Nine Sun God King

Chapter 34

Chapter 34 Fire Talisman

“I’ve already succeeded. I just didn’t think about it once. I seem to be very talented in this aspect!”

Qin Yun could not help but look at his wrist as the Nine Yang Spirit emerged from beneath his flesh. He thought to himself, “Through the Nine Yang Energy, I can cultivate mind energy that allows my comprehension to be extremely high in all aspects.”

The Nine Yang Divine Spirit could now merge into his body and hide.

He was currently in the Martial Body Realm, and his main goal was to cultivate his physical body. When he stepped into the Martial Dao Realm, he had only started cultivating his soul. Only then would he be able to strengthen his Spiritual Force.

“Let Teacher see my fire talisman!” Qin Yun took the fire talisman he had forged and ran out of the room.

He was filled with a sense of accomplishment since he was able to produce a fire talisman. If he could obtain the praise of this beautiful teacher, he would be even happier.

Yang Shiyue was earnestly studying the Wind Slasher Spell.

She held it in the hall so that she could know Qin Yun was coming out at any time.

When Qin Yun walked out of his room, he saw Yang Shiyue dressed in a blue dress. Her jade-like hands were holding the Wind Slasher Technique as she focused on watching. Her eyebrows did not open as though she was pondering over some difficulty.

Her serious look was extremely beautiful, causing Qin Yun to feel intoxicated from it.

“How’s the progress?” Yang Shiyue asked softly, her beautiful eyes were still looking at the Wind Slasher Spell.

“Teacher, I have successfully refined a fire talisman. I just don’t know how powerful it is!” Qin Yun hurriedly handed the fire talisman over and said.

Yang Shiyue sat on a chair and was seriously reading a book. When she heard Qin Yun’s words, she immediately stood up with a face filled with shock.

She hurriedly took the fire talisman from Qin Yun. Her phoenix eyes glowed as she exclaimed, “What a complicated spirit pattern! This is the first time I’ve seen such a fire talisman! The spirit tattoos that the female Grand Preceptor passed down to you must be of high quality and extremely rare. It looks like she discovered your innate talent for mystic pattern back then! ”

Spirit prints were also divided into the upper, middle, and lower ranks.

“I don’t know!” Qin Yun indeed did not know of these matters. The “thirty-six Spirit Prints” was the name written on it.

“Let’s test its power!” Yang Shiyue smiled sweetly, “It seems that you are more talented in mystical prints. Without a teacher, you can create your own fire talisman. This is much more powerful than any other Six Meridians and Seven Meridians.”

She was very clear on the significance of this!

This meant that Qin Yun could become a young Grandmaster Qing Wen!

Yang Shiyue brought Qin Yun to a stone room and used her mind energy to ignite the fire talisman. She hurriedly threw it out before quickly releasing an inner strength barrier to protect both her and Qin Yun.


The fire talisman exploded! It set off a fierce fire wave!

The fire filled the entire stone chamber. It burned intensely for a moment before it gradually extinguished!

The flames from the paper talisman were scorching hot.

Yang Shiyue hurriedly pushed open the door and led Qin Yun out of the sultry stone room.

After exiting the cave, she took a few deep breaths and exclaimed, “These fire talismans are really strong! If a martial artist’s strength was insufficient and they did not have any form of defense, they would definitely be burned to death. If you use it yourself, be careful not to burn it. ”

“Then… “Can this kind of fire talisman be sold?” Qin Yun felt that he would definitely need a lot of crystal coins in the future, so he asked softly.

“Of course you can, we’ll talk about it in the future. You don’t lack crystal coins right now!” Yang Shiyue’s face looked calm, but her heart was in turmoil.

Qin Yun did not know what it was like for him to learn talisman crafting in two days’ time. Furthermore, he was only fifteen years old.

If it was anyone else, as long as they could learn talisman crafting, they would treat it as a joyous occasion to celebrate and even hold a banquet.

“You can refine some fire talismans to defend yourself during this period of time. The fire talismans you refine are very powerful, so you might be able to use them when you are out training.” Yang Shiyue thought back to the moment when the fire talisman exploded in the stone room, and felt a lingering fear in her heart.

