun was like a swift and violent leopard as he charged at the red-robed old official. He sent a powerful slap towards the old face!

“Old beast!” Qin Yun roared angrily as he struck out with an explosive palm strike that sounded like a thunderbolt. It was deafening.

The red-clothed old official never expected that Qin Yun, who had suffered a blow from his inner Qi, would still have such terrifying strength. His face began to burn with pain from the blow!

He was a martial artist at the ninth level of the martial body, an old and respected official. Yet, he had been ruthlessly slapped in front of everyone!

This not only made him lose face, but even more terrifying was that his fighting strength was suddenly interrupted, causing the inner strength in his dantian to be in disorder. He had no choice but to stop and retreat, and then, he would have to use luck to heal his injuries.

Everyone felt their hearts skip a beat. They could not help but admire Qin Yun’s courage. At such a stage, he still had to use all his strength to give the red-clothed old official a ruthless slap in the face!

As the saying goes, slapping someone in the face will not hurt your self-esteem! The old official in red also suffered a great humiliation!

A few old officials rushed over and channeled Qi to suppress the red-clothed old official’s injuries. However, he still spat out a mouthful of blood and collapsed on the ground. He seemed to be severely injured.

“Qin Yun, are you alright?” Yang Shiyue cried out in alarm. She did not expect Qin Yun to make a move.

“Five years ago, I, Qin Yun, was only ten years old. I was just a weak child with no power to resist you! “But now it’s different. I am a martial artist at the fourth level of the Martial Body realm. Although my strength is far inferior to all of you Evil Demons, as long as I still have a breath of air, I will not lower my head to you nor retreat!”

Qin Yun’s voice was passionate and filled with a very insolent aura that left people alarmed.

A few old officials were discussing something with the empress, whose expression was rather ugly. The empress who was fuming suddenly let out a long breath, as if she had held it in.

Just now, they almost had a conflict with Yang Shiyue. If this were to continue, it would only intensify the conflict and they wouldn’t dare to provoke the Hua Ling Wu Academy.

Yang Shiyue’s body looked delicate, but it was as though she was standing in front of Qin Yun like a mountain.

She scanned the empress and the others before saying with a sneer, “Qin Yun won the battle against Qin Tianyi with his strength.”

Qin Yun held onto his aching chest and coughed a few times. He said, “They can do anything to a ten-year-old child. They can do anything that’s insane.”

The Queen looked at Qin Yun with a ferocious gaze that was filled with ice-cold killing intent. She said, “Forget it. The Hua Ling Wu Academy can protect you temporarily, but it will not be able to protect you for your entire life! I will never let this matter of you crippling Yi’er go! ”

When she saw how protective Yang Shiyue was of Qin Yun, she could only temporarily put this matter aside.

Regardless of which power was it, unless they had no other choice, they did not want to offend the powerful Martial Institution. This meant war!

“Today, all the martial arts families of the Heavenly Qin Empire are here. I will make use of this opportunity to announce something big!” An old official said.

Big matter? What’s the big deal?

Just as everyone was feeling extremely curious, they heard the old official say, “More than a decade ago, Skyhowl and Tianqin had secretly arranged a marriage between Princess Yuelan and Qin Yun. Now, both countries have come back to this matter and decided to cancel their engagement! ”

“Although the engagement was cancelled, everyone need not worry about the relationship between the two countries, because the Sky Roar Empire has agreed to allow Princess Yue Lan and the newly established Crown Prince to be engaged. Therefore, this is a great thing for us!”

Xiao Yueran was the princess of the Sky Shout Empire. Not only was she peerlessly beautiful, her talent in the Martial Dao was also astonishing. Possessing the Seven Yang Spirit Vein, she was recruited into the Profound Sky Martial School at the age of sixteen. This caused her name to be known throughout the world.

However, what everyone did not know was that such a devastatingly beautiful girl was actually engaged to Qin Yun. Thankfully, it had already been cancelled. If not, no one would have been able to accept Xiao Yuelan marrying a cripple like Qin Yun!

Qin Yun did not say a word. He pretended to look at a loss, making people think that he did not know of the matter.

In fact, he had long since known that the Grand Preceptor had given him an engagement letter in his bag before she left.

The Empress said with a sneer, “Qin Yun’s four spirit veins had been extracted and his position as crown prince abolished. If he were to be married to Princess Yue Lan, it would definitely damage the prestige of the two empires.”

Qin Yun’s expression was calm, but he was feeling extremely displeased.

He still had some impression of Princess Yueran from the Heavenly Qin Empire. He had met her a few times when he was young. At that time, he had called her ‘little sister’. However, from what he remembered, Princess Yueran was petite and weak. Her haggard appearance was very lovable. This was something that happened ten years ago.

The empress smiled coldly and said, “One year later, Princess Yueran will come to our imperial palace to hold a grand engagement ceremony with the crown prince! Qin Yun, at that time, if you are still alive, you must come to participate in the gathering! ”

Qin Yun gritted his teeth secretly and said, “I’ll definitely participate!”

He could accept cancelling the engagement; after all, he didn’t have any feelings for Xiao Yueran.

However, after the marriage contract had been cancelled, he could not accept Xiao Yueran marrying off to the Viper Queen’s son!

He had the talent for the Nine Yang Spirit Vein and firmly believed that he would have the power to disrupt the wedding ceremony.

Everyone secretly thought about this matter …

Thinking about it carefully, Qin Yun had been crippled and the Queen had gained the greatest benefit. Her son had become the crown prince and successfully fused with Qin Yun’s spirit vein.

At this moment, everyone believed even more deeply in Qin Yun and the Grand Preceptor’s story of how they had been framed.

“A grand wedding, we will definitely invite the great families of both countries to witness it!” An old official announced loudly.

Everyone was looking forward to the engagement ceremony in a year’s time. If Qin Yun came, with his personality, he would definitely put on a show and at the same time, take a look at Princess Yueran’s peerless face.

Yang Shiyue’s eyes flickered as though she was thinking of something. She whispered to Qin Yun, “I’ll bring you back to the Hua Ling Wu Academy to heal your injuries. You will also awaken your martial soul in the afternoon.”

She stopped her recruitment and boarded the carriage with the injured Qin Yun. From this, it could be seen that she valued Qin Yun very much.

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