Nine Star Hegemon Body Art

Chapter 2136 Devil Suppressing Divine Seal

Chapter 2136 Devil Suppressing Divine Seal

Yue Xiaoqian almost cried out in excitement upon obtaining the crystal. The divine seal of the original devil race had an innate devil suppressing effect, and this power could be upgraded. However, the requirement for upgrading this power was absorbing the essence of devil cores. This was the special ability bestowed upon them by the heir of the nine stars.

In the Jiuli secret realm, the winged devils were very low level, and their crystal cores were impure. But the crystal core she was holding right now was of such high purity that she might be able to directly advance her divine seal upon absorbing its energy.

“Watch out!”

Long Chen suddenly shouted, grabbing Yue Xiaoqian and pulling her away. With his lightning wings, he sped away.

The other three blood-colored winged devils had abandoned the drake king and were rushing over in their direction. More accurately, they were coming for Yue Xiaoqian.

Holding Yue Xiaoqian, Long Chen managed to dodge the attacks of the first two, but he couldn’t dodge the third. Pushing Yue Xiaoqian back, he blocked the winged devil with his saber, but the winged devil’s trident sent him flying back. He vomited a mouthful of blood.

Now he truly experienced just how powerful those blood-colored winged devils were. Receiving that trident was like being smashed by a star. The Devil Qi within that trident had actually invaded Long Chen’s body, making him feel like millions of needles were piercing him.

“You dare to hit my brother Long?” Wilde immediately went wild. Transforming into a three-hundred-meter giant, he smashed his club at the winged devil that had injured Long Chen.


The webbing between Wilde’s forefinger and thumb split open, causing fresh blood to flow. But the winged devil was also forced back several steps.

At this moment, the drake king rushed over. It had decided that Long Chen and the others were here to help, so it went after the two other two blood-colored winged devils.

“Xiaoqian, continue. We’ll work together to eliminate another one of them.” Long Chen wiped off some blood from his mouth. With a cold snort, he swung his saber at the winged devil.

Yue Xiaoqian’s devil seal reappeared on her forehead and unleashed a bright light at the winged devil. But this time, a blood-colored light barrier appeared in front of it, blocking Yue Xiaoqian’s light. The barrier began to burn, but it was able to remain standing.

“Long Chen, it has the blood of kings, and my divine seal is too weak to suppress it without some time,” transmitted Yue Xiaoqian. Without any opportunity to cultivate her divine seal, its power was not high enough. The reason she had been able to suppress the first one was because it hadn’t been on guard.

“That’s fine. We’ll just have to go all-out.” Long Chen took a deep breath as he summoned the Azure Dragon Battle Armor.


Long Chen was sent flying back even though the winged devil had just blocked Wilde’s club and dealt with Yue Xiaoqian’s light. However, this time, the winged devil was also knocked back, flipping through the air.

“Xiaoqian, just keep this up. With your divine seal present, it has to expend some of its power to resist it. We do have some chance of killing it!” shouted Long Chen.

Just now, he had found that the winged devil’s power wasn’t as ferocious as before, allowing him to see some hope.

Long Chen and Wilde joined forces, starting an intense fight with the winged devil. Long Chen was shocked to find Wilde’s power had grown even more terrifying. Just the power of Wilde’s physical body had surpassed his.

After transforming into a giant, his power was actually on par with the winged devil. Furthermore, the winged devil’s Devil Qi was unable to invade his body. He had a natural resistance to it.

The original devil race’s energy was special, and it was a kind of power that wasn’t within the laws of the Martial Heaven Continent. But even they needed to expend some spiritual yuan to resist the invasion of the Devil Qi. Only Wilde was able to completely ignore it. His bone club whistled through the air. It was like it was as heavy as a star, unleashing immense power with each strike.

His wild strikes almost caught Long Chen in between them, making Long Chen speechless. He had wanted to fight alongside Wilde, but Wilde didn’t know how to cooperate. He was just blindly swinging his club. Long Chen had no choice but to switch to being a support.

Since Wilde didn’t know how to work together, there was a chance that Long Chen might injure him if he tried using one of his powerful techniques. However, Long Chen also didn’t specialize in long-range support, and Wilde’s fight with the winged devil was too fast. He couldn’t help him much.

“I’ll have to switch targets.” Long Chen finally decided to leave. Wilde seemed to be a match for the winged devil, so Long Chen went to the other battlefield.

