Nine Star Hegemon Body Art

Chapter 4381 An Unfair Battle

Chapter 4381 An Unfair Battle

“He showed mercy?”

Everyone jumped in shock. The palace master had shown mercy on those two? Why did they not see any of that?

“It was an unfair battle.”

The palace master shook his head and vanished from sight just like that, leaving a group of stunned experts wondering.

“What unfair battle?! They wanted to destroy the Nirvana Overflow Heaven! How could the palace master let them off?!” shouted someone suddenly.

They didn’t see the palace master show any mercy, but for him to personally admit it, it meant that he had had a chance to kill the red-haired monster and the Red Fur Heaven Roarer, but had let them off.

The human race’s experts could not comprehend this. They were clearly enemies, so why let them off?

“Perhaps the palace master has his own pride? The red-haired monster already lost its head, affecting its power. Did the palace master disdain killing them?” wondered one person.

“But this isn’t some martial competition! This relates to the future of the human race! When they come back, who else but the palace master can stop them? If the palace master doesn’t appear in time next, who knows how many people will die? The palace master is being irresponsible!” complained another.

Quite a few people nodded along. The palace master had truly treated this too lightly. If he had had a chance to kill them but had let them off, that was equivalent to throwing the others into danger.

What if their next merger was done with both of them in top condition, and they were capable of beating the palace master? Then the Nirvana Overflow Heaven would be thrown into danger.

The voices of complaint grew as everyone started to feel like the palace master had gone overboard this time. How could he throw the human race into danger just for some reputation?

“Everyone, if you have time to complain, you should spend it on cultivation. If you have the ability, you can deal with the red-haired monster yourself, instead of criticizing others,” barked Long Chen.

Long Chen could not endure listening to these complaints, and his expression grew dark.

“Dean Long Chen, you can’t say that. Just because you have power, is the human race under your command now? Are we not even allowed to voice our complaints?" demanded an angry half-step Eternal.

Long Chen’s words were quite sharp, like a slap in the face of the whiny complainers. Of course, they were displeased.

With someone else taking the lead, another person immediately joined in. “Exactly, we’re just talking. What’s the harm in it? Can’t we even talk?”

“The stronger you are, the greater responsibility you carry. Since that’s the case, the palace master should be carrying out his responsibility. Is this wrong?”

“Hmph, in the end, the human race really has no unity. In this world, power is king, so whoever’s fist is bigger is right. However, some people just start acting like emperors when they aren’t even kings, refusing to let others speak.”


Guo Ran and the others were enraged by their sharp words. These people might not have any power themselves, but their mouths were quite vicious, and their ability at fanning flames was not weak.

“What? Do you want to kill us? So without you, we can’t live? The strong are respected in this world. We respect you, but we can also respect the experts of other races for being stronger. There are plenty of powerful people in this world!” sneered an elder.

“You… how shameless! You’ve completely lost the dignity of your ancestors!” Xia Chen clenched a talisman, having the urge to wipe all of them out.

They had even spat out such cowardly words. It went without saying that people like them would be the first to betray the human race in a battle against other races.

“So what if I’m shameless? You won’t even let us speak our minds! How are we any different than slaves under you? Rather than relying on you, we will rely on others if we have to! Whoever gives us dignity is who we’ll follow! That’s up to us! What can you do?” sneered that elder fearlessly.

“Don’t think that destroying the Great Desolate World makes you a god! The devastation of that world has stirred grievances with other races! When their retribution arrives, it will be on your account! Every life lost in that conflict will bear the weight of your sins!"

Suddenly, Long Chen extended a hand, and dozens of elders cried out in shock as they floated toward him.

“What are you doing?! Are you going to silence people by killing them!?” they shouted.

“Look, Long Chen wants to be a tyrant! All who defy him will be killed! Look at his true-!”

Long Chen pointed a finger, unleashing a gust of wind that pierced that person’s head. Just like that, his shout came to an end.

After his head exploded, countless scenes appeared in the air, showing moments of his collusion with the humanless world’s lifeforms.

He was tasked with a mission to incite the people in the Nirvana Overflow Heaven, inflaming their sentiments against Long Chen and tarnishing his reputation. Simultaneously, he aimed to boost the humanless world's standing, driving more factions to join their side. He was essentially a shill for the humanless world.

Amongst the scenes were ones where he received benefits and kowtowed to the humanless world’s experts like a chicken pecking for corn. Seeing the scenes, the onlookers were enraged, deeming this person as one of the worst kinds of people. Quite a few people had been incited by him.

As for the ones captured by Long Chen, they were finally afraid after witnessing the death of their “comrade”. Long Chen looked at them and sneered, “You want to bind me with morality? As long as I have no morality, you cannot bind me. I also cannot be bound by reputation, so your play has no effect on me. Did you think that I would hold back in order to make a good name for myself? You’re wrong. I act only according to my heart. I do whatever I want.”

Another gust of wind pierced an elder’s head. Then, Long Chen’s Spiritual Strength erupted, and numerous scenes appeared just like before.

Like the previous elder, this one had also obtained many benefits from the other races, helping them carry out their goals. However, this elder was helping the Great Desolate World.

When the Great Desolate World was destroyed, he was terrified, afraid of getting his recompense. He only stood out to protect himself by muddying the waters.

Unfortunately, he just had to encounter Long Chen. Not swayed by public opinion, Long Chen directly killed them and conducted a soulsearch.

These experts were all higher-ups of their own factions. But while their cultivation bases were high, their true power was trash. They had relied on their status to live, only using their higher realms to bully juniors.

As a result, in front of Long Chen, their spiritual defenses were a joke. He directly conducted soulsearches, revealing their true selves.

“Dean Long Chen, don’t kill me! We were forced! I have elders to take care of and children to raise…!”

Long Chen snorted and slew the remaining experts at the same time, ignoring their pleading and tears. After that, countless scenes appeared in the air, showing that these people were all traitors.

When Long Chen’s sharp gaze swept over the other experts in the crowd, they instantly tensed, cold sweat soaking their clothes.

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