New Father: Empress Appearing On My Doorstep With Our Daughters

Chapter 28 - Door of Life and Death, Mystic Sky Flying Dragon!

Chapter 28: Door of Life and Death, Mystic Sky Flying Dragon!

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As a spiritual aura leaked out, the golden light expanded hundreds of times.

In the blink of an eye, a huge circular golden entrance appeared before everyone.

Xuan Zhu, Xuan Xi, Xuan Han, and Xuan You immediately went forward with curious expressions.

“So this is the mystic realm!”

“It looks so fun!”

“What do you guys think is in there?”

“I don’t know, but it’s so tempting!”

Lin Xuan went forward and asked, “Do you guys want to enter too?”

“Yes, yes!” The little girls immediately raised their hands and cheered.

“Alright, daddy will bring you guys in to take a look.” Lin Xuan immediately satisfied his daughters’ wishes.

“Consort, please go ahead!”

Bai Fengxin and the others stood in front of the mystic realm entrance on both sides. No one dared to enter first.

Lin Xuan held the two little girls’ hands and walked into the mystic realm first.

Bai Fengxin and the others followed closely behind while Ling Rong quickly followed.

After entering the mystic realm, Lin Xuan saw that the space around was completely different from the outside.

Streaks of ethereal spiritual mist made the mystic realm seem like an ethereal paradise.

Moreover, the trees and vegetation here were extraordinarily robust and tall, and it was like a true Immortal Realm.

“Consort, then we’ll split up now.” Bai Fengxin stepped forward and bowed.

He would forget about the Longevity Flower for the time being. However, this mystic realm was so huge, and there were still many good treasures.

Bai Fengxin prepared to bring his sect members to roam around freely after greeting Lin Xuan.

Lin Tong and the others also went forward to salute.

Ling Rong bowed to Lin Xuan again. “I will never forget your great kindness!”

Lin Xuan nodded slightly.

He could only help Ling Rong to this extent.

As for what she would do next, it was not his concern.

With that, everyone prepared to leave.

Hu ~ Hu ~

The situation changed.

Two rays of white and black light suddenly appeared in front of everyone.

As they appeared, the mystic realm that seemed ethereal became even more unfathomable.

The concentration of the spiritual mist had reached an astonishing level.

Being in it was like being blindfolded, and they looked around in confusion.

Even though Lin Xuan was an Emperor Realm powerhouse, he could only see things within ten feet of him.

When everyone came to their senses, the two black lights had already gathered into a huge polar pattern.

The two sides of the polar painting were like two huge doors that blocked the path into the mystic realm.

It was visible to the naked eye.

At the center of the black and white light of the polar diagram, the word ‘death’ and the word ‘life’ respectively flashed into appearance.

The Sect Master of the Mystic Sect, Wang Wenyang, frowned. “It’s actually the Door of Life and Death!”

Bai Fengxin looked at him and said, “Sect Master Wang, what is the Door of Life and Death?”

The Mystic Sect that Wang Wenyang was from was the sect that was most proficient in supernatural phenomenons in the Crimson Nimbus Heaven.

Therefore, even Bai Fengxin had to ask him about this so-called Door of Life and Death.

Wang Wenyang said, “The so-called Door of Life and Death is the entrance to two different secret realms.”

“The world behind the Life Gate is relatively ordinary, and it’s roughly the same as the mystic realms we encountered in the past.”

“But if it’s the Death Gate, the world behind it will be extremely dangerous!”

“According to historical records, if one accidentally enters the door of death, they might even fall into the Nine Hells Purgatory. Even Emperor Realm powerhouses will die!”

Hiss ~

Wang Wenyang’s words made everyone gasp.

It turned out that there was such a huge secret behind the Door of Life and Death.

Xuan Zhu pointed at the Life Gate and said, “It’s marked with the Life Gate. We can just enter directly!”

Wang Wenyang shook his head. “Princess, you might not know this, but the Polar Dao has endless variations.”

“Black and white represent yin and yang. They change constantly.”

“What’s shown on it is the Life Gate. It might not be a smooth journey after that.”

“I have to deduce and calculate carefully to crack the mysteries inside!”

“It’s actually so complicated!” Xuan Zhu was shocked.

Xuan Xi shook her head. “Looks like it won’t be easy to get in!”

Wang Wenyang smiled and said, “Princess, don’t worry. I can find the way in!”

He pulled out an exquisite golden compass from his storage ring.

Bai Fengxin’s eyes lit up. “Is this the sect’s ultimate treasure, the Yuan Opening Compass?”


Wang Wenyang nodded. “This is a high-grade Spirit-rank treasure. If you combine the three elements, celestial elements National Treasure, Dragon Gate, and eight other techniques, you will definitely be able to deduce the real Gate of Life!”

Bai Fengxin, Lin Tong, and the others nodded silently.

With Wang Wenyang’s attainments and this Yuan Opening Compass, it shouldn’t be difficult to crack this polar Life and Death Door.

Wang Wenyang then brought the Yuan Opening Compass to the front of the polar Life and Death Door.

The needle on the compass started to spin rapidly.

Mysterious golden lights and profound ancient characters appeared on the compass.

It was as if a golden galaxy had appeared in front of everyone’s eyes.

Every star inside was deducing changes at an extremely fast speed.


The needle on the Yuan Opening Compass suddenly stopped.

“I found it!” Wang Wenyang formed a mysterious seal and pointed at the northwest part of the polar Life and Death Door.

The golden seal quickly entered the polar Painting and swallowed it in the blink of an eye.

At this moment, a large golden ball of light appeared before him.

From the looks of it, this was the entrance to the mystic realm.

“Consort, please go ahead!”

Wang Wenyang was delighted. This time, he had made a name for himself in front of the North Mystic Heaven’s Consort!

Unexpectedly, Lin Xuan didn’t move.

Instead, he raised his hand and said, “Wait a while longer.”

Everyone looked shocked. Could it be that the matter was not settled yet?

Phew ~

The golden gate to the mystic realm changed again.

A ball of strange chaotic golden light exploded in the center like a wave before transforming into countless thin and long rays of light that were like wandering dragons that ceaselessly revolved.

Before long, countless golden seals were released from the chaotic golden light to form a huge shield of light.

The light shield was filled with a murderous aura as if it would be torn to pieces the moment it entered.

At this moment, the Yuan Opening Compass in Wang Wenyang’s hand began to spin crazily.

It could not stop!

“This is?” Wang Wenyang’s expression changed, and he hurriedly took a few steps back.

He had never seen such a domineering shield before.

Lin Xuan took a step forward and smiled. “This is an obstruction deliberately created by someone called ‘Mystic Sky Flying Dragon’.”

His words caused everyone to start discussing.

“Someone deliberately created it? Could it be the creator of this mystic realm?”

“Mystic Sky Flying Dragon, it sounds very powerful!”

“In other words, if we can’t break the Mystic Sky Flying Dragon, we can’t enter the mystic realm?”

Everyone looked at Lin Xuan at the same time.

On second thought, Consort knew stuff that even Wang Wenyang did not know.

This clearly showed that the Consort knew the “Mystic Sky Flying Dragon” very well.

Perhaps, he had already thought of a way to crack the Mystic Sky Flying Dragon.

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