Nine Sun God King

Chapter 880

Chapter 880

Long Yingkun is an Immortal dragon but his Immortal power has been sealed through a very brilliant cultivation sealing secret art. This secret art is such that it completely seals the genuine Immortal power, making it unable to release them at all. This way Long Yingkun’s fighting strength is also very limited. Earlier when he fought Long Bei and was injured, his strength also suffered.

Long Cangsheng’s fists have transformed into dragon claws. As they approached Long Yingkun, they fiercely grabbed, releasing a very strong dragon power. After dragon transformation, Long Cangsheng released his power to the the limit, which is very tremendous. He can even fight against the Immortal dragon without any reserve.

The reason Heavenly Dragon Sect and Xuan Domain Dragon Sect Half Immortals can contend against Jian family Half Immortals is because Jian family are few in number. Otherwise they would have been got rid of by Jian family already. They looked over towards Long Yingkun and saw how amazing Long Cangsheng is and felt endless envy and jealousy. If all of their Half Immortals could achieve dragon transformation, they could have fought the sword cultivators one on one. Now it requires 2 or 3 of them to fight one sword cultivator.

Qin Yun is also at the crucial juncture of breakthrough. He is worried because the situation outside is very extreme. He also wants to get out and lend a hand. Qin Yun is the only one inside the Nine Dragon Devil Prison. While he is is quietly cultivating, he suddenly sensed Long Bei’s aura. Long Bei has returned, his injuries are quite heavy but luckily he managed to secretly leave.

“Continue to cultivate, the opportunity to use the formation is not yet here.” Long Bei said. Qin Yun’s eyes are closed just like before, he also did not say anything.

Long Bei said again : “Long Cangsheng can hold out for a period of time. That guy Long Yingkun’s strength far exceeds of what I anticipated.”

Long Bei and Long Cangsheng discussed before that they would take turns fighting Long Yingkun, forcing him to waste his strength and create an opportunity to use the flag formation. And now, Long Cangsheng is fighting alone against Long Yingkun, giving it all he has. Even though he can endure but Long Yingkun is landing heavy blows from time to time. If this continues, he won’t be able to endure for long. The reason why they planned this way is because they thought that Dragon Sealing Great Formation would not be sufficiently powerful, worried that it would not be able to continuously press down such formidable Immortal dragon. Therefore, they decided to first consume Long Yingkun’s power and then let Qin Yun setup the formation. Long Cangsheng’s power is limited, he could not endure for long, he was beaten and dropped down to the ground by Long Yingkun.

“You bunch of insects, go to hell!” Long Yingkun looked at the Jian family’s Seven Sword Old Ancestors and furiously roared, releasing a golden dragon illusory image that rushed out. Right at this time, Long Bei suddenly flew over and loudly roared, the sound wave scattered the golden dragon illusory image.

“Long Bei, you can still come up! No matter, I will completely tear you to shreds this time!” Long Yingkun coldly shouted and rushed towards Long Bei.

Two Immortal dragons are fighting each other in human form, they rushed towards each other and threw palm attacks at each other. Two attacks collided and the weather immediately changed, gales abruptly erupted, giving rise to frantic thunder and lightning hurricane causing many buildings within the vicinity to crumble.

Boom Boom Boom!

The two dragons started fighting again, the fight directly spread to the outside of the Dragon King Manor. The people of the Dragon King City have already moved far away from the vicinity of the Dragon King Manor. That was a wise decision. Because many tall buildings outside the Dragon King Manor has been destroyed and turned into ruins due to the fight between Long Bei and Long Yingkun. Now, not only those living near the Dragon King Manor but also all the people of the Dragon King City moved far away from Dragon King Manor. Many people are so scared of dying that they ran out of the city gate in case the fight spreads further.

Long Bei is dragging his severely injured body to go all out against Long Yingkun making him tremble, trying as best as possible to consume his power. Long Yingkun is extremely furious, he thought that if he showed his formidable power, Long Bei would pledge allegiance to him. But Long Bei is not doing that, he is fighting with his life on the line. Although Long Yingkun is very strong, the majority of his power has been sealed, it won’t be easy to kill Long Bei with this power. After all, Long Bei is an Immortal dragon, his body is very strong. Without Immortal power, it is very hard to thoroughly destroy an Immortal dragon’s humanoid form. After Long Bei fought for a while, Long Cangsheng who was injured earlier recovered a lot. He promptly flew towards Long Bei and joined together to fight against Long Yingkun.

Hu hu hu..

After Long Cangsheng arrived, he threw one after another talisman towards Long Yingkun. After those talismans were thrown out, they turned into many type of powers : flame, thunder and lightning, violent wind, vibration etc. These are all King Talismans Long Cangsheng was reluctant to use at the beginning of the fight. After being smashed by so many King Talismans in succession, Long Yingkun is in an extremely difficult situation. He furiously roared and grabbed towards Long Cangsheng. A huge dragon claw appeared and pressed down on Long Cangsheng. Long Cangsheng promptly dodged the dragon claw. The huge dragon claw dropped down to the ground and destroyed a building. The power it brought landed on the ground and exploded, creating a several kilometer wide crater.

