Night Ranger

Chapter 40: Overwhelming Assault

Chapter 40: Overwhelming Assault

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"Careful!" Gru yelled.

He also noticed the frightening flames on the aardwolf!

Even if Masked Twin Blades was powerful, if he wasn’t careful, he might lose his life!

Because of their many years of adventuring experience, Gru let his team have freedom to choose appropriate actions on their own.

Clearly, this mutated flaming wolf would quickly burn to death. They only needed to drag it out for a bit and not get taken down by it.

‘Why is Masked Twin Blades so reckless?’ Gru thought.

He waved his heavy sword with a speed no less than Marvin’s.

In that split second, Marvin had already rushed in front of the flaming wolf.

He seemed incomparably calm, and suddenly kicked the ground and leapt high!

He did an incredible somersault, high up in the air, and gracefully dodged the maw of the flaming wolf. He ruthlessly stabbed his two curved daggers into the weakest part of the wolf’s neck.

This wasn’t enough!

After the tumble, his feet landed on the handles of both daggers!

The left and right feet! Marvin put force in his legs and both daggers immediately cut through!


Blood flew everywhere!

Its head had dropped from the rest of the body!

Yet Marvin just calmly jumped down. The mutated aardwolf that had jumped up from the fire pit was already an arrow at the end of its flight. After Marvin’s powerful attacks, it immediately reached 0 HP!

[You did a normal attack on the target...]

[Your hit crippled the target, normal attack turned into crippling attack]

[Target died… You gained 120 battle exp]

Marvin happily looked at the battle log. This mutated aardwolf should considered quite outstanding compared to the others.

Or else it wouldn’t have given more experience than the previous one.

Sadly, those mutated aardwolves that died in the fire pit didn’t give him any experience. Or else he could have quickly earned a lot.


Close by, everyone was stunned after seeing the performance.

Someone in the Bramble team remarked, "I finally understand how he was able to kill Diapheis…"

The others were speechless; Gru who started rushing forwards was standing foolishly halfway there.

This kind of skill was simply unheard of!

This was far beyond a matter of physical ability; rather, it was achieved through fighting experience, reaction time, a tenacious mind, as well as perfect control of his body.

‘How much training did this kind of person do in order to reach this level…’ They couldn’t help but think of this.

But in fact, Marvin only liked to play games, nothing more. "Feinan Continent" was a very appealing game. Every detail felt very lifelike, the same as real life. He was like a fish in water inside the game when it came to leveling, but also at PK. He frequently battled strong experts.

He fought a duel with almost every class’ legendaries, and also had an understanding of all classes.

His mind was controlling his body. He trained himself in the game through constant PK and death.

Being the strongest assassin among the players wasn’t at all easy.

Because of these experiences as well as his control over his body, Marvin would certainly become a very frightening existence here in the true Feinan Continent.

But to get there, time was needed. He still needed time to grow.

Unfortunately right now, time was the thing he lacked the most. The Great Calamity was approaching!


After killing six mutated aardwolves without even losing a hair, the Bramble team had a lot of respect while looking at Marvin.

Adventurers were like that.

Display strong abilities and it will make others convinced and view you in a new light!

Even though Anna was the one with the most contribution because of her plan, if not for Marvin making the split second decision to kill a mutated aardwolf and also bravely rushing to kill that flaming wolf at the most dangerous moment, the others might have been wounded… Or killed!

Battles were just that merciless, anyone could die!

On the other side, the group of nine naturally had no problems eliminating those four pathetic gnolls.

Even if Cat was still thinking of making some trouble, nine expert not being able to kill four gnolls… If this kind of thing was spread, the Lynx team would never be able to get any business again.

After Marvin’s threat yesterday, how could he dare think of doing anything wrong?

Especially after they joined up with the other group, he clearly noticed that the Bramble team seemed to have a subtle change in the way they were looking at Marvin.

It was a kind of respect that was difficult to explain.

It was as if Marvin had convinced them through power.

Cat didn’t know what took place in the woods, but this Masked Twin Blades must have displayed some frightening strength. Or else these usually domineering Bramble members’ eyes wouldn’t display that kind of expression.

Verne speculated that his team’s strength was not as good as that of the Bramble team. Seeing this made him completely give up on causing trouble.

It was better to just finish this mission. As for that important client, that reward was bound to not be his.

His thoughts changed and he returned to being proactive. "What’s next? Sneak attack the castle?

"Sneak attack?" Anna shook her head, "No. We’re taking it by storm."

"But not the castle, the northern mine!"


At the Northern Mine, two mutated aardwolves were restlessly patrolling the surroundings.

As for those two gnolls, they were unaware of the storm that was coming.

"Only take half of our forces," Anna said according to Marvin’s plan. "We need to let one run, but wipe out the rest."

"Let one run?" They were all somewhat surprised.

‘To let a gnoll go free, could it be to let him report the situation?’

‘Is it better than mounting a sneak attack?’

"I understand." Lynx’s captain was worthy of being known for having a swift mind. He was the first to react. "We use half of our force to make them misjudge our strength. As a caster, he would certainly be arrogant. Letting one loose might infuriate him."

"If that’s the case, we wouldn’t need to attack the castle, they would come themselves to the northern mine to look for us!"

Anna nodded. "You are right, this is the plan."

"Hold on! What if that gnoll Sorcerer isn’t arrogant? Wouldn’t we waste a sneak attack plan?" Verne hurriedly asked.

"If they don’t fall into the trap, Lord Marvin already gave me a follow-up plan." Anna calmly added, "Let’s execute the first part of the plan for now."

"Ladies and gentlemen, you do not need to take care of it this time. Let our garrison deal with it."

Hearing this, the White River Valley’s young men were already unable to hold back!

They already wanted to kill a few gnolls to vent their hatred.

They were forced to run away from their territory because of those gnolls, taking refuge in the villages inside the mountain. That shameful feeling, the adventurers couldn’t understand.

The adventurers only came for the money.

As for Andre and them.

They were here for their lord, and their own honor!


Andre lifted his heavy sword with both hands. He was also a fighter like Gru, but his level was a bit lower, only level 4.

The other garrison members were more or less the same, level 3 to level 4 class holders. However, their advantage lay in their training. They were able to coordinate with each other, and they also had pretty good equipment.

Second hand equipment from River Shore City’s defense army. Even if it was a bit old, it wouldn’t be too different.

Andre only said one word, and nothing more:


The young men behind him were immediately fired up!

They had waited for this word, waited for who knows how long!

They had almost choked to death!

Damn it! Those fucking gnolls actually invaded their hometown!

If not for lord’s order, they would have already fought to the death with those gnolls.

Now that the captain already gave the order, what else could they be waiting for?

It was one word!



When the enraged garrison members rushed out of the forest under Andre’s orders, most of the gnoll fighters weren’t ready to fight.

"Roar!" Andre was roaring while swinging away with his heavy sword and cut two gnolls as easily as if he was chopping vegetables.

The others were also not lacking, rushing one after the other and bravely attacking the enemies.

This was bound to be a bloodbath!

It only lasted three minutes!

The fight already concluded.

Both mutated aardwolves were cut to death by Anna and Andre. As for the gnolls, their corpses were spread on the ground.

Only one gnoll that was a quicker runner than the others was stealthily escaping, although everyone let him run on purpose.

The gnolls stationed outside the northern mine were annihilated in one breath!

Next was cleaning up the battlefield. Even if gnolls were poor, there might be some valuable spoils of war.

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