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Chapter 4859 Dejected

Chapter 4859 Dejected

The Brahma Pill Valley’s experts had surrounded this place, but they were only watching apathetically. Even Gao Jianli’s furious roar didn’t trigger an emotional reaction out of them.

Hearing his loud complaint, Jiang Yiban casually answered, “We are tasked with capturing Long Chen, but we’re in no rush. It was hard for us to rush over from such a distance, and a marvelous fight just so happens to be a relaxing sight after such a weary journey. You can ignore us.”

Jiang Yiban even gestured to Gao Jianli to keep going, which enraged the latter. He had informed the Brahma Pill Valley with good intentions, so how could they just watch as he was humiliated?

“How can you do this?! Does the Brahma Pill Valley treat all their supporters this way?!” roared Gao Jianli.

“You can’t put it like that. You’ve informed the Brahma Pill Valley of something important, so the Brahma Pill Valley indeed owes you a favor. But then, that’s a matter between the two of you.” Pointing to the flame designs on his robes, Jiang Yiban explained, “This flame’s divine runes have mountains, plains, rivers, and valleys within them. That is the symbol of the Brahma Pill Valley. However, the flame designs of mine have a resplendent palace in it, which is a mark of the Flame Divine Hall. To sum it up, while the Brahma Pill Valley owes you a favor, it has nothing to do with my Flame Divine Hall.”

“You!” Gao Jianli raged. “The Brahma Pill Valley and Flame Divine Hall are one and the same! Otherwise, why would you be here?!”

Jiang Yiban raised a finger and wagged it at him, calmly saying, “No, it seems that you didn’t listen to my introduction. I told you we came here to deal with matters of the Brahma Pill Valley, but that does not mean that the Brahma Pill Valley’s affairs are ours. You can’t mix us together.”

Jiang Yiban’s calm tone and shameless smile told everyone that he didn’t give a shit about what was happening here.

While Gao Jianli was facing a life-and-death situation, Jiang Yiban insisted on just standing by and watching. Knowing that he was in deep shit, Gao Jianli gritted his teeth so hard they hurt.

As everyone’s gaze fell on Gao Jianli, Lu Ziqiong also stared at the sect master she had respected so much. She didn’t know what exactly she was feeling.

Looking at the icy-faced Long Chen, Lu Ziqiong felt miserable. It had been an incredibly rare stroke of luck for her to form a friendship with him. She held immense admiration for his unmatched power and heroism, even feeling a sense of pride in herself for being his friend.

However, fate just had to toy with her. Gao Jianli had made Long Chen the enemy of the Violet Palace Sect. As a disciple of the Violet Palace Sect, although Lu Ziqiong might not necessarily have to be Long Chen’s enemy, she definitely couldn’t remain his friend.

As Lu Ziqiong’s mind was in chaos, her complexion paled, and her heart turned cold. She wasn’t even fully taking in what was happening around her.

The atmosphere was tense and silent. Yu Luo’s bow was steady like a boulder, and her gaze was icy. No one doubted her determination to kill if she were to attack.

Gao Jianli gritted his teeth. While he had the Violet Palace Hatchet in hand, he didn’t dare to make any moves. After all, no one was backing him up.

In truth, if anyone were to attack Yu Luo, even if it was just to distract her, he could use that chance to unleash his aura and activate the Violet Palace Hatchet’s power.

Regretfully, Cao Guofeng or the Heaven Heart Hall’s master were just standing there like wooden statues, just watching things play out.

As for the Yellow Spring Pavilion’s master, he practically looked asleep, completely motionless.

As time dragged on, Gao Jianli realized that waiting wouldn’t give him any opportunities, so he took a deep breath and put away the Violet Palace Hatchet. Even though resentment and unwillingness raged within his heart, he couldn’t do anything. Compared to his face, his life was more important.

Although he had arrived with other Heaven Saints of the Violet Palace Sect, the Feather Spirit race’s four Protector Elders had their eye on them. There was no chance for them to help him. Without any reinforcements, he could only admit defeat to save his life.

“You win, but you won’t keep winning. You will regret your actions today,” said Gao Jianli coldly. Not giving Yu Luo any chance to reply, he turned to Long Chen and declared, “It seems I won’t be able to kill you personally for ruining my face. But that’s fine. Didn’t you hail from the High Firmament Academy? I’ll investigate who’s related to you and send them to accompany you in hell.”

Long Chen narrowed his eyes, slightly hesitating about whether or not he should eliminate him right here and now.

If Long Chen were to attack, Yu Luo would definitely help him kill this bastard. However, Long Chen wasn’t in the habit of letting others help him, so he coldly replied, “I’ll repeat what you said just now. You will regret your actions today.”

Gao Jianli just snorted and left with his people. Although he wanted to personally witness Jiang Yiban and the others deal with Long Chen, while enjoying the sight of Long Chen struggling in despair, he no longer had the “face” to stay here.

Lu Ziqiong and Lu Ziyu also left silently. They didn’t even dare to say goodbye and just left.

Jiang Yiban sighed, “What a shame. After such an arduous journey, I was hoping to see a good show to relax. I didn’t expect the tiger head to be hiding a snake tail[1]. The sect master of the Violet Palace Hall really has no face left.”

Gao Jianli had yet to go far, so he could clearly hear Jiang Yiban’s mocking words. Clenching his fists, Gao Jianli acted like he hadn’t heard them and walked away.

Tch, a bully who runs as soon as someone stands up to them. If you’re going to be a dog for the Brahma Pill Valley, keep acting like a dog. You were kicked away like a dog, but you don’t even dare to bark? You should be more committed to your role as a dog,” mocked Mo Nian, not forgetting to add his own blow.

While they couldn’t see Gao Jianli’s expression, from the way his hair prickled, it seemed that Mo Nian’s words hurt him even more than Jiang Yiban’s.

After Gao Jianli left, Jiang Yiban turned his attention to Long Chen. At this moment, Yu Luo and the four Protector Elders came to Long Chen’s side, ready to support him in whatever he needed.

“Hey, wait for me!” exclaimed Mo Nian. He was one step slower as he had to mock Gao Jianli first.

Seeing that Yu Tong and Yu Fei wanted to come with him as well, Mo Nian hastily stopped them. After all, the two of them would be more of an inconvenience.

“You two should stay here,” said Mo Nian.

Meanwhile, Jiang Yiban ignored Yu Luo’s actions and just eyed Long Chen. “You really are impressive. I’ve looked through your accomplishments. I didn’t expect you to have done so much at such a young age.”

“Hey, have you checked my accomplishments as well? Do you know how much I’ve done?” asked Mo Nian with a smile.

Jiang Yiban frowned. “You’re noisy. Keep your mouth shut.”

Seeing that Jiang Yiban really had no interest in him, Mo Nian was enraged. “Fuck, you really have dog eyes! We’ll see whether or not I can beat the crap out of you!”

While rolling up his sleeves, Mo Nian shouted, “Long Chen, don’t hold me back! I’m going to beat this blind bastard no matter what!”

Long Chen was speechless. After all, Yu Luo and the Protector Elders were in between them. Just how long did Long Chen’s arms have to be in order to pull Mo Nian back?

“Disrespectful brat!”

At this moment, Jiang Yiban’s expression sank. When he raised his hand, a flame arrow shot toward Mo Nian.

1. 虎头蛇尾 : a strong start but a weak finish ☜

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