New Father: Empress Appearing On My Doorstep With Our Daughters

Chapter 13 - An Evil Daughter, An Even More Evil Father!

Chapter 13: An Evil Daughter, An Even More Evil Father!

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Lin Xuan looked at the Spirit Gathering Formation calmly.

“You said just now that building a formation is like building a house. That indeed makes sense.”

“However, the array formation is flexible and variable. It’s very different from building a house.”

Rong Hui’s expression changed immediately.

This was definitely the most subversive thing he had ever heard!

He had thought that every formation had its fixed structure and uses.

However, on careful thought, Lin Xuan’s words indeed made sense.

“Consort, please continue.” Rong Hui looked like he was thirsting for knowledge.

Lin Xuan pointed at the Spirit Gathering Formation and said, “The most fundamental use of this formation is to gather boundless heaven and earth spiritual energy.”

“However, if I forcibly gather all the spiritual energy inside, there will be a day when it exceeds the burden.”

“As the saying goes, it is better to unclog it instead of blocking it. If we want it to continue to exist, we must pay attention to the balance of the formation.”

Rong Hui nodded repeatedly. “That’s indeed the case! Listening to the empress’ husband’s words is even better than studying for ten years!”

The awe on Feng Jingfan’s face grew deeper.

Even a Weapon Formation Grandmaster was so humble towards the Consort. It seemed that the Consort was more capable than he had imagined.

“In your opinion, what should I do to make this Spirit Gathering Formation perfect?” Rong Hui continued to ask.

Lin Xuan smiled. “There aren’t enough five elements and seven stars, so let’s use the eight desolates and six directions.”

“Huh?” Rong Hui was shocked.

The number of eight desolates and six directions could develop into nine, eight, and one hundred million variables.

It would take at least half a year to complete such a huge project!

Before Rong Hui could react, Lin Xuan had already walked into the Spirit Gathering Formation.

He raised his finger and pointed in several directions.

Mysterious golden halos soon appeared in the Spirit Gathering Array.

The distribution of these golden halos was extremely special, and they possessed a charm that conformed to the Dao of the heavens and the earth.

After Rong Hui identified it carefully, he could not help but reveal a shocked expression. “This is the eight desolates and six directions position! You’re really fast!”

Phew ~

Golden light exploded.

The golden halos in all directions formed a beautiful curve.

At this moment, the spiritual energy that was gushing out everywhere actively flowed into the Spirit Gathering Array.

Not only that, but when the spiritual energy reached a certain concentration,

the spiritual energy in the formation flowed out from countless predetermined locations.

This cycle repeated endlessly, it was smooth, gentle, and extremely harmonious.

Rong Hui clapped and sighed. “You’re really a god!”

It was only at this moment that he understood why Lin Xuan was able to become the empress’ man.

With just this move, Lin Xuan was definitely superior to all the elites in North Mystic Heaven.

Of course, other than having expertise,

Lin Xuan’s appearance was also handsome.

When these were combined, even if it was the ancient Great Empress, she would not be able to resist Lin Xuan’s charm.

On the other hand, Feng Jingfan praised in his heart, “Her Majesty has good taste. The Consort is really one in a million!”

“Alright, let’s go in.”

Seeing that the matter was settled, Lin Xuan brought his four daughters to the Spirit Gathering Formation.

Rong Hui and Feng Jingfan immediately retreated.

According to the rules set by the empress, when the princesses were practicing their swordplay, the guards had to avoid them.

This was mainly because the sword moves Donghuang Ziyou imparted to the children were very powerful.

“Father, let me show you the sword skill Mother taught me!”

Xuan Zhu’s black eyes darted around and she was the first to hold Lin Xuan’s hand.

“I want to practice it for Daddy to see too!”

The other three girls immediately came forward to fight for his favor.

Lin Xuan rubbed their little heads dotingly. “Babies, what is the name of the sword skill that your mother taught you?”

“I said, it’s called the ‘Skylight Sword Technique’!” Xuan Xi hurriedly raised her small hand in response.

Xuan Zhu added, “Mother said that this is a middle-grade Saint-rank sword technique.”

Lin Xuan nodded silently.

No wonder Donghuang Ziyou didn’t allow anyone to observe.

The Skylight Sword Technique was a medium-grade Saint-rank sword technique and could be considered to be absolutely precious.

“Alright, then you guys can show it for Daddy to see,” Lin Xuan said with a smile.

The four little girls nodded at the same time and took a few steps back. They took a deep breath and circulated their true essence.

Using the vast spiritual energy in the Spirit Gathering Array as a guide, they picked up the long sword on the shelf.

“Father, let’s begin!”

With their fathers watching, the four little girls were full of fighting spirit.

The moment they moved, they had the momentum of a peerless powerhouse.

Lin Xuan couldn’t help but sigh.

As expected of a dragon begets a dragon, a phoenix begets a phoenix.

Donghuang Ziyou’s monstrous talent was perfectly imparted to these four children.

Coupled with the help of the medium-grade Saint-ranked “Skylight Sword Technique”, the sword moves of the four little girls were fierce and extraordinary.

Before they knew it, the four children had finished training.

They rushed to Lin Xuan and asked eagerly, “Daddy, were we good?”

“Yes!” Lin Xuan felt four soft lumps of flesh rubbing against his legs. That feeling really made his fatherly love explode.

Xuan You hugged Lin Xuan’s leg and climbed up while saying, “Since Daddy is so powerful, can Daddy teach us sword moves too?”

When Xuan Zhu and the rest heard that, they were immediately interested and pestered Lin Xuan to teach them new sword moves.

Lin Xuan could only nod. “Alright, daddy will also teach you guys a new sword move.”


The four little girls immediately scattered and stared at Lin Xuan with widened eyes.

Lin Xuan took a longsword and held it in his hand. He glanced at his four daughters. “Watch carefully.”

What he used was the “Infinite Swordsmanship” technique rewarded by the system.

Infinite meant boundless, endless, limitless, without end, and also without shadow!

This was a sword move that emphasized will, but not form. It was executed according to the heart, had no framework, and was not restricted.

Because Lin Xuan had no cultivation, he had not practiced swordplay before.

So the posture he used looked not only slow, but also weak.

However, it was a different feeling for Xuan Zhu and the others.

“Father is very slow, but I feel that he’s very powerful!”

“That’s right. Father and Mother’s sword moves are very different!”

“I want to learn!”

“Me too!”

The four little girls’ eyes lit up.

Lin Xuan put away his longsword and turned to look at his four daughters. “Did you guys learn anything?”


The four little girls nodded at the same time.

Their talent was originally at the demon level. Even though Lin Xuan’s sword moves were slow, his sword intent was extraordinary.

Xuan Zhu and the others had forgotten Lin Xuan’s sword moves, but they could firmly carve the sword intent that he revealed into their hearts.

“Then give it a try.” Lin Xuan wanted to see how far his daughters would comprehend the ‘Infinite Swordsmanship’.

“Father, I’ll go first!”

Xuan Zhu walked forward.

She took a deep breath and circulated her true essence.

After closing her eyes to comprehend the sword intent in her heart, she struck out with her sword.


A sword beam flashed out, covering a thousand feet in the blink of an eye.

The golden sword flash pierced through the Spirit Gathering Formation and landed on a huge rock in the distance.

Bang! The enormous rock exploded with a bang, and countless rocks were blasted into the sky.





The four little girls covered their mouths and cried out in shock.

Feng Jingfan and the other guards turned around in shock when they heard the commotion.

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