Nine Sun God King

Chapter 1152

Chapter 1152

1st tribulation Heavenly Star, Ye Yaoxue and others are now flying through the air following behind Qin Yun. Qin Yun has taken out a Devil Tracking Talisman to track down Star Devils. At this time, You Feng sent sound transmission to Ye Yaoxue.

After hearing the message, Ye Yaoxue said to Qin Yun with grave expression : “Sister You Feng just sent a message. She said that the Dragon Race has sent a Divine Dragon Warrior, he has been cultivating with Divine Liquid since he was a child and he must have powerful equipment. She told us to be careful.”

“Divine Dragon warrior? Cultivated with Divine Liquid to mature?” Qin Yun’s eyes shone after hearing this. It seems like he has just found a fat lamb!

Yang Yang will surely love this kind of dragon’s meat! Qin Yun immediately took out a Dragon Searching Plate to try to find out at which region this Divine Dragon Warrior is.

“Xiao Yun, that Divine Dragon Warrior is named Long Qiyue, I heard about him when I was in Holy Assembly. Reportedly, even two Xu Xiaoba won’t be able to defeat him! We must be very careful of this guy!” Ye Yaoxue said again.

“Teacher, I am now a 1st tribulation Half Immortal! If that guy comes to kill you, I will do my best to block him so that you can flee!” Shui Weiwei suddenly said. She is very worried and she doesn’t want to see Qin Yun die again.

Qin Yun felt warmth in his heart seeing how worried this little girl is for him. He stroked Shui Weiwei’s little face and said with smile : “This teacher of yours is very awesome! How can a guy like that kill me?”

Yan Tianjie said with smile : “Indeed! Teacher even survived that kind of dreadful tribulation, did that Divine Dragon Warrior ever go through that kind of powerful tribulation?”

Qin Yun looked at his Dragon Searching Plate, looking at the pointer acting all crazy, he said with sigh : “This star is filled with Heavenly Dragon Fiends, they are filled with dragon blood so I can not pinpoint that Divine Dragon Warrior.”

“Xiao Yun, you are trying to find that guy?” Ye Yaoxue is somewhat fearful.

“Of course! So long as I can, I won’t let any Dragon Race bastard off! That Divine Dragon Warrior should be a treasure to the Dragon Race, so I want to destroy him!” Qin Yun said with mischievous smile : “Senior sister Ye, if you and I join hands, we will be able to take down even 3rd tribulation Half Immortals! Then again, our Weiwei has become so powerful and we have A Jie and Xiao Bai with us, won’t we be able to easily take care of that bullshit Divine Dragon Warrior?”

Ye Yaoxue sweetly smiled : “That is true. Also, you will be able to use your equipment. I guess I was just too worried.”

Shui Weiwei said with sweet smile : “Big sister Ye, you care so much for teacher. Are you worried that he would disappear again like last time?”

“Little girl, don’t talk nonsense!” Ye Yaoxue rebuked with a charming smile.

Bai Kuang suddenly said : “Teacher, if you want to catch that Divine Dragon Warrior, I have a suggestion.”

“Ohh? Please speak.” Qin Yun said.

“Dragon Race originally had 5 people but now there is only the Divine Dragon Warrior left. That means he will have to kill 5 Star Devils and then leave faster than us to win. However, we can surely kill 5 Star Devils on our own faster than he does. That means he will have to come find us to make sure we don’t succeed.” Bai Kuang said.

Ye Yaoxue said : “After we kill 5 Star Devils, we can send news back to sister You Feng and let her deliberately leak that we have succeeded. It will draw the attention of the Divine Dragon Warrior!”

“Actually we don’t need to kill the Star Devils, we can just send false news and draw him in!” Shui Weiwei gave a clever suggestion.

“Our main goal is to achieve victory. So let’s kill those Star Devils first. After we are done with that, we will go kill that dragon. Relax, we will eat dragon meat together after all is done!” Qin Yun said with laugh.

Qin Yun has been tracking Star Devils with Devil Tracking Talisman and now the talisman is showing a big movement. It means that the Star Devil in question is very powerful. Then he began leading his group towards the direction pointed by the talisman.

Shui Weiwei asked : “Teacher, do you think that Star Devil is very powerful?”

Qin Yun shook his head as he gazed ahead, he said : “I don’t know. But you can be sure that these Star Devils are not like the ones we know about.”

Ye Yaoxue said with sigh : “When Dragon Race occupied this place, they used Star Devils as their base of experiment. Star Devils are very grotesque to begin with, after going through Dragon Race’s experiment, it won’t be surprising if they become even more grotesque and strange.”

