Nine Sun God King

Chapter 50

Chapter 50 Senior Martial Sister, please have some self-respect

The smile on Master Wei’s face was somewhat stiff. Tonight, it was mainly to celebrate with his son before he dealt with Qin Yun in passing.

However, he never expected it to cause Qin Yun’s reputation to rise greatly. Furthermore, he had suffered great losses.

Tonight’s matter would soon spread throughout the entire Tian Qin Empire, and the surrounding countries would know of it as well!

As for him, Master Wei, and Wei Xuankun, they would definitely be laughed at.

Of course, the Duke of Yan was in the most miserable state. He destroyed an extremely outstanding grandson. However, this was a good thing for many nobles!

After the banquet was over, Yang Shiyue pulled Qin Yun away. She wanted to quickly inquire about Qin Yun’s other martial soul.

… ….

“Esteemed empress, what should we do!?” Qin Yun has cultivated the Bone Meridian and can even craft talismans. He will become a basic talisman master and will be heavily cared for by the General Manager of the Mysterious Pattern Palace! ” A eunuch’s face was filled with anxiety as he said, “Yan Qingyu has also been crippled!”

“To think that this little bastard, Qin Yun, would cause such a storm.” The Empress laughed coldly, “So what if Yan Qingyu is crippled? I heard that his relationship with the crown prince is not good. We don’t need to worry about Qin Yun now. As long as Father steps into the martial dao realm, the entire Heavenly Qin Empire will be ours. Then, we can find an opportunity to deal with Qin Yun. The most important thing right now is to do everything in his power to facilitate the marriage between the crown prince and Xiao Yuelan! ”

“The country leader is about to break through?” The old eunuch was pleasantly surprised.

“Soon!” The Queen smiled proudly. Her eyes were filled with malice as she said with a deep voice, “Qin Yun, just you wait!”

… ….

Qin Yun had obtained a compensation of a hundred thousand crystal coins from the Duke of Yan and had been hurriedly brought back by Yang Shiyue.

It was already late at night when they returned to the small courtyard house.

Qin Yun’s eyes were filled with shock as he said, “Teacher, your Moon Martial Spirit is really powerful!”

“If I hadn’t vented my resentment for you, I wouldn’t have revealed myself.” Yang Shiyue wrinkled her beautiful nose, moaned and said: “On the other hand, you brat, you actually have another Martial Spirit!”

The corners of Qin Yun’s eyes twitched. He never expected that the secret would be discovered!

“Isn’t it?” Yang Shiyue pouted slightly and poked Qin Yun’s waist, causing him to jump up.

“I didn’t mean to hide it from you.” Qin Yun looked aggrieved. “It’s mainly because that martial soul is too strange. I’m worried that it will have a bad effect.”

Yang Shiyue took out the Spirit Pagoda, gave him a look, and told him to go take the test.

Qin Yun placed his hand on the Tower and infused the power of the Oscillating Martial Spirit into the tower.

The Spirit Pagoda suddenly turned black and began to shake violently.

“Black… “A black martial spirit!” Yang Shiyue was stunned.

She stared at the pure black Spirit Pagoda for a long time before regaining her senses.

“I noticed it when I awakened my Martial Spirit. Because it was black, I was afraid that it might be mistaken for a demon or something like that. That’s why I hid it.” Qin Yun spoke truthfully because he truly had concerns in this regard.

“It is indeed a dual martial spirit. Moreover, it is the highest grade, the most mysterious black martial spirit.” Yang Shiyue’s face was full of joy as she smiled and said: “It has a very strong vibrating power. This is the Sonic Martial Spirit, and it belongs to the Legendary Martial Spirit. I will keep this a secret for you!”

Qin Yun heaved a sigh of relief. As long as it was not an evil martial spirit. He asked, “Teacher, is a black vibrating martial spirit rare?”

Yang Shiyue kept the Spirit Pagoda and said: “The black martial spirit and the Seism martial spirit are both very rare. When both conditions are combined, it’s even less rare. When you go to the Star Martial Arts Academy in the future, you might be able to understand this Martial Spirit better. ”

“Can’t the Tianxuan Martial Arts Academy do the same? I want to be with you! ” Qin Yun said softly.