A large amount of soil flew all around along with the violent air wave. All the buildings in the Dragon King City are swaying and trembling due to the air wave and frantic vibration power. The flourishing Dragon King City has begun to crumble. Jian family people relaxed a lot, at the very least they won’t have to face the Immortal dragon. Although their side don’t have many people, sword cultivators are very strong, one of them can take on three. Bit by bit, they are suppressing the Heavenly Dragon Sect and Xuan Domain Dragon Sect people. So long as they don’t have to engage the Immortal dragon Long Yingkun, their Jian famliy can surely snatch away the final victory. Heavenly Dragon Sect and Xuan Domain Dragon Sect people were very disdainful towards Jian family before, they were ridiculing the Dragon King Manor people for being scared of sword cultivators. And now, after confronting the formidable sword cultivators, they are very clear why Dragon King Manor people were so scared.

“We only need to persevere, once Immortal dragon old ancestor gets rid off Long Bei and Long Cangsheng, he will join the fight and Jian family will be defeated!” a Xuan Domain Dragon Sect old man said. He now really wishes that he could let Long Yingkun handle the fight.

A Heavenly Dragon Sect old man said to Jian Shitian with sneer : “If you Jian family is smart, you will quickly scram away from Dragon King City. You can also see that Long Bei and Long Cangsheng has joined hands but still being viciously beaten by Immortal Dragon old ancestor! Once they are defeated, you will all die without a doubt!”

Jian Shitian laughed heartily and said : “If we die, we will also take you down with us!”

This opportunity is very important to the Jian family. Even if Long Bei and Long Cangsheng are defeated, the Seven Sword Old Ancestors can go up and keep the Immortal dragon busy, allowing them to kill as many Long family Half Immortals as possible. This will reduce overall power of Long family by a lot.

Xian Rujing is very anxious because Long Bei and Long Cangsheng are quite exhausted, if this goes on, they will be killed. Although Long Yingkun has suffered injuries and used up a lot of his power, he looks as strong as before.

Nine Dragon Devil Prison is still standing strong, it has not been damaged at all, clearly it is a very good magic tool. Qin Yun’s body is overflowing with burst of Xuan Dao Power filled with King energy. His body suddenly trembled and Xuan Dao Power rushed out. The Nether Sun inside his body also started rotating.

“3rd stage, the energy inside my Nether Sun has finally evolved successfully, my Xuan Dao Power has also strengthened by a lot!”

Qin Yun stood up and sensed the formidable Xuan Dao Power inside his body which is filled with King energy and became very overwhelmed with emotion. He turned himself transparent and quickly flew out of the Nine Dragon Devil Prison. He is following Long Bei and Long Cangsheng’s aura. After Qin Yun rushed over, he saw how injured Long Bei and Long Cangsheng is from the distance. Even though they joined hands to fight Long Yingkun, they are still being viciously beaten.

“I must use the Lion King Cannon!” Qin Yun flew out of the Dragon King Manor and send sound transmission to Long Bei and Long Cangsheng, told them to be prepared to dodge.

“Qin Yun, you must not use the formation yet, the opportunity has not yet arrived, the energy inside that bastard’s body is still very strong!” Long Bei said to Qin Yun through sound transmission.

“Alright, I am preparing to shoot Half Immortal life crystal! You guys prepare to dodge!” Qin Yun said.

Hearing that Qin Yun is planning to use Half Immortal life crystal to attack, Long Bei and Long Cangsheng are extremely shocked. They immediately changed their fighting style and started moving away from Long Yingkun. Long Yingkun saw Long Bei and Long Cangsheng fleeing, he became furious but did not chase after them. Because he wants to protect the Heavenly Dragon Sect and Xuan Domain Dragon Sect Half Immortals. If all of them are killed by Jian family, then he would be the last one standing like a light stand and won’t be able to withstand the attacks from Jian family.

Qin Yun saw Long Yingkun rushing towards the Dragon King Manor and promptly shot Half Immortal life crystal cannonball. He killed many Half Immortals with Lan Suyao’s help and obtained their life crystals.


The life crystal shot out like light ray and accurately hit Long Yingkun. Long Yingkun let out a loud roar and was sent flying by the explosion. A large area outside the Dragon King Manor originally turned into ruin but after the life crystal explosion, not even ruin remained, it turned into a 10 kilometer wide crater. Those spectators flying in the air saw such huge crater appear inside the Dragon King City and turned pale in fright.


Qin Yun continued to lock on to Long Yingkun and kept shooting Half Immortal life crystals in his possession one after another. Long Bei and Long Cangsheng are extremely shocked. They thought that Qin Yun was done shooting Half Immortal life crystals. They did not expect Qin Yun would have so many of them and shoot them one after another. The fact that Qin Yun could obtain so many Half Immortal life crystal caused them to be shocked the most.

Long Yingkun has become dizzy and disoriented after being hit by so many Half Immortal life crystals. Even though he possesses formidable Immortal dragon body, he is filled with scars and bruises now. The fact that he can still fly in the air is still tremendous. There are huge craters all over inside the Dragon King City. Those areas that turned into ruins, have already blown to bits at an unknown time. Dust is flying everywhere now.

“Half Immortal life crystals are done, time to use the formation!” Qin Yun took out a flag formation and sent sound transmission to Long Bei and Long Cangsheng.

Just as Qin Yun decided to use the formation, Long Yingkun’s body suddenly burst with golden light. Dragon roar filled with might shook the heaven and earth. Golden cloud enveloped a large area on the sky. Long Yingkun turned into a golden dragon, his entire body flickering with golden light, floating on the air above Dragon King City. This Long Yingkun’s true body!

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