“Split the Heavens 8!” Long Chen immediately unleashed a full-strength attack. One of the winged devils had just been knocked back by the drake king, and Long Chen’s saber smashed toward it.

The winged devil had yet to stabilize before being struck by this attack, so it was blown into the distance. As for Long Chen, he had to deal with the invasion of the Devil Qi once more, and his arm bled from the impact.

With a snort, Long Chen covered himself in lightning. The invasion of the Devil Qi immediately weakened.

“Wild Lightning Soul Battle Spear!”

The winged devil let out a sharp shriek. Devil Qi surged out of its body, and a ray of light shot out of its forehead, piercing straight through the lightning spear Long Chen had summoned.

Upon seeing that light, Long Chen’s lightning wings flapped, and he forcibly twisted to the side.

The light pierced straight through his lightning spear and shot right past his body. This was an attack that even a peak twelfth rank Magical Beast wasn’t able to survive. He had seen it in action and had always been on guard against it.

“Star Fall!”

A large flame sphere shot toward the winged devil and exploded, setting it on fire. But even the terrifying Inverse Dao Water Spirit Flame was quickly suppressed by its Devil Qi.

Just at this moment, an even stronger explosion occurred nearby. The drake king had torn its opponent into pieces now that it was one against one.

The drake king seemed to have noticed that this was its chance and had gone all-out to kill the other winged devil. But it had been heavily injured by the winged devil’s final blow. Its trident had nearly gone through the drake king’s body.

The drake king immediately went to support Long Chen after stabilizing its condition. A giant claw came crashing down from the sky. Now Long Chen also experienced just how terrifying the drake king’s power was.


The winged devil was unable to block the drake king on its own. With just one attack, its arm was torn off.

Long Chen grabbed that chance to slash the winged devil in the neck. Black blood splashed as a large head flew into the air.

A tail whipped over, blowing the head to bits. The drake king was actually able to cooperate with Long Chen very well. Long Chen reached out and grabbed the crystal from its head.

After killing two of the blood-colored winged devils, the drake king let out a roar that shook the world. The Magical Beasts fighting the other winged devils also roared. The drake king seemed to be trying to raise their morale.

The drake king shot into motion, going for its next target. But just as it raised its claw, it paused.

That was because Wilde’s fight with the other blood-colored winged devil had reached a tough spot. Both sides were equally matched, and they were locked in such close combat that it was difficult to interfere.

Long Chen was about to tell Wilde to retreat and have the drake king handle that winged devil, when his expression suddenly changed. From the distance, several terrifying auras were rising. Long Chen saw seven of those blood-colored winged devils flying over to them.

“Not good!” Long Chen was startled. The drake king was already injured, and although it had temporarily stopped its injuries from getting any worse, it couldn’t beat seven of those blood-colored winged devils by itself.

However, those seven winged devils didn’t even look at the drake king. They were glaring at Yue Xiaoqian, a crazy killing intent surging out of them.

“Xiaoqian, retreat!” shouted Long Chen. He rushed toward the seven winged devils. The original devil race was the bane of the winged devil race, and so their first target was Yue Xiaoqian.

“Evil devils block the way, throwing the world into chaos. The divine seal was bestowed upon me to suppress all devils and return the world to peace. Using the combined faith of the original devil race, I ask the cosmos for power. Devil Suppressing Divine Seal, activate!”

Just as Long Chen condensed a small flame lotus in his hand and prepared to activate the Nirvana Scripture, a chant rang out that made him turn back. He saw a figure standing in the sky, palms pressed together, a devil mark on her forehead blazing with divine light.

“Mom!” Yue Xiaoqian let out a delighted cry. This person was Yue Xiaoqian’s mother, the original devil race’s leader, Yue Xihan.

The divine light from her seal filled the world. Those blood-colored winged devils were actually so terrified that they turned and fled.


Yue Xihan slowly opened her hands. Her middle finger and ring finger were together, as were her thumb, forefinger, and little finger. Forming that strange hand seal, she let out a cold cry.

A blinding ray of light shot out of her forehead, going through her hand seal and striking the blood-colored winged devils. As it passed through her hand seal, the light transformed into a giant Seal character.


The ordinary winged devils in range vanished from existence. The only trace of any winged devils in the path of her attack were seven statues. The seven blood-colored winged devils had been turned to stone.

“What a terrifying divine art.” Long Chen stared, completely dumbstruck.

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