New Father: Empress Appearing On My Doorstep With Our Daughters

Chapter 359 - Daily Father and Daughter Compliment Exchange!

Chapter 359: Daily Father and Daughter Compliment Exchange!

Donghuang Ziyou was very happy to see that Lin Xuan was willing to bet with her.

No matter what, she had already aroused Lin Xuan’s motivation.

Everything was difficult in the beginning.

With this breakthrough, she believed that she would definitely be able to motivate Lin Xuan better in the future until he used his wisdom to make greater progress and reach a higher level.

As for what requests Lin Xuan might make…

Donghuang Ziyou wasn’t worried about this.

She felt that Lin Xuan’s chances of winning this time were slim.

The reason he agreed to gamble with her so readily was probably that he didn’t want to lose his dignity as a father in front of his daughters.

Even if Lin Xuan won, Donghuang Ziyou could accept it.

After interacting with him for so many days, she knew that Lin Xuan seemed frivolous on the surface, but he was a gentleman.

Donghuang Ziyou firmly believed that he wouldn’t make too rude a request to her.

Therefore, as long as he could win, she would satisfy him within the appropriate limits.

“Then it’s settled.”

Donghuang Ziyou smiled at Lin Xuan.

Her smile was as beautiful and brilliant as the sun, causing the world to instantly lose its color in comparison.


Lin Xuan couldn’t be bothered to guess why Donghuang Ziyou was so happy.

Anyway, everything was under control. She would naturally know the outcome when the time came.

As she still had administrative matters to deal with, Donghuang Ziyou accompanied Xuan Zhu and the others for a while before returning to the Mystic Ice Palace alone.

In the afternoon, Mu Youqing brought Donghuang Haoyu and two men to the Crystal Palace.

Of the two men, the one in green was an old man in his fifties.

His hair was gray, and his goatee was perfectly groomed.

His thin and long face exuded a scholarly aura, and there was a faint scholarly aura around his body, making him look very extraordinary.

As for the young man beside him, he was extremely handsome.

He was also dressed like a scholar. He looked refined and talented.

When they saw Lin Xuan, their eyes revealed incomparable admiration.

They looked as if they’d seen an immortal. They felt excitement, admiration, and joy.

“Greetings, Consort!”

Without waiting for Mu Youqing to announce their names, they quickly walked forward and bowed to Lin Xuan.

Mu Youqing opened her mouth slightly. These people were too excited to see her cousin-in-law!

However, when she thought of Lin Xuan’s shocking talent, Mu Youqing also understood why the two of them were so excited.

She smiled and walked forward. “Cousin-in-law, these two are North Mystic Heaven’s Saint of Poetry, Fan Changzhong, and Great Scholar Fan. The other is the rising talent of the September Kingdom, Su Bai!”

Lin Xuan greeted the two of them politely.

Fan Changzhong shook his head and said with a smile, “The Consort is the current Literature Saint. How would I dare to use the name ‘Saint’ in front of him?”

Su Bai looked up at Lin Xuan with admiration. “The Consort has the true bearing of a Saint. I sincerely admire you!”

He said this with heartfelt emotion.

Ever since he saw the three lines of poetry Lin Xuan wrote to Donghuang Haoyu, he was so excited that he couldn’t sleep at night. He wanted to admire Lin Xuan in person.

Later, they learned that Fan Changzhong also wanted to visit Lin Xuan, so through Donghuang Haoyu, the two of them asked Mu Youqing to bring them to the Crystal Palace.

At this moment, when he saw Lin Xuan, Su Bai felt that Lin Xuan was a true deity. He couldn’t help but admire him.

Seeing Fan Changzhong and Su Bai, Xuan Zhu and the others came up excitedly.

Xuan Zhu asked Donghuang Haoyu anxiously, “Brother Haoyu, did you win the bet with the other guy?”

The little girl clearly remembered that Donghuang Haoyu had made a bet with that royal descendant. Whoever won would be called big brother.

In her opinion, her father’s talent was unparalleled. He would definitely be able to help Donghuang Haoyu win this bet.

Donghuang Haoyu said proudly,

“Of course! I just said the poem written by my uncle. Not only that royal disciple, but all the students and teachers in the academy were stunned!”

“That royal disciple called me big brother three times on the spot… Gee, you guys don’t know how satisfying that felt!”