“No matter what Martial Arts Academy you can go to, the most important thing is to improve yourself.” Yang Shiyue’s expression was slightly serious, and then she asked about the cultivation of the Oscillating Martial Spirit.

After she finished listening to Qin Yun’s account of the situation, she even took out a booklet to record the situation. It seemed to be a very important matter.

“The fact that you can use your internal energy and spirit energy means that you’ve cultivated the Mysterious Yang Tactic to the great perfection stage. It seems you have hope of reaching perfection.” Yang Shiyue secretly looked forward to this moment.

She seemed to have gained a lot today, so she took the notes and hurried back to her room.

Qin Yun was also very tired today. After returning to his room, he immediately went to sleep.

… ….

In the morning, Qin Yun woke up and took a bath. He changed into blue tights and came to the hall.

On the table, there was a note from Yang Shiyue, saying that she went to look for principal and it would take him a few days to come back.

The Hua Ling Wu Academy had always been managed by Vice Principal Zhang. It seemed that the Principal rarely appeared.

Qin Yun was worried that Yang Shiyue would be transferred as he thought to himself, “I’ll go to the Mysterious Pattern Hall first. I hope that Teacher can accompany me through this semester!”

Duan Qian had also said before that he would pay a visit to the Mysterious Marking Hall to obtain the emblem of a basic level Symbol Master, which would be much more convenient.

The Hall of Marks was in the imperial city. Qin Yun had left early in the morning. He left the Hua Ling Wu Academy and began his journey towards the imperial city.

The distance from the Hua Ling Wu Academy to the imperial city was over two hundred miles.

For those who could use Qing Gong, this was not too far away.

Qin Yun casually ran for an hour before he had covered more than half the distance.

This was the first time he had walked alone.

“The empress wouldn’t dare to deal with me now, would she?” He was very vigilant on the road, but he did not encounter any killers.

Qin Yun had been running through the forest without taking the main road in order to avoid running into other people.

Within the forest, there was a cool breeze blowing. It was extremely quiet.

Qin Yun ran and stopped to admire the beautiful flowers.

Suddenly, a strong gale swept over, causing a large part of the trees to shake.

His expression changed slightly. “Someone is fighting! Forget it, mind your own business, I’ll take a detour! ”

Just as he was about to move, a few men in black appeared with a ‘shua shua’ sound.

“So powerful. Are they all in the 6th level of the Martial Body realm?” Qin Yun was alarmed but he was not afraid. He was already prepared for battle.

“Stop, he’s just a passerby!” The one who spoke was a woman.

When the woman arrived, she exuded an overwhelming fragrance.

She wore a black tight suit and had the appearance of a killer. Her oval face was extremely beautiful, her eyebrows were like smoke, and her eyes contained a hundred beauties. She looked extremely mature.

“Young lady, perhaps this person has already discovered what we were doing just now. If he were to tell us, we would be in trouble.” A man in black said.

The woman did not mind. She ruffled her long hair and smiled seductively at Qin Yun. She said, “Little brother, are you a student of Hua Ling Wu Academy?”

“That’s right!” Qin Yun answered. The woman’s enchanting looks made his heart shudder.

What was astonishing was the long sword in the woman’s hand, which was dripping blood.

The woman was a head taller than him. She looked to be around seventeen or eighteen years old, and because she had just taken off her hood, her long, jet-black hair was somewhat messy.

She held the Dripping Blood Sword in her hand, a charming smile on her face. Within her charm was a bit of ruthlessness and a bit of heroic spirit.

“I am also from the Hua Ling Wu Academy. Quickly, call me senior!” The woman smiled coquettishly as she reached out her hand to pinch Qin Yun’s face. She said with a laugh, “What a handsome youth. His body is also very strong. I can touch him!”

Qin Yun never expected the woman to be from the Hua Ling Wu Courtyard. Furthermore, she was very unrestrained. A hand had already reached into his shirt.

“Senior sister, please behave yourself!” His face turned slightly red and he quickly took a few steps back.

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