Nine Star Hegemon Body Art

Chapter 3831 Terrifying Corpse Devil Dao

Chapter 3831 Terrifying Corpse Devil Dao

These evil corpses were all incredibly terrifying existences. How did these experts deal with them so easily?

Long Chen quickly understood through observation. These experts were also members of the corpse devil race. To put it frankly, they were also corpses.

Looking more closely, Long Chen and the others were stunned. These corpse devil experts’ bodies possessed an immemorial aura. In other words, their current bodies were not their original ones. They possessed the evil corpses after entering the heavenly tomb.

Long Chen and Mo Nian exchanged a look, seeing each other’s shock. The corpse devil race’s ability was heaven-defying.

This heavenly tomb was practically a land of treasures to them. They could switch out to new corpses at any time.

These corpse devil experts dragged back several evil corpses. After looking through them, Shi Yang shook his head. “It’s too bad. There’s not a single useful one. Extract their primal chaos qi and throw away the bodies.”

A corpse devil expert immediately stepped forward and took out a refined bottle. After placing it on an evil corpse’s forehead, the primal chaos qi in the corpse’s body was quickly absorbed into the bottle. It was even faster than Xia Chen’s talismans. Clearly, they had come prepared. It seemed that this was something easy and familiar to them.

Shi Yang continued onward with these devil experts. The corpse devil experts were in charge of leading the way. Just as Long Chen predicted, these evil corpses viewed them as being on the same side. They didn’t attack the corpse devil experts. It was to the extent that even when the evil corpses were attacked, they didn’t retaliate. They were easily dealt with.

However, the other members of the devil race didn’t dare to act like the corpse devil race. They patiently followed from the rear.

Long Chen saw that several of these Supreme experts had incredibly powerful auras. It seemed that even if their power was inferior to Shi Yang, it wasn’t by much.

For so many experts on this level to be gathered here, even Long Chen felt immense pressure. Within this limited space, if Long Chen and the others were to fight them directly, they would definitely be at a disadvantage.

Furthermore, there were hundreds of corpse devil experts amongst them. Right now, over ten of them possessed immemorial corpses. If they all possessed immemorial corpses, then their combat power would be horrifying.

Seeing them checking the evil corpses, it seemed that not every corpse suited them. They needed certain conditions before merging into them.

Shi Yang and the others pushed onwards. They were very fast. These evil corpses had their primal chaos qi absorbed and then tossed aside.

Mo Nian controlled the flying shuttle and slowly followed behind them, not daring to get too close. The flying shuttle also had its weaknesses. It could hide them from the senses of living creatures, but it was unable to hide them from the evil corpses.

This channel was now filled with the bodies of dead evil corpses. Long Chen resisted for a long time, but in the end, he couldn’t help it. He took the risk of stealthily drawing some of those corpses into the primal chaos space.

That was because the Wood Foundation Divine Trees had started to wither again. Without the addition of more corpses, their life energy would be sucked away by the Moon Trees. Without an unending supply of corpses, the Wood Foundation Divine Trees might have all their life energy sucked away and die.

The Moon Trees had reached a height of three inches and were enveloped by a fist-sized clump of Moon Flames. They looked strange, but the fist-sized clumps of Moon Flames were starting to fluctuate intensely. Their explosive power was gradually rising.

This was quite the risk Long Chen was taking, gathering the corpses from the rear. If someone did come back and check, they’d be exposed.

Fortunately, Shi Yang was only focused on advancing. He wasn’t paying any attention to the rear. After some time passed, Long Chen found that Shi Yang had switched bodies. He was now in the body of a winged devil.

Clearly, this winged devil’s corpse must be stronger than his original corpse. This sight made their hearts sink. If this continued, Shi Yang would probably get more and more difficult to deal with.

“The corpse devil race is truly heaven-defying. If Shi Yang obtains the corpse of a peerless expert, we might be wiped out by him alone. Should we eliminate him first?” asked Mo Nian.

They were now at a safe distance from Shi Yang and the others and could communicate without fear of being noticed.

Mo Nian wasn’t afraid of the current Shi Yang, but his abilities were truly heaven-defying. If he obtained some amazing corpse from the immemorial era and gained control of it, it would be troublesome.

“The Corpse Devil Dao’s inheritance has its limits as well. The stronger the corpse, the more difficult it is to control. Even if he can control it, it will come at an immense price. But Mo Nian’s worries are correct. If he obtains the corpse of an almighty expert from the immemorial era, although he might not be able to instantly control it, his rate of growth in the future would be shocking,” said Yue Xiaoqian.

When it came to the devil race, no one knew more than Yue Xiaoqian. Even the inheritance of the Corpse Devil Dao was not free of restrictions. The stronger the corpse, the more power was required to control it.

Controlling a powerful corpse was more strenuous. As for the corpse of those almighty experts, if Shi Yang entered their body, he might not even have the ability to move a single finger.

Despite that, the Corpse Devil Dao’s inheritance had another terrifying aspect. Shi Yang could borrow the energy of a corpse to rapidly increase his cultivation base. His cultivation speed was astonishing, so Yue Xiaoqian gave them a warning.

Perhaps Shi Yang was unable to threaten Long Chen yet in this state, but if he did obtain some terrifying evil corpse, he would quickly become one of Long Chen’s most terrifying enemies. Yue Xiaoqian wasn’t worried about the current Shi Yang but the future Shi Yang.

“No need. Let him get stronger. They’re all little sheep, so let him mess around. His life can be taken at any time,” said Long Chen, shaking his head.

Although Shi Yang’s abilities were heaven-defying, Long Chen didn’t care. He wasn’t afraid of any genius.

His own pride refused to allow him to do underhanded things. He could kill any enemy and wouldn’t be afraid of anyone’s growth. If he did try to cut someone off before they grew, that would be admitting that he was afraid of them.

Long Chen’s Dao was the true Unbeatable Dao. He refused to believe that someone in the same realm could beat him.

“Hehe, good. In truth, no matter how strong he gets, it means nothing. The dreams of heavenly geniuses vanish without a trace as soon as they encounter Mo Nian! I’m just worried about Guo Ran and Xia Chen,” said Mo Nian with a laugh. If Long Chen didn’t want to take action, then he also couldn’t, or it would make him appear like a coward.

Guo Ran and Xia Chen looked at Mo Nian disdainfully. This fellow was actually putting the blame on them. However, it went without saying that they truly were afraid of Shi Yang. If they had a chance, they would definitely eliminate him before he could grow any further.

Looking at them constantly gathering the primal chaos qi of the evil corpses, Xia Chen and Guo Ran were getting itchy. They wanted to charge over and snatch it away.

“Xia Chen, they have two of those strange bottles. We have to think of a way to take them,” said Guo Ran sinisterly.

“Yes. I’ve already thought of a way. It shouldn’t be a big problem.” Xia Chen had long since set his sights on those bottles.

Just then, they heard immense rumbling coming from ahead. At this time, Shi Yang and the others had reached the end of the passageway. They then opened a giant door. When this door was opened, divine light illuminated the entire passageway. Long Chen and the others saw a glorious world.

However, this glorious world was filled with the aura of death. Long Chen saw endless corpses.

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