Nine Sun God King

Chapter 38

Chapter 38 Six Forms Wind Slash

“Formidable! He actually killed the Swift Shadow Ape!” You with the surname Ding, you’re in trouble now. Do you know who this Quick Ape belongs to? ” Cui Hui smiled sinisterly and waved her hand, ordering the other students to surround Qin Yun.

“What do you mean?” Ding Tianchun guessed something when he saw Cui Hui.

“This is Master Wei’s Swift Shadow Ape, you actually killed it!” If Master Wei knows about this, you will definitely die. ” Cui Hui grinned evilly, looking even more ferocious and evil.

Qin Yun clenched his fists tightly as his expression turned cold. His eyes were filled with killing intent!

“Run!” Ding Tianchun shouted at Qin Yun. He sat cross-legged on the ground as his inner force gushed out like a tiger pouncing on a rabbit. It was like a tiger pouncing on its prey as it charged at Cui Hui, sending her flying into the flames.

As for Qin Yun, he had been surrounded by more than ten students!

“Qin Yun, you rascal, you have made a name for yourself amongst the freshmen!” Furthermore, you offended Big Brother Wei, and you insulted the empress earlier on. You’re dead meat! ”

“You must be cultivating a demonic technique to have such strength, and Yang Shiyue is still protecting you. Great devil, you are in our hands now, we can’t escape!”

“Even if you are at the fifth level of the Martial Body realm, you will still undoubtedly die if you are surrounded by more than ten people at the fourth level.”

“Ha ha-ha, idiot with the surname Ding, he actually let him run away so quickly!”

“If we kill him, we’ll be able to receive the million crystal coins that the empress has placed on us. When we split them, we’ll be able to buy a lot of good stuff. Haha, hurry up and do it!”

“This is my second time killing someone. I have more experience than you. I’ll go first!”

“Cui laoshi had said that he would come at us together. He is someone who can defeat Brother Wei!” A blue-clothed youth hastily shouted.

“Alright, let’s go together!”



The group of students that surrounded Qin Yun shouted proudly. Their eyes were filled with hostility. To them, personally killing Qin Yun was a matter of great excitement.

Qin Yun’s expression was cold. His eyes contained seventy percent killing intent and thirty percent anger!

Facing the encirclement of more than ten people, he appeared to be extremely calm. Standing upright, he faintly emitted the aura of a proud and aloof expert!

The dozen or so people rushed over, forming a light breeze!

Qin Yun focused his mind. After catching a breeze, he quickly took out a ghost blade from his spatial ring!

It was precisely the ghost blade that he had engraved with his spirit pattern. It weighed over a hundred jin, and was a half spirit artifact!

“Wind Slaying Fist!”

He sensed the wind brought about by the three youths and rushed forward, swinging his saber to hack at them!


A cold light flashed on the blade of the saber, causing a spray of blood!

With a raise of his hand and a swing of his blade, the three youths were cut in half at the waist!

The other students who were rushing over suddenly stopped in their tracks, as if their feet had been sucked into the ground. They were all dumbfounded by the scene in front of them!

“Wave Breaker Technique!”

Qin Yun did not wait for them to regain their wits before flying over. His broadsword slashed horizontally as it slashed out. Saber transformed into waves. Wherever the saber energy enveloped, it would be randomly sliced apart!


In the blink of an eye, several students were killed by the wild saber energy. They died a miserable death!

“Qin Yun …” Qin Yun, you are killing people! ” A student’s voice trembled.

“Didn’t you want to kill me just now? Am I not a human? ” Qin Yun was infuriated. With a slash through the air, a saber beam shot out and instantly killed the student.

The surrounding trees were burning, and the hot air was enveloping the area. However, the remaining students could feel an incomparably cold chill coming their way!

This chilliness spread throughout his body from head to toe!

This was the fear brought about by the impending doom!

Qin Yun was at the fifth level of the Martial Body realm. He could use his inner force and had practiced the martial arts cultivation technique to its initial level. His strength was not something that could be imagined by those condescending youths of the powers.

“You practice devil arts, you are not a human, you are a devil …” You will definitely be tortured to death! ” A youth trembled as he finished his sentence, then turned and ran.

The other students were running as fast as they could as they shouted “Cui laoshi” in a terrified voice!

