Nine Star Hegemon Body Art

Chapter 3803 Full Power Attack

Chapter 3803 Full Power Attack

Shi Yang’s body flew out, and his figure suddenly shook in the sky. The next moment, people were shocked to notice that Long Chen had somehow appeared there, waiting right above Shi Yang’s body.

“What a fast movement art!”


Long Chen’s foot stamped down on Shi Yang’s stomach. He was originally so bent that the back of his heads was next to his ankles. Now, his body bent the other way, and he suddenly flew back down.

A giant ripple spread from the impact, tearing through the void with an ear-piercing sound.

Shi Yang’s body then smashed into the ground, causing the world to quiver. This power was truly frightening.

Everyone was dumbfounded now. The power that Shi Yang had previously displayed was absolutely terrifying. But in front of Long Chen, he became a sandbag to be beaten, unable to retaliate in the slightest.


The earth exploded and Shi Yang came flying out once more. Seeing this scene, people were shocked to find that even after receiving such a terrifying blow, his body wasn’t damaged in the slightest.

“This immemorial devil corpse is too terrifying, isn’t it? It’s harder than a World Domain divine item!”

“Long Chen’s power is so terrifying that an ordinary Supreme expert won’t be able to receive a single attack from him. Even the wind from his fist could probably kill them.”

“Too terrifying, simply too terrifying. The name of an immemorial devil corpse is not for nothing. But Long Chen’s power is not inferior to it at all. Both of them are monsters!”

Just as countless people were discussing things in shock, Shi Yang stabilized himself in the sky. His four eyes glared at Long Chen darkly.

“I didn’t expect you to actually have some ability. But so what? My body comes from the immemorial era, and it was nourished by primal chaos qi. This unbreakable body can’t be damaged by you.”


As a result, just as he said this, Long Chen appeared above him and punched his head. The immense power once more caused his head to deform.

However, what shocked Long Chen was that Shi Yang’s body was very strange. Even disregarding its resistance to beatings, its self-recovery ability was astonishing.

“Can’t be damaged? Let’s see how I beat you into a meat pancake!”

Long Chen snorted and his fists began to rain down a tempest of punches on Shi Yang. The fist-images filled the sky.

Every punch from Long Chen had immense weight behind it as it smashed into Shi Yang’s body. He was beaten like dough, constantly changing form.

However, Shi Yang’s body would quickly recover every time. Long Chen’s destructive power was unable to harm him.

“Just this little bit of power? You really are a foolish human!” Even as Shi Yang was being badly beaten, he continuously mocked Long Chen.

“Long Chen, don’t fall for it! Since he can’t beat you, he’s using his physical body to slowly exhaust your energy!” warned Yue Xiaoqian.

This warning made countless people understand. Shi Yang was helpless to do anything to Long Chen, but he also didn’t want to retreat. Thus, he relied on his unbreakable body to exhaust Long Chen’s energy. Once Long Chen was exhausted, he would counterattack.

“Slut! Shut your mouth!”

Shi Yang cursed furiously, only to be punched in the face again and sent flying.

However, this time, people were shocked to find that his nose broke, and fresh blood slowly flowed out.


Everyone was stunned. Previously, Long Chen had landed so many punches with no effect. Why was it that the last punch caused Shi Yang’s nose to bleed?

Starry spots had now appeared on Long Chen’s fist. Those stars twinkled, possessing immense astral energy that condensed on his fist.

It was Long Chen’s first time drawing the power of the stars into his fist. Previously, he had only dared to draw this astral energy into the Minghong Saber. It was only now that his physical body had been greatly improved and his violet qi was abundant that he dared to test this.

This creativity stemmed from the attacks from the nine star heirs in the heavenly tribulation. They were able to activate the Seven Star Battle Armor and condense stars on their fists. Thus, Long Chen also tried it. However, he didn’t dare to do it like the nine star heirs. They had directly drawn the power of the seven stars to their fists, while Long Chen was drawing astral energy into his body and then condensing it on his fists.

He had just condensed the Seven Star Battle Armor, and his body wasn’t completely used to it yet. Some of his power was being dissipated naturally. This leak might make his aura appear astonishing, but it actually meant that he was unable to draw out his full potential.

However, when Long Chen started drawing astral energy into his body and into his fist, it no longer leaked. His power was fully concentrated. Thus, this simple punch actually damaged Shi Yang’s unbreakable body.

“How did you…?!”

Shi Yang was shocked. A touch of fear finally appeared in his eyes. But the response was Long Chen charging back at him.

Long Chen was as quick as lightning. Even though Shi Yang did his best to dodge, Long Chen still landed a punch to his jaw, causing more blood to spray. His jaw was directly broken.

“AH!” Shi Yang’s other mouth let out a miserable shriek.

Just then, stars flowed on top of Long Chen’s left fist. His punch squarely landed on Shi Yang’s head, blowing it apart like a hammer striking a melon.

“Is your mouth still so slutty now?”

Long Chen stamped his foot on Shi Yang’s chest. The sound of bones breaking made people wince. Shi Yang’s chest caved in and his back was almost pierced through. Fresh blood gushed out. After this kick, Shi Ying’s aura plummeted. He was finally given a severe injury.

“Ignite all your violet qi and condense it into one attack.” Suddenly, the dragon expert’s voice rang out in his mind.

“Senior, I can’t! It’s still difficult for me to control the Seven Star Battle Armor’s power. If I do that, I’ll also be injured.” Long Chen jumped in shock.

This dragon expert actually wanted him to erupt in one attack. It had to be known that he was still in his peak condition and had over eighty percent of his violet qi. If he were to unleash it all in one attack, he might very likely die.𝒇𝑟e𝗲𝚠𝚎𝐛𝗻𝐨νel. 𝒄om

“There’s no time to explain. If I tell you to do something, then do it. I won’t harm you,” said the dragon expert.

Long Chen clenched his teeth. He could fully trust the dragon expert. Although he knew that he would definitely be injured after such an attack, he still chose to trust the dragon expert.


An explosive sound came from Long Chen’s body as his violet qi erupted in a blazing fire. His entire body was burning.

At the same time, his meridians rapidly compressed. All the violet qi flowing through them was gushing out in one go. It needed to be squeezed to be forced through.

As his meridians squeezed down on his violet qi, his violet qi produced a rebound force. A sharp ache came from his meridians as a result.

During normal times, Long Chen would definitely give up on this. But the dragon expert had already told him to do so, so he clenched his teeth and continued.

At this moment, Shi Ying let out a terrified cry. He found that he was completely locked down by Long Chen’s aura and couldn’t move. His intuition told him that he would soon die.

“Blood Burial Rebirth, Corpse Devil Sacrifice!”

Shi Yang roared and formed hand seals. Suddenly, all the devil experts around exploded, transforming into blood mist that he absorbed. He then condensed it into a giant blood-colored shield.

He had actually sacrificed tens of millions of devil experts in one go, using their power to save his own life.

Just then, Long Chen roared. Nine hundred and ninety-nine stars lit up on his fist, and he smashed it at Shi Yang. When this fist attacked, all sound vanished. All that people could hear were their own heartbeats.

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