Necropolis Immortal

Chapter 1773

Chapter 1773: Hadal Hell

Leize brought Lu Yun to the Hadal Hell where Fuxi was buried. Prior to that, Lu Yun made a trip to the World of Swords and yanked the sleeping Demonic Vine off Jian Bu’er, wrapping her around him.

All she could do with him was sleep on and on, who knew when she’d wake up?

Meanwhile, the Sword Emperor locked his son up for intensive training. Being the lackadaisical man that he was, Jian Bu’er had squandered his immense potential with his equally incredible laziness. If he’d been willing to focus on training, he would’ve set foot into fifteenth level sequence long ago, or even higher.


Lu Yun was most familiar with the Hadal Hell. The first hell that he ever obtained—the human hell—was derived from the Hadal Hell. The latter was formed out of nine worlds that’d grown to the level of the fourth realm. Rather than being created by the god of Mount Tai, it’d simply appeared in the new era after the destruction of the original Hongmeng.

As for the Abyssal, Sanguine, and Nihil Hells, their origins remained a mystery.

On the other hand, the underworld that intersected with the world of immortals was the birthplace of the first Netherdark Hell, one that the god of Mount Tai had built himself. Wherever the flames of hell burned beaome a hell as well. Perhaps the other hells had inadvertently come into being after hell scattered throughout the fourth realm.


“Are you thinking about those hells?” Leize remained by Lu Yun’s side instead of returning to the world inside the Tome of Life and Death. They were now in the Hadal Hell, the one that Fuxi occupied after killing the tomb owner. He’d taken the owner’s place to nurture the world of sequence.

After Lu Yun claimed the core essence of sequence, the layout of the four tomb owners broke apart. Fuxi had buried himself here so that he could try to claim the layout via the world of sequence, but his attempt ended in failure.

By now, his body had very likely mutated in the tomb. Leize didn’t want Lu Yun to come to harm, so he accompanied the young man inside. Since the Hadal Hell was formed from nine massive worlds, there were nine levels to it. The ninth level within the deep was the core of the hell and where Fuxi’s main tomb was located.

“Mmhmm,” Lu Yun nodded. “Wherever hellfire burns will manifest a hell. But someone purposefully created the Hadal Hell—they destroyed nine worlds that’d reached the fourth realm to build it.

“It then traveled to the great wilderness and used the core essence of the nine worlds to support the growth of the first realm. Tianqi was born there as well.”

The world of immortals had become the heart of the worlds, but it’d also once been incomplete. There’d been only twenty-four facets left of the thirty-three; Lu Yun had manifested the nine remaining facets out of the Hadal Hell to make it whole again. The Hadal Hell had been able to make the worlds whole because it was nine worlds to begin with. However, since the worlds of the Land of Reincarnation were incomplete, so were the ones that formed the hell. Thus, it’d required outside intervention in the form of Lu Yun to create a complete world.

Lu Yun had once thought that the appearance of the Hadal Hell and Tianqi’s rebirth was the work of Fuxi and Hongjun. It would seem that they weren’t the actual ones responsible.

Was it Mo Yi?

Or the Diexi inside the crystal coffin?

Leize shook his head without an answer. Plainly, he didn’t know why the Hadal Hell had appeared in the world of immortals. The Sanguine and Nihil Hells were each trying to devour the other. The Abyssal Hell was the result of Hongmeng factions setting up various schemes in the world of immortals. It was a heck of a coincidence for the Hadal Hell to conveniently appear on top of that.

Lu Yun thought of the Tome of Life and Death, but the treasure told him that it’d simply subdued the Hadal Hell that’d appeared in the world of immortals. He possessed the treasure only in this reincarnation cycle; he’d never owned it in the past thirty-three loops. The Hadal Hell, however, had been present all the same.

In the other loops, Tianqi had awoken in Mount Tai, but not become Lu Yun’s disciple. He followed the trajectory of his destiny and became the master of the human hell.

