Nine Star Hegemon Body Art

Chapter 2807 Pill Institute

Chapter 2807 Pill Institute

“I failed?”

Long Chen couldn’t find his name on the public announcement, so his heart fell. But after that, his anger rose.

Everything else might have been a failure, but the alchemy section had to have been flawless. He then checked and rechecked the list of those who passed but still didn’t see his name.

Those whose names weren’t on the list had failed. He couldn’t accept this.

The fatty seemed to have long since known this result and laughed. “That’s enough. A failure is a failure. Go back and get to work. Remember to work hard on repaying your debt, haha-”

Hearing this, Long Chen grabbed his throat, his eyes scarlet. “Shut the hell up. Another word and I’ll strip your life away.”

This damn fatty actually laughed at his misfortune. Long Chen truly had an urge to kill him.

His actions drew countless gazes. It had to be known that when the results were announced, a sea of people would gather. Hence, he naturally drew a great deal of attention.

“Who is Long Chen?”

Suddenly, a group of people came over from a distance, wearing the robes of the people in charge of the examinations. The crowd immediately parted to create a path for them.

“I’m Long Chen!” Long Chen tossed the fatty aside and looked at those examiners.

“You only got seventeen points in total. Of seventy-five sections, you left seventy-one blank…,” said the examiner.

The crowd stared in shock at Long Chen. Had this fellow only come to cause trouble?

The seventy-five sections were all worth ten points in total, for a total of seven hundred and fifty points. Three hundred points was a passing grade. Five hundred was outstanding, and six hundred was particularly distinguished.

There were plenty of outstanding candidates throughout history. But it seemed that there had never been someone to only score seventeen points. Had this fellow only come to insult the High Firmament Academy?

“However, you scored full marks in the alchemy section. According to the academy’s rules, you can undergo a second examination in the Pill Institute. Are you prepared?” asked the examiner.

An uproar erupted when he said this. Full marks in alchemy? That was the most difficult exam in the High Firmament Academy. Full marks in this section was unprecedented in the academy’s history.

Even distinguished disciples from alchemy families mostly failed this section. For most people, their score in the alchemy section was zero. Since that was the case, this fellow seemed to excel in breaking historical precedents.

“There’s nothing to prepare. We can go now.” Long Chen kicked the fatty beside him. “Damn fatty, just wait. Once I have time, I’ll make you pay for your corruption, hiding from the top and cheating the bottom of their salaries.”

The examiner coldly said, “No need to wait. Someone, come and arrest him! It’s not just one person reporting his corruption. We’ll do a proper investigation.”

“No, I’m being framed! He owes me money! He’s framing me!!!”

The fatty was dragged away by two disciples, howling like a pig being slaughtered, but no one acknowledged him. After that, one of the disciples impatiently hit the back of his head, knocking him unconscious. He was then dragged away like a dead pig.

Under everyone’s gazes, Long Chen left with the examiner. Long Chen was surprised to be led to the top of a large mountain where a giant eagle was waiting for them. After that, they stepped onto its back and flew off.

“Are you curious why we aren’t using a transportation formation?” asked the examiner upon seeing Long Chen staring oddly.

Long Chen nodded. Considering how big the High Firmament Academy was, transportation formations would be more convenient.

“Disciples below the Divine Flame realm are not permitted to use transportation formations because the power of the immortal world will condense when they are activated. Those who haven’t ignited their divine flame will be crushed by that power. For an ascender like you whose mortal qi has yet to regress, a transportation formation will kill you before it’s even activated,” explained the examiner.

Long Chen didn’t expect these icy examiners to actually be so kind as to explain these things to him.

“The Pill Institute is a particularly special place within the High Firmament Academy. Youngsters, I hope you’ll cherish this chance. You should know that countless alchemists want to join us, only to be rejected,” said the examiner.

“I understand. Many thanks for the reminder,” said Long Chen. Now he understood that the reason why the examiner was so kind was related to the Pill institute.

It seemed that even in the immortal world, alchemists still possessed a high status. No one was willing to offend an alchemist. By treating Long Chen a bit better now, on the off chance that he could really join the PIll Institute, it would be easier for him to ask Long Chen for a favor in the future.

They flew on the back of the giant eagle for a full six hours. Long Chen estimated that this academy was probably even bigger than the entire Martial Heaven Continent. It was truly exaggerated.

At this moment, they finally began to descend to a courtyard. However, while other places were filled with people, this place was empty of a single soul.

“We’ve arrived. You can enter yourself. Good luck,” said the examiner. The eagle then flew away on its own, while the examiner went into a nearby transportation formation.

“Pill Institute.”

Two large characters were carved into the signboard of this building. The lines were strong and bold, rigid. And yet they also possessed a certain grace.

Every stroke contained the charm of the Dao. It was as if this simple carving contained the essence of heaven and earth. Without being aware of it, Long Chen became enthralled. He was drawn deep into those two characters.

However, the sound of a broom sweeping the ground drew Long Chen out of those two characters. At some point, a skinny old man had appeared up ahead. He was sweeping the path.

Only then did Long Chen become aware that he had to report his arrival. He hastily rushed over, only to find that this place was too big. The examiner also hadn’t told him where to go. Hence, he asked the sweeper, “Senior, sorry to bother you, but do you know where to register for the Pill Institute’s examination?”

The elder was completely focused on his sweeping. It seemed that he didn’t even notice Long Chen’s existence until Long Chen spoke to him. After that, he slowly raised his head and looked at him.

When Long Chen saw his face, or more accurately, his eyes, he jumped. Those eyes were filled with lines, like countless runes revolving. It was only once his eyes focused that his pupils appeared. That was a bizarre scene. Fortunately, this elder looked kind so it didn’t feel so bad…

“Senior? I’m not fit for such an address from this young friend. You are all the future pillars of the Pill institute, while I am just a worker sweeping the floor. You can just call me an old fellow,” said the elder.

“Senior is too humble. May I ask where the exam venue is? I came to report in, and I don’t want to hold them up,” said Long Chen.

“Go straight and turn right at the second intersection. Ah, child, is your temper good?” asked the elder suddenly.

This sudden question caught him off guard. He said, “It’s alright.”

The elder nodded and didn’t say anything else. He continued sweeping.

Long Chen was befuddled by the question, but after saying thanks, he walked into the institute.

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