“What kind of method did the Dragon Race use to transform the Star Devils?” Bai Kuang is very curious about this matter.

“My guess is that they injected their dragon blood into the Star Devils for a long time. Then they injected some others things and made the Star Devils reproduce. After a long period of reproduction, those Star Devils gave birth to many kind of new species.” Qin Yun said.

Ye Yaoxue’s brows are lightly knitted as she doubtfully said : “What is the purpose of Dragon Race for doing this? Surely it cost them a lot of precious resources?”

“I don’t know. Maybe they just wanted to create a great amount of living things.” Qin Yun suddenly recalled the function of the Dragon God Altar.

An 18 layer altar requires the sacrifice of a large number of living beings. But sacrificing so many living being would cause the Dragon Race to suffer the wrath of the Heavens. Dragon Race also knows this, therefore, they must have wanted to quickly create a great number of new lives that they could use as sacrifice.

Ling Yuner said : “Xiao Yun, those Heavenly Dragon Fiends had the characteristics of people. I suspect that Dragon Race fed a great number of people to those devilish fiends. That is how they matured so fast. So long as the Dragon Race are not directly killing the people, they would not suffer the wrath of the Heavens!”

Qin Yun said : “Maybe all of these Heavenly Dragon Fiends are just sacrifices raised by Dragon Race in confinement.”

“Extremely likely. I suspect that Dragon Race was planning to perform a large sacrificial ritual that would require the lives of many powerful experts!” Ling Yuner said.

Since the 18 layer Dragon God Altar has been destroyed, that plan can no longer be executed.

Ling Yuner continued : “Xiao Yun, these Heavenly Dragon Fiends are very evil. Evil God must be very happy to receive their lives as sacrifice!”

Qin Yun also understands this but he currently have a low quality altar and it would waste majority of the power produced from the sacrifice. He decided to discuss this matter with Evil God later. At this time, the Devil Tracking Talisman began vibrating violently.

“Star Devil is nearby, everyone be careful!” Qin Yun yelled.

Whoosh.. whoosh…

A burst of sound can be heard coming from all around. Shui Weiwei immediately released water barrier.

“This Star Devil is very fast, it is flying around us so fast that I can’t see it at all!” Ye Yaoxue said with frown.

Qin Yun used Extinction Spirit Eye and saw a black figure.

“Senior sister Ye, I will bring you out. Release your power, transform it into a net and throw the net towards the sky.” Qin Yun said through sound transmission.

Then he informed both Bai Kuang and Yan Tianjie to take action depending on the situation. Then he brought Ye Yaoxue out of the water barrier. As soon as they came out, Ye Yaoxue raised her hand and shot out two red lights towards the sky.


The red lights collided and transformed into large red net that wrapped around the moving Star Devil causing it to fall down to the ground. It began struggling and screaming loudly.

“You bunch of bastards, I want to eat you!” the Star Devil shouted in coarse voice. It is very tall and human shaped, it is black from head to toe. It continued to struggle and loosen the net bit by bit with it’s formidable power.

“Teacher, can you let us attack?” Shui Weiwei yelled.

Qin Yun thought a bit and nodded : “Yes, this is a great opportunity for you to gain combat experience. I will let you deal with it.”

After that Bai Kuang, Yan Tianjie and Shui Weiwei began beating down the completely bound Star Devil that can not hit back. Gaining combat experience from this kind of action is naturally a laughable joke.

“Who are you people? You can not kill me! If you kill me, you are done for!” the Star Devil furiously shouted.

“Why can’t we kill you?” Qin Yun asked.

“Because we are powerful warriors bred by the Dragon Race! If you kill me, you will offend the Dragon Race!” the Star Devil yelled.

“Ignore him, continue the beating!” Qin Yun said.

Shui Weiwei disdainfully said : “We even dare to kill those wretched dragons! You are just their dogs, why should we be afraid of killing you?”

The beating continued. Qin Yun is not at all surprised by the connection between the Star Devils and Dragon Race. He suspects that when the time comes, these Star Devils would also become pretty good sacrifice. Soon enough, the Star Devil has been killed from the heavy beating and it’s body exploded.

Bai Kuang took the Star Nucleus from the mangled corpse and said with smile : “1st one, 4 more to go!”

Qin Yun nodded and said : “I will let you handle the next 4 too!”

Qin Yun again began tracking Star Devils with talisman. As soon as he obtained response, he began leading his group towards the obtained direction. He is deliberately flying slower so that Shui Weiwei and others can regain the energy they have consumed.

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