Lu Yun had relied on the Imperial Seal back then, not hell.

Although Fuxi was buried in the Hadal Hell, he didn’t cultivate the hadal hell dao. Only a cultivator of that dao could craft such a hell.


Yin winds gusted in the Hadal Hell.

A layout for a tomb had been constructed here, just like in the Abyssal Hell. There were no signs of the Corpse Refiners or any other living creatures, just eerie shadows of ghosts that drifted in and out of sight. They didn’t draw near due to Leize’s presence and the hadal hellfire that blazed on Lu Yun’s body at all times.

The Hadal Hell buried the soul parts and true spirits of all life. Combined, they made for a soul. A soul was the core body of a yin spirit. If the Abyssal Hell was denoted by tightly packed hordes of zombies, then endless masses of ghostly entities marked a Hadal Hell.

Lu Yun wasn’t worried since Leize was by his side. He walked forward, absorbing the Hadal Hell while quietly calculating anything he could about the nine hells of the world of immortals. But all the conclusions he derived pointed to Tianqi.

Perhaps the five hells were a result of Tianqi’s efforts.

“We’re here.” Leize suddenly stopped and patted Lu Yun’s shoulder with a chuckle. “Everything’s fine. Fuxi guessed that you would come, so he’s taken care of everything.”

Fuxi’s corpse had indeed mutated and become a terrifying zombie demon. But up ahead, a Fuxi dressed in the same long white robe as Leize sat cross-legged on his coffin, suppressing it.

“There you guys are.” Fuxi opened his eyes and smiled at Lu Yun. “This is my evil self—the three-eyed man from before.”

After the revival of his primary body, Fuxi could easily split his body apart into different selves. His primary body remained on Mount Buzhou in the depths of the cosmos around the ancestral planet.

“Greetings to the senior!” Lu Yun bowed to Fuxi.

“Don’t give me that. Go back to the ancestral planet after you take care of things here. It’s turned into a battlefield.” Worry appeared in Fuxi’s eyes. “The ancestral planet is a world formed out of the seed of nothing and a very important existence for the entire fourth realm. It’s more meaningful than even the world of immortal dao sequence.

“That old soul ghost from the Hun Clan has arrived on the ancestral planet. Her target is Qing Yu.”

Lu Yun’s heart pounded painfully. As he’d thought, the four bastards had gone after Qing Yu when they couldn’t take him down!

“But don’t worry, the Three Pure Ones and my kind self are on the ancestral planet. She won’t harm Qing Yu, but you are still needed to oversee the bigger picture.”

“I understand.” Lu Yun nodded and waved a hand, collecting Fuxi’s coffin into the Tome of Life and Death. He then sat down cross-legged and operated hadal hell dao to subdue the Hadal Hell.

Although the core of this tomb was very similar to the one in the Abyssal Hell, they weren’t in the same spot. Sitting in the main burial chamber, Lu Yun communicated directly with the core of the Hadal Hell. He gathered a segment of a withered Karmic Tree and collapsed Mount Tai for refinement.

“Ah,” Fuxi thought of something and looked at Lu Yun. “You have a ghost ancestor among your subordinates. Be careful—he really is the ancestor of all ghosts in the Land of Reincarnation. He’s the fellow who was originally buried in the Nihil Hell.

“The ghost ancestor is more dangerous than the soul ghost. He’s just lost himself in the cycle of reincarnation and completely forgotten the past, However, he’s shown signs of awakening recently.”

Lu Yun jumped with shock and paused his movements. “You mean that more than the soul ghost survived out of the original tomb owners?”

“Correct,” Fuxi nodded. “Only the soul ghost and ghost ancestor have maintained their original wills. The other two have dissolved into the yin spirits and ghost race.”

Leize waved a hand and swept the three of them into a blood-red world—the Sanguine Hell. Thus conquered, the Hadal Hell floated into the Tome of Life and Death as a world pearl.

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