Mystical Journey

Chapter 245: Attacked 1

Chapter 245: Attacked 1

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There was a dark green figure by the slanted forest just outside the Trenjons Manor. It was a young woman in a tight green shirt and dress. Although she had an average face and was slightly filled in her chest and backside, she was incredible sexy in the tight shirt.

She was carrying five black arrows on her back and holding a black longbow with her hand. She was looking into the Trenjons Manor coldly from afar.

The ray of light during noon landed on the right of her body, reflecting off a faint green light.

She squat down slowly and used a dagger to leave a shallow mark onto the grass beside her feet.

She then stood up, turned around, and disappeared into the trees.


Two days later, in the morning hours.

A black horse carriage slowly came out of the Trejons’s manor, headed towards the Black Flower Mountain.

The carriage was pulled by two strong black horses. They were going through the sea of trees at incredible speed, with no sign of stopping down anytime soon.

With the carriage’s window wound down halfway, a handsome young man with golden hair and pale skin could be seen inside. He looked tired, as he supported himself with one hand on the chin by the window, as if he was taking a nap.

A set of blue eyes were staring at the moving carriage in the forest. As the carriage moved further away, the eyes followed suit.

Diaz was following the carriage closely, jumping around the branches swiftly. Everytime she landed onto a tree, she was perfectly hidden behind the branches and well hidden within the carriage’s blindspot. She was as swift and stealthy as a civet, so stealthy even the grass wasn’t disturbed.

She had one hand on her thigh the entire time. She was wearing a black long stockings, which had a line of thin black needles placed on them. The black needles connected the short green dress and stockings together, and no wind seemed to be able to coax the skirts upwards.

The carriage and her were moving without rest. Occasionally other carriages would pass by, and they would take a short break during the journey. After an hour or so, the carriages took a turn and went down a small, remote lane.

The carriages that were on the road could not be seen from here. Only the farmer natives, who were there to collect firewood, would occasionally seen on this road.

The carriage stopped as it reached the very end of the road.

The young man opened the car door and jumped out of the carriage, exchanging a few words with the driver. A tall person in black armour came down from the carriage, and the two of them formed a line and slowly went into the forest in front of them.

Diaz was confused, and slowly removed a black needle from her skirt.

"This place should be nearly outside of Vanderman’s range of awareness…" She muttered as she slowly followed the duo.


Garen was looking carefully looking for the medicinal herbs at the place where he had previously found the Amejade grass. This time, he went deeper into the forest. Ulun, who was fully equipped with his battle gear, was following him from behind. This calm middle aged man who always looked puzzled and suspicious was following him silently from the rear without asking what Garen was doing, owing to his good manners.

Eventually, they arrived at the location where they had their camping trip. Ulun walked in front of Garen on his own accord, pulled out a short sword and went into a state of alertness. Although the dangerous animals should not have recovered yet when he killed them off, it’s better to be safe than sorry.

"Don’t be so tight up about it. Hadn’t we just left not long ago?" Garen laughed.

"It’s always better to be more careful." Ulun was unswayed by it.

Garen shrugged his shoulders and let him do what he wanted. He was searching high and low for the things he was looking for with a container in hand, ready to place anything inside as he went on his search.

Two of them went straight into the deep forest without any detour. They could faintly see the mountain ranges that pierced through the clouds, the peak of the green mountains covered with white snow.

The grass on the ground had grown longer over the years. Occasionally, fierce venomous snakes and spiders would jumped out of the grass to attack them, but they were all disposed off by Ulun.

Garen didn’t recognize most of the plants, as there were only a little of them that looked similar to what was in his previous world. He was searching for those that he was familiar with, such as the amejade grass, pinweed, etc.

They eventually found two in the dense forest. However, they were only less than a hundred years old. It was as if they were extremely lucky to be able to find the thousand year old amejade grass last time.

Unsatisfied, he continued looking for it. He knew that the types of grasses similar to the amejade grass would be grouped in the same area. So when he found a few bunches of amejade grass, he kept on searching near the surrounding area.

"I’ve found it!" His eyes brightened up as he walked a few steps forward towards the thousand year old amejade grass, which was located just behind a green colored stone. The leaves were filled with tiny white spots, which gave off a sense of uncleanliness.

"It’s a thousand-year-old one! It’s even older than the ones I’ve previously collected!" Garen was filled with joy. It took him great difficulty to find a thousand year old amejade grass among the bunch. This particular one that he found had the medicinal effect of two packets of herbs. He estimated that it could recover half of his peak strength with this.