Hearing Donghuang Haoyu say this, Xuan Zhu and the others clapped happily.

“As expected, Daddy is the most capable guy!”

“Once Daddy makes a move, everything will be in his hands!”

Seeing Xuan Zhu and the others praise Lin Xuan so much, everyone present laughed.

Mu Youqing’s beautiful eyes darted around as she covered her mouth and giggled.

“With a talented father, the daughters are also especially talented!”

“Cousin-in-law, look, Xuan Zhu and the others can even come up with their own sentences to praise you!”

Lin Xuan happily hugged the four little babies and kissed each of them.

“Naturally. My little darlings are also the smartest in the world.”

Seeing Lin Xuan and Xuan Zhu praising each other every day, Mu Youqing and Fan Changzhong were extremely envious.

A loving father and filial daughters made life truly blissful!

After Lin Xuan put down Xuan Zhu and the others, Fan Changzhong took out a black inkstone from his sleeve and went forward.

“Your Highness, this inkstone is said to be one of the four treasures left behind by the Scholar Zhao Qinglian, 120,000 years ago. It’s called the Heavenly Treasure.”

“Two days ago, beside the Sun Reflection Spring in the Lower Realm, I wrote a poem about the sun, causing the inkstone to glow generously. It flew from the bottom of the Sun Reflection Spring into my hand.”

“But unfortunately, I can’t undo the seal on this inkstone no matter what. Not to mention letting it spontaneously produce ink, even after adding the ink, it will instantly evaporate.”

“I think I’m not good enough to use this inkstone, so I brought it to the Consort and witnessed her unsealing it!”

Lin Xuan casually glanced at the Heavenly Treasure Inkstone.

According to the records of the Absolute Mystic Sutra, 120,000 years ago, the Scholar Zhao Qinglian had indeed left behind the Four Treasures of the Study in the mortal world before he ascended.

He had placed these four treasures in four different places. Those who were fated could obtain them.

And this Heavenly Treasure Inkstone was indeed placed under the Sun Reflection Spring in the Central Divine Continent of the Cang Dragon Continent.

If a talented person appeared, they could attract the spirituality of the Heavenly Treasure Inkstone and make it recognize them as its master.

However, if he wanted to use this inkstone, he still had to undo the seal Zhao Qinglian had left on it.

Clearly, Fan Changzhong’s talent didn’t meet the requirements.

Mu Youqing smiled. “It seems that only the current iterature Saint can use the former iterature Saint’s calligraphy.”

She was extremely sure that as long as Lin Xuan spoke, this connate numinous treasure inkstone would definitely belong to him.

Xuan Zhu and the others hurriedly said, “Father, quickly try and see if you can use this inkstone!”


Seeing that everyone was anxious, Lin Xuan took the Heavenly Treasure Inkstone.

He smiled. “Since Senior Zhao placed it in the Sun Reflection Spring, I’ll give it a try.”

Fan Changzhong and Su Bai both looked excited.

They felt that they would be able to see the true appearance of this inkstone soon!

Lin Xuan’s magnetic voice sounded and was extremely rhythmic.

“The leaves of the Sky-Reaching Lotus are infinitely green, and the lotus flowers reflecting the sun are gorgeously red.”

Hearing this, Mu Youqing, Fan Changzhong, and Su Bai trembled slightly, their eyes shining.

What a poem! What a wonderful poem!

In just two sentences, the endless scenery of the Sun Reflection Spring was described. It also contained the joy of tourists there.

It was really neat, harmonious, profound, and memorable!

Phew ~

Before anyone could react, the Heavenly Treasure Inkstone shone with an extremely dazzling mystic light.

The black color around it faded and turned into a luxurious pure gold color.

The surface was engraved with countless exquisite and beautiful patterns. There was even spiritual energy swimming in the patterns.

What was even more amazing was…

black ink grew automatically in the middle of the inkstone.

Seven-colored light appeared on the ink. It was really gorgeous!

Su Bai cupped his hands and bowed to Lin Xuan excitedly. “As expected of the current Literature Saint. What a shocking statement!”

Fan, on the other hand, chuckled and stroked his goatee. He nodded repeatedly.

“This connate numinous treasure inkstone has finally found its new owner. Congratulations!”

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