She felt that Qin Yun was already so proficient in talisman crafting his first time. He would definitely be able to shine in this area in the future. He was truly a prodigy in mystical prints.

“Teacher, how is your reading of the Wind Slasher Guild’s Wind Slasher Spell going?” Qin Yun asked. He wanted to master a high-grade martial arts as soon as possible.

“After studying it carefully, I must match it with a good weapon if I want to unleash its power.” Yang Shiyue’s beautiful eyes suddenly lit up as she said with a smile, “Qin Yun, do you want to try refining a spirit artifact?”

“Refining a spirit artifact!” This was too difficult! Not in a short period of time! ” When Qin Yun was drawing spirit runes at the time of talisman crafting, he found it somewhat unbearable. As for artifact forging, the process would be even more difficult if you had to carve it onto a sturdy weapon.

“That’s true!” Yang Shiyue nodded slightly, and said: “Take it slow, there’s no rush. It’s already good enough that you can craft talismans now!”

Qin Yun thought for a moment and seemed to recall something. He said excitedly, “Teacher, help me buy two ordinary weapons! I can first inscribe spirit inscriptions on normal weapons and treat it as practice. It might not be too difficult! ”

Yang Shiyue nodded with a smile: “If you want to buy one, then buy one that’s slightly better, the kind that’s worth ten thousand gold coins. If you succeed in inscribing spirit tattoos on your weapon, then your weapon will be able to increase its value.”

Qin Yun nodded and passed twenty purple coins to Yang Shiyue, asking her to buy two for him.

After tossing and turning, he didn’t have much Amethyst Coins on him, and was even more clear on the fact that the Dao of Inscriptions consumed a lot of resources.

… ….

In just an hour, Yang Shiyue came in with two ghost knives.

She handed over the two sabers and said, “These sabers are forged from spirit iron. Most of the weapons used by students are made from this type.”

“To be able to successfully inscribe a Spirit Emblem, it has to be considered a half Spirit Treasure, right?” Qin Yun held the two ghost blades in his hands and danced a few times.

The two sabers each weighed a hundred pounds, but his movements were very light and agile.

Yang Shiyue said: “This is considered light, for a blade, the deeper the better. If you use more spirit iron, it can weigh two to three hundred jin, quickly go and engrave!”

Qin Yun took the two sabers and hurriedly entered the room.

Yang Shiyue continued to study the Wind Slaying Arts.

Qin Yun calmed his mind in his room and began inscribing.

He planned to first inscribe simple basic spirit tattoos.

Many basic spirit inscriptions were recorded in various books on mysterious patterns.

Basic spirit inscriptions were the best choice for many inducted Inscriptionists.

“Among the basic spirit inscriptions, the best are the Origin Gathering Marks. As long as the Origin Gathering Marks are engraved into the weapon, when the weapon is grasped, it can be very well infused with inner strength!” Otherwise, when using weapons, you will need to cover the surface of the weapon with your inner strength, and that will consume a lot of energy. ”

The book recorded that if one wanted to carve on the blade, they would need to carve on the two sides of the blade as well as on the handle. The same type of spirit pattern required three to four times.

This time, Qin Yun needed to use the tip of a knife to inscribe spirit patterns.

“A lot of power is needed to inscribe spirit prints on the surface of the spirit iron. The power of the Blood Soul can also penetrate into the blade.” Qin Yun did not rush or slow down as he proceeded steadily.

The basic spirit inscriptions weren’t that complicated and were more convenient for the entrance and training.

Two days later, Qin Yun heaved a long sigh from his room.

“Fail, my heart is not steady. If I miss by just a bit, then all my efforts will be for naught!” Qin Yun was distressed because he had nearly completed it, but he had failed.

He took out the crippled blade. After seeing it, Yang Shiyue knew that he had failed, so she hurriedly comforted him.

This made his mood much better, and he then picked up another ghost head knife, entering the room and continuing … …

In total, he needed to carve the Origin Gathering Mark three times, and each time, he would need more than half a day to finish it.

He really wished that he could carve it successfully. That way, he could take this blade and participate in the Freshman Trial!

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