Nine Star Burden

Chapter 295 - Special Care

Chapter 295: Special Care

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The teams from Beijiang and Cainan went crazy.

They rushed all the way back to the fourth floor, and then to the third floor without stopping.

They stopped looking for any weapons and instead started to kill.

As their coordination and chemistry got better, the communication between the two teams rapidly decreased.

They would kill, rest, kill, and then rest, and continue the cycle.

The audience occasionally saw the feelings of indignation shown by the students from the scenes recorded by the camera.

They refused to succumb, resign to fate, and were indignant!

The students seemed indignant. Although the audience had no idea about the entire process, they probably knew that something had happened. They reckoned that the students probably had opposing views from the rescuers and the organizers.

The differences between them almost led to conflict. Fortunately, the students had all decided to bear with it. However, ever since the incident happened, the rescue teams and the organizers did not have much of a conflict with them.

In the past day, the teams from Beijiang and Cainan stayed on the third underground floor. It wasn’t that they had never seen the Star Warriors Officers before. They had actually met the guardian on multiple occasions as well, but no one had ever dared to seek trouble.

Their alliance could be said to shine on the last day.

The two teams were almost done getting used to each other, and they were getting better at their formations too. The more they fought in the combination of Wind+Flower+Lightning Star Techniques, the more experience they gained.

No one would have imagined that they would produce such a chemical reaction.

They became extremely aggressive, and on the last day, they killed a total of 15 groups of Ancient Warriors, which was considered rather fruitful.

Fifteen groups of Ancient Warriors were definitely not a small number in the Ancient Imperial Mausoleum, where they might die any time. They had definitely done a good job.

Jiang Xiao also got news from his internal Star Map:

Gold Quality 10 kills, Skill Points +1.

Current Skill Points: 53

It was also on the last that they experienced a shortage of supplies due to the frequent battles.

It was alright since they had the great healer.

If the fragrance of Chumo’s flowers wasn’t strong enough to support the recovery of the overdrawn Star Power, Jiang Xiao’s Nostalgia could meet all their needs.

I can give you what you want.

I’ll force you to take what you don’t want too… 

The halo of Nostalgia really gave the team from Cainan Province a great shock as it was only released at the end.

In conjunction with absorbing the reserved Star Beads, Jiang Xiao managed to perfect the task of managing the logistics.

The remaining four Fallen Shadow Witch Star Beads had also been absorbed. His Enmity and Counter-current Light were both upgraded to Gold Quality Level 6, while the Star Technique that seemed to have been bugged, Sound of Silence, was also upgraded to Gold Quality Level 8 (9/100).

Han Jiangxue stowed away the Ancient Warrior Star Beads, fastened the military backpack, and tossed it into her own Sky Smasher.

The referee repeated through the invisible earphones, “The 72 hours are up. To all contestants, please wait and remain where you are. Guardians will escort you back to Earth. The Star Beads obtained by killing the Ancient Warriors on the way back will not be counted in the total score.”

Han Jiangxue was a little annoyed by the consecutive speeches. She removed the invisible earphones and saw Xiong Chumo walking towards her.

No matter how pretty and beautiful she may be, she was no longer as gorgeous, for she had already fought hard for 72 hours.

Fatigue was written all over Xiong Chumo’s face, and she seemed to be struggling to stay awake. She nodded at Han Jiangxue with gratitude and said, “Thank you.”

Han Jiangxue answered calmly and straightly, “It was a happy cooperation.”

Xiong Chumo was a little flushed, and she said softly, “If it weren’t for you guys, we probably wouldn’t have been able to kill a single team of Ancient Warriors.”

Han Jiangxue shook her head slightly and said, “Don’t be too modest. We all know each other’s strengths. Without your help, our team might have been killed many times.”

The 72 hours were finally up, and there was no longer a need for them to race against time. Jiang Xiao began to relax and tried hard to stay awake. He yawned and said, “Once we go out, I’m going to take a wonderful nap. Let’s go for barbecued skewers.”

“Huh?” Xiong Chumo widened his eyes and looked at him foolishly.

“Ah, what’s the matter? Are you vegetarian?” Jiang Xiao looked at her, feeling a little confused at her reaction.

Xiong Chumo whispered, “You’re really free-spirited. You still have the cheek to think about sleeping and eating meat. Aren’t you worried about our points at all?”

Jiang Xiao scratched his head.

Within three days, everyone went from meeting and getting to know each other, to forming an alliance and parting. At last, they continued to fight in a two-team combination until this moment.

They had experienced too many things. For Jiang Xiao, taking a bath, sleeping, and then eating was what he ought to do.

He decided to let nature take its course regarding the points.

However, one thing for sure was that if Jiang Xiao’s team couldn’t make it to the semifinals, Xiong Chumo’s team definitely couldn’t, because her team had scored fewer points than his team did.

First of all, Xiong Chumo’s team did not collect any special weapons.

Secondly, Xiong Chumo insisted on giving the Gold Quality Ancient Archer General Star Beads to them.

It wasn’t that Xiong Chumo was a god of fortune or a kindhearted person. She had simply recognized the situation clearly and understood where her team stood. She knew that she was following a team of elite powerhouses.

