Nine Star Hegemon Body Art

Chapter 44

Chapter 44

Chapter 44 Deathbed Struggle

Huang Chang’s attack was something Long Chen was already expecting . Although he didn’t understand Beast Cultivation, he could assume that using a Magical Beast’s strength to increase one’s own combat strength would definitely cause a person to become more berserk and have less control .

Although that berserk strength was frightening, but such a person who only be fighting instinctively . Long Chen believed that a wild bull was definitely a bit easier to deal with than a cunning fox .

This time Long Chen was prepared and just as Huang Chang started to move he also moved . A leg kicked out right towards Huang Chang’s stomach .


Long Chen’s kick landed right on his stomach, forcing him back . The berserk Huang Chang was just like a wild beast and hadn’t even been slightly prepared for Long Chen’s attack .

But what caused Long Chen to coldly sweat was that the berserk Huang Chang’s speed was too fast . Just as Long Chen’s kick landed on Huang Chang’s stomach, his claw had almost reached Long Chen’s throat .

Were it not for Long Chen being prepared and making his move first, he definitely would not have been able to react fast enough . This was the terror of Beast Cultivation . After the beast transformation, one’s strength, speed, and defense would sharply rise, as if becoming a new person .


Being forced back by Long Chen, Huang Chang emitted a bestial roar . His eyes became completely red as his claws once more reached towards Long Chen .

“Breaking Wind Fist!”

Long Chen shouted loudly and punched out .

BOOM! Long Chen’s fist smashed into both his claws, and the two were shaken back several meters .

“What a great power…” Long Chen grumbled inside, not expecting Huang Chang would have such a terrifying trump card . That bastard had truly hidden himself deeply .

The Breaking Wind Fist Long Chen had used before this had sent Huang Chang flying without the slightest resistance . But the Huang Chang who had undergone the beast transformation could no longer even be harmed by Long Chen’s fist .

Huang Chang was just like a furious Magical Beast . As soon as he was blown back he once more charged forward, wildly brandishing his claws towards Long Chen .

Long Chen ground his teeth and the FengFu Star on the bottom of his foot circulated once more . The seven cyclones within his Dantian quickly whirled, his entire body’s energy surging out . Two fists punched out, directly confronting Huang Chang .

Explosive ringing shook the heavens and gale winds blew everywhere . Terrifying energy waves shook all the people watching back continuously .

“Heavens, what kind of battle is this?”

“It’s too terrifying!”

Those people had never seen such a berserk battle . Their faces were white and their legs were trembling from fear .

Let alone the youngsters, even those experienced old veterans were filled with shock . None of them had ever expected Huang Chang to be a Beast Cultivator and have such a terrifying combat ability .

And what was even more shocking was Long Chen who once had a reputation of being the capitals number one trash noble son was actually able to battle a monster like Huang Chang in such a battle .

Claw afterimages filled the sky and wind howled, shaking the heavens . The most shocked people were definitely Xia Changfeng and Wei Cang .

They could have never imagined that a small Qi Condensation cultivator like Long Chen could explode with such a great battle strength and contend with Huang Chang who had undergone beast transformation .

After all, Huang Chang was a killer who had been secretly groomed . Amongst a group of over a thousand people who had undergone cruel training, only a dozen people had survived .

And Huang Chang was the most powerful amongst those remaining people . That was why Xia Changfeng viewed him so importantly and had spent great effort to groom him .

It could be said that Huang Chang was slaughter machine who had been trained with countless resources . If it weren’t for Long Chen infuriating Xia Changfeng and Wei Cang, they would definitely not reveal such a secret martial tool .

Yes they were shocked by Long Chen’s strength, but now they saw that although Long Chen was capable of defending, he was already starting to fall into a disadvantageous position under Huang Chang’s violent berserk attacks .

Currently Long Chen’s cultivation base was only at the seventh Heavenstage of Qi Condensation and he had only established a single star . The amount of spiritual qi that he could control was a far cry from Huang Chang .

He could only survive thanks to his powerful physical body . Any other person would have long since been destroyed .

Long Chen’s arm was once more slashed by Huang Chang’s claw . Although he did his best to dodge, his clothing was torn and blood dripped .

At this time, Long Chen’s body was covered by many bloody scars and blood stained most of his clothing . Chu Yao’s heart clenched tightly at the sight .

“Continuing like this won’t do . The current Huang Chang is no different than a Magical Beast in a humanoid form . His strength is endless, and the sharpness and hardness of his claws would not lose out to steel . ”

Long Chen was astonished . Without the soul of a Pill God and his battle experience, he would have already been unable to endure .

“Grandmaster Yun Qi, please save Long Chen . ” Chu Yao couldn’t help begging grandmaster Yun Qi .

“Wait a bit . ” Grandmaster Yun Qi only continued to look at Long Chen . He had yet to make a move from the beginning .

Currently grandmaster Yun Qi was very conflicted inside . Long Chen’s accomplishments in alchemy was something he admired greatly .

He had once advised Long Chen to focus his energy on the path of the pill . With his talent he would definitely walk far on that path .

But the battle strength Long Chen revealed today was completely astonishing . As a Pill Master, he was unable to deny that if Long Chen focused all his attention on the martial path, he might go even further than on the pill path .