At this point, he believed that he could not find any more in this area any longer, as these herbs had high requirements towards the environment in order to live. He could only depend on to encounter more of them, as the soil quality further ahead was not suitable for the amejade grass to grow.

Garen went straight for the herbs, preparing to dig it up before doing anything else.


Suddenly a rattling sound came from behind him.

Afterwards, the sound of shirt flapping could be heard, and a greenish human figure jumped over his head and landed gently in front of Garen.

"Reveal your identity!!"

Ulun quickly pulled out a sword and place it in front of Garen with one hand and held a dagger with the other hand.

"Who are you?!" Ulun was staring at the girl in green skirt. The opponent had a green short hair and was holding a longbow in her hand. She was looking at the duo with a rather disturbing gaze.

"A forest ranger? No, there shouldn’t be any forest rangers in this area. Who are you?" Ulun asked with a solemn look, as he knew that the move performed by the opponent was something he, a Soldier-level could only hope to do.

The woman laughed and didn’t answer his question. She had her eyes on Garen the whole time.

"A rich playboy who doesn’t go and enjoy his life, and instead decides to dig up some weeds in this deserted area? Acacia, what are you up to?"

"Who are you!" Garen retreated and hid behind Ulun. "How do you know my name?" He was trying his best to act frightened while paying attention to the woman in front of him.

The opponent was filled with energy spirit, which made him slightly anxious. It was an opponent that was currently stronger than him.

"My name is Diaz. Consider yourself unlucky because I am currently in a very bad mood!" Diaz started smiling coldly as she raised her right hand.

Suddenly, a soft sonic boom rang out.


Ulun forcefully pushed Garen away and shielded him. He grunted and swung both of his swords towards the woman only to be easily evaded by her.

"Run!!" Ulun shouted as he swung his swords at incredible speed at Diaz without any concern for his injury.

Garen stumbled about as he ran away. As he ran for a few steps, he saw a blue figure at the corner of his sight.

"It’s the blue scaled snake! Of course!" He felt a chill in his body. The opponent was definitely related to Aquarius.

Shortly after, he heard Ulun shouted from behind him, and was completely silent after that.

"Can you even escape?" A woman’s voice came from behind and a soft sonic boom was heard as well.

Garen pretended to sprain his ankle and tumbled on the ground as he avoided the black needle. He tumbled down the slope and landed onto a grass field.

He heard the sound of the footsteps approaching as he saw Diaz’s figure in front of him. She pulled out her long sword and pointed it at Garen.

"You’re so weak." She looked at him arrogantly.

She looked at him as if he was a joke when she saw the herbs that was in Garen’s hand.


She stomped onto the basket of herbs with all her might and as a result, the herbs were completely ruined, leaving no useful ingredients behind.

"Is this the garbage you’ve been looking for all over the place? It’s very unfortunate that they’re completely useless now~~"

"What the f*ck!"

Garen’s eyes were filled with rage. These herbs were collected with his sweat and time, and now they were completely ruined by her stomp.

As he looked out from the corner of his vision again, and still the blue-scaled snake was there. He was very sure that a Luminarist was controlling the situation in the dark.

"You dare to kill me!!? I am the only successor to the Trejons Household! You may want to consider the consequence before killing me! My whole household will never let you go!!!" Garen acted as if he was omnipotent. However, he was only strong on the appearance in the eyes of the blue-scaled snake and Diaz.

"Never let me go? Hehe, I’m so scared…" Diaz started to laugh loudly, so much so that she started to tearing up. "I didn’t know garbage like you even knew how to threaten others."


At this moment, Garen showcased a little of his battle skills. He got up, ran and jumped to the other side of the steep slope without giving Diaz a chance to react.

"You’re dead!" Diaz quickly followed up and chased Garen down at full speed as she jumped to the other side of the steep slope as well.

The human-like eyes on the blue-scaled snake looked slightly disappointed.

"Is that what he is only capable of? This is the little strength that he was hiding?" It hesitated for a moment and eventually turned around and left the area. "I’ve wasted my effort to arrange a General-level to be here."


A sound of a heavy object falling into the water came from the steep slope.


The end of the slope was actually a deep green colored pond.

Diaz flew down, tracking Garen’s rolling. She ended up at the cliff edge of the slope and looked down at the pond down below.

"There’s no one here!? Where did he run off to? Did he fall down?" She was mortified as she looked down at the water ripple in the pond.

"If I die, someone will avenge me. What about you?" Suddenly a gentle male voice came from behind her.

Diaz felt a shiver from her head to toe and out of reflex, she struck back with her sword and shot out three black needles at the same time.

Pew pew pew!!

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