Qin Yun’s body flashed forward like the wind as his broadsword danced in the air and slashed down mercilessly …

Wind Slaying, Wave Breaking, Mountain Splitting, Ground Splitting, River Breaking, Lightning Slashing, Wind Slaying, six moves followed one after another!

The saber Qi was like a raging wind, howling ferociously!

In just a moment, the youths that were running and screaming had fallen into a pool of blood. Before they died, their faces were filled with fear and endless regret!

They regretted surrounding and attacking Qin Yun!

The students that surrounded and killed Qin Yun were all from the same class. They were aristocratic family descendants of the Heavenly Qin Empire and had long known that the Empress was offering a reward to Qin Yun.

However, they had always secretly resented the fact that they didn’t have the chance to take action. They thought that their chance had come, but they didn’t know that they had lost their lives!

“You have gained benefits by killing me. For your own selfish ends, you are like villains and bandits. In the future, when you grow up, you will definitely kill people without any hesitation!”

Qin Yun took out two fire talismans and burned the place clean of any traces of the battle. Following the sound of the battle, he ran over.

Ding Tianchun was already injured, and now that he was fighting Cui Hui, he was being suppressed.

After Qin Yun ran over, he saw Ding Tianchun being stabbed through the left shoulder by Cui Hui’s cold sword!

“Cui Hui, how dare you lay your hands on the teacher of the Hua Ling Martial Arts School!” Ding Tianchun angrily shouted, “Are you crazy!?”

“How laughable. Don’t you know my relationship with Master Wei?” Cui Hui laughed and pulled out his sword. Then, a kick landed on Ding Tianchun’s abdomen, sending him flying and crashing into a tree.

“Master Wei sure has unique tastes. To think that he would fancy a trash like you!” Ding Tian Chun spat out a mouthful of blood and laughed.

“You’re worried about dying too comfortably, aren’t you? Fine, I’ll let you test my methods before you die. ” Cui Hui’s voice was sinister. She took out many long needles after walking over.

The tip of the needle glowed with a purple light. It was obvious that it was a poisonous needle!

Qin Yun, who was hiding in the distance, hurriedly took out the remaining ten fire talismans. Just as he was about to throw them out, he heard a roar from a beast!

Ding Tianchun also heard the beast roar, his face changed at first and then he started laughing out loud, purposely creating a big commotion.

“What kind of demon beast is this?” Cui Hui stopped in her tracks, her hair standing on end.

That deep roar made her very uneasy.

“It’s the Steel Tiger, a rank 8 beast!” You can’t beat him, haha… You’re dead for sure, die with me! ” Ding Tianchun said while laughing.

“Shut up!” Cui Hui growled. Just as she was about to throw the needle at Ding Tianchun, a silver tiger that was as big as a cow came out!

The tiger’s body was covered in silver armor, making it look indestructible. Its red eyes gave off an even more terrifying feeling.

“Beast!” Cui Hui threw a talisman in panic.


After that talisman exploded, lightning flashed and struck the body of the Steel Qilin Tiger, causing it to emit a low roar of anger.

“High-grade thunder talismans are useless. You have enraged it.” As soon as Ding Tianchun finished his words, the steel tiger pounced on Cui Hui.

That speed was astounding. Qin Yun watched from afar with trepidation!

Cui Hui was not able to dodge in time, and the claws of the steel tiger pierced her shoulders. A powerful and savage beast power gushed out, causing her to scream miserably.

She reacted quickly. After being thrown down, she immediately used her strongest power to shatter the steel tiger. She took out a few talismans and frantically threw them, aiming straight at the steel tiger’s body!


A loud sound rang out as a blinding bolt of lightning flashed out and sent the steel tiger flying. It crashed into a few large trees and then fell to the ground as it let out a low howl!

“Top grade Thunder Symbol!” Ding Tianchun was shocked as he gritted his teeth. Cui Hui, who was about to die, had actually sent the steel tiger flying.

“Humph!” After Cui Hui let out a satisfied snort, she suddenly felt a light breeze blowing by. Something was flying towards him!

That was Qin Yun’s attack!

Cui Hui was severely injured and her reaction slowed down after being pounced on by the steel tiger. Although she could sense something, she could not block it immediately.

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