New Father: Empress Appearing On My Doorstep With Our Daughters

Chapter 9 - Finally, She Could Show Off Her Father!

Chapter 9: Finally, She Could Show Off Her Father!

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Lin Xuan couldn’t help but find it funny. So it was because of this sentence.

“Why did he say that Daddy looks like a girl?” Lin Xuan asked.

Xuan You said angrily, “Because he said that Daddy’s face is very pale. Boys don’t have such fair faces. Only girls have them!”

These words made the adults present burst into laughter.

Unexpectedly, because of this sentence, the two children ended up in a conflict.

Speaking of which, Lin Xuan’s handsomeness was rare even in North Mystic Heaven.

His handsomeness could even make many women pale in comparison.

Donghuang Deye didn’t know whether to laugh or cry as he pinched Donghuang Haoyu’s face and scolded him with a smile, “Rascal, the Consort is handsome!”

“A man’s face can also be very fair and handsome, do you know that?”

Donghuang Haoyu was stunned. “Can a boy be so handsome?”

“Of course!”

Donghuang Deye nodded. “Consort, your cousin-uncle-in-law, is the best-looking man in the world. Do you understand?”

As she spoke, Donghuang Deye even took the initiative to build a relationship with Lin Xuan.

According to his relationship with Donghuang Ziyou, it was indeed not overboard for Donghuang Haoyu to call Lin Xuan cousin-uncle.

“Oh, I understand, I understand!” Donghuang Haoyu hurriedly went forward and bowed to Lin Xuan. “Uncle, I’m sorry!”

Lin Xuan rubbed his head. “It’s okay.”

“Hmph!” Xuan You crossed her arms proudly over her chest with an expression that said, “See, I wasn’t wrong.”

Donghuang Deye pushed Donghuang Haoyu. “Go apologize to your sister.”

It was clearly Donghuang Haoyu who had been beaten up more, but it was Donghuang Haoyu’s fault.

Furthermore, Xuan You was the empress’ child. Donghuang Deye could only get his son to admit his mistake.

Donghuang Haoyu walked forward and held Xuan You’s small hand. “I was wrong.”

“Hmph!” Xuan You was still acting smug.

Donghuang Haoyu felt helpless. He took out a small wrapped sugar figurine from his pocket.

“Xuan You, I’ll give you a sugar figurine. Can you not be angry with me?”

Xuan You snatched the figurine over and didn’t open the packaging. Instead, she said, “My father is the most handsome boy!”

Donghuang Haoyu nodded. “Yes!”

Xuan You said, “Also, my father is the most capable boy!”

Donghuang Haoyu said, “Yes!”

Xuan You saw that Donghuang Haoyu’s attitude was very sincere.

Then, she peeled the sugar figurine and licked it. “How sweet! I’ll forgive you!”

Donghuang Deye heaved a sigh of relief. He had finally pacified this little demoness.

Xuan You then turned around and pounced into Lin Xuan’s arms while smiling.

“I finally have a father too!”

“In the past, they always bragged about their fathers, but I didn’t!”

“Now, I can finally show off my father to them!”

When Lin Xuan heard this, his heart couldn’t help but ache.

It turned out that this little girl had such a strong reaction because she had suppressed too many emotions in her heart previously.

Ever since she grew up, she had always seen other children showing off their fathers.

She must have felt dejected.

“You’re really Daddy’s good daughter!” Lin Xuan couldn’t help but kiss her chubby little face. “Daddy promises that I will always be by your side in the future!”

Xuan Zhu, Xuan Xi, and Xuan Han saw Lin Xuan kiss Xuan You and were instantly filled with jealousy.

The three little girls rushed forward and hugged Lin Xuan. “Daddy, kiss me too!”

“Hahaha, okay!” Lin Xuan immediately satisfied his daughters’ requests and gave each of them a fatherly kiss.

Everyone present was extremely envious when they saw such a warm scene.

It was good to have daughters!

It was really too blissful to have four cute girls by his side all day!

“Wow, how loving!”