That was why he had yet to make a move . He wanted to see what Long Chen’s limit was and also to have this life and death trial let Long Chen’s willpower become firmer .

Through such a temperament, it didn’t matter whether Long Chen cultivated the martial path or the pill path; either would have inestimable benefits for him .

Blood splattered again as Long Chen’s chest was slashed by a claw . A couple more bloody scars appeared upon him .

“Long Chen, I won’t let you die easily . I’ve already said that I’ll tear you apart piece by piece!”

After this prolonged exchange, the originally berserk Huang Chang had calmed himself down by quite a bit and now coldly laughed .

Long Chen had no reply for him . He found that the current Huang Chang had openings all over, but his defensive ability was too shocking .

Back when he had landed a kick on a vital part of Huang Chang, he had been shocked that Huang Chang had merely stumbled slightly before completely recovering without the slightest hesitation .

After battling for the time it took for an incense stick to burn, Long Chen had already come to an understanding about Huang Chang’s current state . His physical strength and endurance could no longer be judged by human standards . He would have no chance of victory if he continued like this .

He had to try something!

Long Chen suddenly shouted and send a fist right at Huang Chang’s claw . He was blown back ten meters from Huang Chang .

Huang Chang didn’t immediately chase after him and instead indifferently looked at Long Chen . He was just like a tiger examining his prey .

The crowd was completely silent . The intense pressure coming from that battle was hard to bear . But now they had a slight breather .

Those berserk exchanges caused their hearts to leap into their throats . That was especially the case for those maidens who were tightly clutching their hands to their chests . They were afraid that if Long Chen revealed the slightest opening, his blood would splatter throughout .

“Do you have to continue this deathbed struggle?” Huang Chang waved his hands, his long claws covered with blood that was all Long Chen’s .

Currently Long Chen’s clothes were completely torn and dozens of bloody scars slowly continued to flow, making him appearing extremely frightening .

“Deathbed struggle? It hasn’t reached such a point . ” Long Chen shook his head . Although he was covered in wounds, they were all superficial . They appeared frightening, but they didn’t affect him too much .

Long Chen knew that the battle today would be very difficult . It was the most difficult battle ever since he was born, but it would definitely not be the last .

As long as he defied fate, the battles he would face in the future would only become fiercer . He needed that feeling of being close to death to increase his will to live .

To become a true martial cultivator, you had to experience the threat of being of being on the line between life and death . Only by surviving the terror of death could one walk further along this path . This was something all experts had to experience .

The battle just now had been fought over the brink of life and death for him . It was true that he had fused with a Pill God’s soul and had merged with some of his battle experience .

But just one mistake would turn him into a corpse . Only through great resolve could Long Chen fight like this .

He also had his own difficulties . If he was unable to handle even such pressure, how would he face his future enemies? How could he save himself from his own plight? How could he repay the enmity of stealing his blood, plundering his bone, and destroying his root?

After experiencing the feeling of being on the edge of death just now, his intuition had become increasingly sharper and his heart clearer . Now that he had achieved this goal, it was time for the true death battle .

“But if you say it was a deathbed struggle then sure . Let’s see just what my ‘deathbed struggle’ is . ”

Long Chen clasped his hands, and a flame engulfed them . Heat waves spread everywhere, and in the end his entire body was covered in a pale yellow flame .


Wei Cang was so shocked he stood up, his face filled with disbelief . He pointed at Long Chen and said with disbelief, “Pill Flame protecting the body; how is that possible?!”

Other than Wei Cang, the other most shocked person would have to be grandmaster Wei Cang . So Long Chen could actually spread his Pill Flame all over his body .

Using Pill Flame to protect the body was something only Pill Masters like Yun Qi and Wei Cang were capable of doing .

This not only required a powerful Pill Flame and a forceful spiritual qi, it required an extremely profound Spiritual Strength as support .

Only the most powerful of Pill Masters could use Pill Flame to protect the body . It was commonly known for them that Pill Masters had to reach the Muscle Rebirth realm before having enough spiritual energy and soul energy to just barely use Pill Flame to protect the body .

Although according to rank Long Chen could already be counted as a Pill Adept, his cultivation base was only at the seventh Heavenstage of Qi Condensation .

Under normal situations, pill cultivation and martial cultivation weren’t necessary equal, but they were definitely were related .

To become a Pill Apprentice required one to at least reach Qi Condensation . That was because only then could one agglomerate a Pill Flame .

But just by agglomerating Pill Flame didn’t make you a Pill Apprentice . Only by refining a medicinal pill that met the standards could you obtain the qualifications to become a Pill Apprentice .

And the majority of Pill Apprentices had already the Blood Condensation realm; otherwise they wouldn’t have had enough spiritual qi to refine medicinal pills .

Only extremely talented pill cultivators could become Pill Apprentices at the Qi Condensation realm . People like Long Chen and Xia Baichi who could refine second tier medicinal pills at the Qi Condensation realm and thus have the qualification to be Pill Adepts could already be considered geniuses .

But no matter how much a genius you were, you definitely couldn’t condense a Pill Flame to protect your body at just the Qi Condensation realm . This undermined everything the two of them knew .

Long Chen was now completely wrapped in a yellow flame . His hair drifted in the air, and his eyes were like stars, just as if a domineering flame god has descended upon the earth .

“I’m coming . ”

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