Even without her team’s highly functional Star Techniques, the team from Beijiang would definitely still be able to kill the Ancient Warriors, though it would just be a little more dangerous.

However, if her team didn’t have their help, the matter would be serious!

Despite their relatively unequal status, the two teams still managed to live in harmony, mainly because of Han Jiangxue’s ideas.

Goddess Xue had a simple mindset. She felt that the Cainan and Beijiang alliance was safe, efficient, and powerful enough to kill with ease.

Regardless of who put in more effort and who was more important, they should maintain cooperation if they could achieve such effects together.

While thinking about the points, Jiang Xiao suddenly thought of something and hurriedly said, “Hey, by the way, can you please help me?”

Xiong Chumo immediately slapped her own chest and agreed. “Of course!”

Jiang Xiao requested, “Can we exchange Star Beads? I’ll exchange the Ancient Warrior General’s Star Bead for the Ancient Archer General Star Bead. The points awarded are the same.”

Xiong Chumo nodded without hesitation. “Of course you can. Why? Do you want to learn how to use the bow and arrow too?”

Hearing this, Han Jiangxue also looked over.

Jiang Xiao picked up the military backpack and took out the 14 Gold Quality Star Beads from the pouch, scrutinized them, and picked out five Ancient Warrior Star Beads.

Among them, three of the Star Beads definitely couldn’t be exchanged. After all, they were worth 80 points.

Jiang Xiao didn’t respond, and Xiong Chumo didn’t ask any more questions. The camera recorded everything, and the two of them made a fair and open deal.

Xiong Chumo was amazed by Jiang Xiao’s method of identification because he actually managed to find the subtle difference between the Ancient Archer General Star Beads and the Ancient Warrior General Star Beads.

Girls were indeed rather careful and observant. Jiang Xiao had always been pretentious as he read aloud the information in the internal Star Map.

The guardians quickly rushed to the third underground floor and escorted the two teams out. Jiang Xiao always had an inherent impression that the soldiers were solemn.

However, the soldiers that came to pick him up this time were very friendly, which made Jiang Xiao sense that something was amiss.

At 10:17 AM, May 8th, 2016.

Jiang Xiao returned to Earth, but he had to close his eyes.

Who’s pretending to be impressive and blinding me? 

Most of the contestants who came out of the Ancient Imperial Mausoleum would cover their faces with their hands. They had only arrived in the military barracks and had yet to look up at the sun directly.

However, even so, the sudden exposure to brightness still made them miserable.

“I’m so proud of you!” Hai Tianqing walked up with a look of admiration, reaching out to hug Li Weiyi in front. However, as soon as he approached the rest, he gave up.


Because they stank…

Fortunately, the students were still trying to adapt to the world of brightness and overlooked the awkward scene.

Hai Tianqing’s face stiffened as he was put in a spot. Fortunately, soldiers came to give them an out by leading the students to the station to have their scores tabulated.

Using their Star Beads for point calculation could only be regarded as a “verification” method. In fact, the moment the group of students who persisted for 72 hours walked out, the scores that they obtained had been recorded clearly in the video.

What Jiang Xiao was worried about did not happen. The organizers simply used the Star Beads for point calculation and did not confiscate them, which was to Jiang Xiao’s relief.

Reasonably speaking, even if the Star Beads were used for an “exchange” for points, Jiang Xiao and others had to give in for the sake of their results.

Dragging their tired bodies, they repeatedly confirmed their results and headed back to the hotel by car under Hai Tianqing’s meticulous care.

Yes, they didn’t board the bus as the other groups did. In fact, many team leaders had rented vehicles, just for the sake of their students’ comfort. It would also allow them to return to the hotel to rest earlier.

However, Hai Tianqing had a special task, which required him to rent that car.

That was…

In the jeep, everyone whom Hai Tianqing praised was about to fall asleep. Even Xia Yan, who enjoyed compliments, had already gotten impatient. She wanted to sleep, but Hai Tianqing was “buzzing” in her ears like a noisy fly.

Xia Yan actually compared Hai Tianqing’s gentle voice to the buzzing of flies. She was clearly exhausted.

However, Hai Tianqing suddenly changed the subject and said something that made everyone sober up.

Hai Tianqing said, “There were no dirty tricks pulled during the competition.”

Jiang Xiao opened his eyes and looked at him, seated in the driver’s seat. “Huh?”

Hai Tianqing looked at Jiang Xiao’s reflection in the rearview mirror and said, “No dirty tricks are allowed during such major competitions either.”

Han Jiangxue raised her eyebrows slightly as if she heard something unusual.

Hai Tianqing said, “I filed a complaint as soon as the situation appeared. This morning, the review results were released.”

Xia Yan sobered up and asked, “What’s the outcome?”

Hai Tianqing repeated, “There may not be any dirty tricks, but there might be small slip-ups.”

Xia Yan asked, “Small slip-ups!?!”

Hai Tianqing smiled and said, “In response to these small slip-ups, the organizers took care of us and gave us some special attention, so we have to remain tight-lipped. We ought not to say what we shouldn’t.”

Jiang Xiao blinked and thought, Life is getting more and more interesting.

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