Nightmare’s Call

Chapter 586 - Planning: Part 2

Chapter 586: Planning: Part 2

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Pei Lin did not pursue as the person was outside the window, and was beyond her ability to pursue.

She pulled her sword back and snorted as she gave up changing her clothes here, picked her stuff up and left.

Zhang Hanchao, who heard the commotion outside, hurried over, and when he heard that someone was peeping in the girl’s bathroom, Zhang Hanchao looked furious.

He patted his chest, and assured that he would give Pei Lin a proper explanation before contacting the manager of the martial arts hall.

Pei Lin agreed to meet up with him tomorrow to follow up on the matter.

As she left the martial arts hall, something struck her as a dangerous gaze seemed to be staring at her from a distance.

She shrunk and stepped into the bus and did not dare to look further.

After that previous incident, she had been keeping her distance from anything that could cause her trouble.

But what she did not expect was that the moment she got on the bus a few passers-by around the street spread out, and rushed to other locations.

A young woman sitting outside an al-fresco carfe gently put down her phone. “The situation is under control. Wait for HQ’s orders. We can catch the target at any moment.” The woman whispered to the ring on her finger.

“Continue observing and await orders.” A faint voice rang out in her ear.

The woman answered, as she stood up and paid the bill before walking away.



Urmand City.

Countless of Ecclesiarchs had changed their clothes and disguised as ordinary people as they spread out across town.

These clergymen, when not using their powers, looked no different from any ordinary person. As for proof of identiy and whatnot, for these folks who were well-versed in dark powers, they could simply resolve that by some deception techniques.

And Pei Lin knew nothing about it as she continued to practice everyday and accepted Lin Sheng’s instructions.

But her father, Pei Shangyu seemed to have noticed something was not right as if somesort of undercurrent was slowly, but surely forming and closing in.

And two weeks had passed in an instant.

It was the weekend, and Pei Lin got up early.

Her father, Pei Shangyu had the rare opportunity of being free, so he stayed at home to accompany his wife and daughter.

Her mother, Zhuang Wing was rushing her work in the study.

Pei Lin’s routine summoning had unfortunately failed once again, and the blood packs she had bought had been completely used up.

And today, she was wondering if she should get some fresh supply of blood to use.

But just as she went downstairs, she was surprised to see a group of tall men and women in black leather vests in the hall.

The leading man, wearing something similar to a military uniform was siting on the sofa speaking to Pei Shangyu.

The moment he saw Pei Lin came downstairs, the man smiled slightly.

“Shangyu, have you thought this through? Your time is running out.” He said this abruptly.

“She doesn’t know anything. Don’t drag her into this!” Pei Shangyu looked furious.

“As your daughter, you think it’s possible for her to be kept out of this?” The man shook his head.

“The clan is very disappointed with your previous decision, so this time around I’m here to explain the situation to you. Of course, if you still do not agree to give up your position… we won’t force you, as we are family, but the clan will definitely be extremely disappointed.” The man said with a raised eyebrow.

“I had understood and even supported the wishes of the clan in the past, but not this time. Regardless, the basic tenets of the Daywalker Council can never be shaken.”

Pei Shangyu recalled the motion the clan had mentioned to him earlier, and his expression was even harder to look at.

If he agreed to that, that meant he would be taking a stand that deviates from his principles.

“Is that so, then that is truly regrettable.” The man shrugged.

He then stood up, and finally looked at Pei Shangyu.

“Shangyu, I do hope we can meet again like this in the future.” The group quickly left, and the Pei house suddenly became empty, with only Pei Shangyu and his family in it.

Zhuang Qing walked out of the study with a chilly expression, and looked at her husband.

“These people are getting more and more unreasonable!”

“Yeah…” Pei Shangyu stood up, his expression was similarly cold.

“Linlin, go ahead with your practice. Your mother and I have something to attend to.” He turned and said to Pei Lin.

“Alright, I know.” Pei Lin had figured that this probably had something to do with their work.

Her father was after all an official, and had encountered similar situations before.

This was neither the first time she encountered something like this, so she did not put it to mind.

After greeting her parents, she then brought her stuff out and headed to the martial arts hall to train as usual.

And two more days had passed.

Pei Shangyu had received a notice from work that he was going on a business trip.

Zhuang Qing’s work also had some changes and needed to head to the surrounding cities, so the two had left the house after packing up.

Leaving Pei Lin alone at home.

The pick-up car had arrived at the door.

Pei Shangyu picked up his suitcase, and brought the special clan ring for emergency contact as he got into the car.

The car moved slowly as it pulled away from the house.

Pei Shangyu had a chat with the driver, and this pick-up driver was sent by the clan. Not all of his clan members were stiff as rocks, and there was quite a number that stood with him.

So, he had planned to use this business trip to visit the clan elders.

But just as the car got onto the highway, the driving he was heading towards had him a little puzzled.

“Yuehao, are you sure this is the direction to Wuyan?” Pei Shangyu asked with frown.

“Yes, sir. There had been repair works nearby, and the old road temporarily cannot be used.” The driver, Zhang Yuehao answered with a low voice.

“Is that so? It seems like the roads around here have changed again, and it took more than half a year for them to fix that crack on the road.” Pei Shangyu nodded.

“Yeah, and the changes is bothersome.” Zhang Yuehao the driver was also helpless.

“The last time I went back home using that road, there was a big hole on it for no reason…” BOOOM!!!

Suddenly a large truck on the right side of the car suddenly swerved and hit the front of the car.

The powerful impact followed by the high-speed impact then the car flying like a toy.

Before the car had landed, the windows burst open as Pei Shangyu and Zhang Yuehao both dashed out of the car from the right and left as they landed on the ground.

“Shang Yu, long time no see.”

Just as they landed and was looking for the attacker, an old voice rang out from behind that froze Pei Shangyu.

He turned around, and his eyes narrowed.

” The Temple of Joyous Sounds… James… you’re still alive!?”

On the road behind him was a white-haired old man in a red suit.

The old man held a short sword in hand, as his white mustache was immaculately trimmed.

His eyes were deep as he stared at Pei Shangyu.

“There will not be anyone coming to rescue you today. Don’t expect Bermann to come, someone will deal with him.”

“Seems like you have arranged this very well…” Pei Shangyu spat coldly.

“Yes.” Old man James nodded. “You won’t be able to escape, so does Zhuang Qing, and that ordinary daughter you left at home, all of them have been dealt with.”

Pei Shangyu sneered and was about to refute.

Old man James suddenly continued.

“Oh right, the person in charge this time is Pei PEng. The Iron Arm of the Pei Clan. I’m not sure if you know him? Or perhaps you are waiting for the Pei Clan to rescue you? How unfortunate… you are doomed to be disappointed.”

“Pei Peng ?!” Pei Shangyu’s expression suddenly turned sour.

He suddenly remembered the words that Pei Peng said to him when he came to the house a while ago.

And the reminder his friend had given him earlier.

And the men who had visited his place a few days ago.

All of these information suddenly linked together and became an answer that he could not believe.

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