Mu Youqing arrived behind Lin Xuan and happened to see him kissing his four daughters. Her heart melted instantly.

“Cousin-in-law, the tea party is about to start. Let me bring you there.”

When Xuan Zhu and the others saw Mu Youqing, they greeted her warmly, “Hello, Aunt!”

Among the youths of the Donghuang Family, Mu Youqing and the children had the best relationship.

Seeing Xuan Zhu and Xuan Xi jump into Mu Youqing’s arms, Lin Xuan nodded. “Let’s go.”

Mu Youqing hugged Xuan Zhu and gave them each a kiss.

“My two babies, you’ve both gotten a little heavier after I haven’t hugged you two for a few days.”

Xuan Zhu and Xuan Xi looked at each other in horror.

“Ah, have I become fat?”

“Did you eat too much last night?”

The two of them used to stay by Donghuang Ziyou’s side and would often see her not eating anything for many days.

Through it, they understood the principle of maintaining their figure.

Now that they heard Mu Youqing say that, they felt a sense of gloom in their hearts.

“Haha, I’m just teasing you guys!”

Mu Youqing smiled dotingly. “Although I’m not as powerful as your mother, I’m at the quasi Emperor Realm. Why would I think you’re too heavy?”

Hearing her words, Lin Xuan felt ashamed.

As expected of a young prodigy of the royal family. Mu Youqing was a quasi Emperor at such a young age.

If she was older, what would happen?

They chatted and laughed along the way. Lin Xuan and Mu Youqing quickly arrived at the gathering.

In the middle of the garden, in a pavilion on a small mountain.

This pavilion was called the Elegant Pavilion.

It was obvious from the name that this was a place where elegant people gathered.

The people inside were all extraordinary.

Not only were they dressed elegantly, but their demeanors bespoke of affluence.

However, none of them had the arrogance of a playboy.

This made Lin Xuan feel very comfortable.

It made sense. If they could stay with an innocent-looking girl like Mu Youqing, they must have good morals.

Mu Youqing said, as if she was presenting a treasure, “Let me introduce you guys. This is Her Majesty’s man, Lin Xuan!”

The young men and women of the imperial family were all full of praise.

“As expected of the empress’ husband. He seems so sophisticated!”

“The empress’ husband is definitely the best in North Mystic Heaven!”

“How handsome! I’m so envious of the empress!”

Hearing everyone’s praise, Xuan Zhu, Xuan Xi, Xuan Han, and Xuan You all had satisfied expressions.

In the past, no matter where they went, they would see other children flaunting their fathers.

Now, it was finally their turn to enjoy the feeling of having a father!

Under Mu Youqing’s invitation, Lin Xuan went to the chair of the table.

Because she had to help take care of the children, Mu Youqing sat beside him.

Mu Youqing then introduced everyone to Lin Xuan.

Among them, Shangguan Jie and Chong Lingting seemed to be the most outstanding among this group of young talents.

“Brother Shangguan and Brother Chong are only one step away from the Emperor Realm.”

“Not only that, but the two of them are famous scholars in North Mystic Heaven. They are proficient in the four arts.”

“They are very knowledgeable and are nicknamed ‘North Mystic Duo’.”

After Mu Youqing finished her introduction, a girl present did not forget to add on.

Then, the tea party officially began.

After chatting for a while, a certain young man of the royal family asked Shangguan Jie, “Brother Shangguan, at the tea party last time, you said that you have a song to share with all of us.”

“Can you tell us now so that we can broaden our horizons?”

Shangguan Jie shook his head and smiled bitterly. “Sigh, this last verse is too difficult!”

“After thinking about it, I couldn’t come up with a poem that matched it perfectly.”

Chong Lingting echoed, “That’s right. Brother Shangguan also came to look for me, but I couldn’t write it either.”

Mu Youqing clicked her tongue. “Is it really that difficult? Your attainments in poetry are so high, but you can’t even write a matching poem?”

Shangguan Jie and Chong Lingting nodded at the same time.

“Not only us, but even our teachers are helpless.” The two of them smiled helplessly.

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