Mystical Journey

Chapter 222: Clarity 2

Chapter 222: Clarity 2

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This was the fighting style he had come up after gathering all sorts of secret techniques and merging them with the physical fighting style of the Golden Statue Technique, a style that was most suitable for him. East King Hand and West Phoenix Fist were among the most essential moves.

Garen understood that regular attacks were meaningless when facing an opponent like Palosa, so he decided to just use his strongest moves.

Putting his palms together, piercing straight ahead.

The huge phoenix wings behind him were formed from aura, pressing down on the opponent’s acupressure points from both sides as it created a huge impact in at instant, forcing the opponent to take the hit head-on. This was an ultra-powerful lethal attack combining acupressure, aura, and killing moves!

Garen’s hands were straight as an arrow as he rushed forth, like the sharpest drill, aiming for Palosa’s chest.

If this move made contact, he just had to split his palms apart and the victim would be instantly torn into two. It was the same result as the East King Hand.

If the East King Hand used great speed and power to compress invisible air currents into killing a person, then the West Phoenix Fist was the essence of all of Garen’s skills.

Palosa’s right arm grabbed forth, while his left hand quickly touched a few points on his body.

With a tearing sound, his arm suddenly expanded greatly. It was surrounded by a swarm of countless currents of black aura, crawling around his arm like bugs.

"Secret technique, Snake Scale Arm!"

In a split second, those transparent phoenix wings collided abruptly into the black aura. A huge aura current erupted in all directions at the same time.


The earth gave a mighty tremor, making everyone’s feet and the rest of their bodies numb.

Some of the stone statues that had been knocked around in the previous fighting fell to the ground with a crash, stone shards going everywhere.


Andrela took a few large strides forward, and was black by the general from Weisman with the black chest hair.

"Looking like you guys really do plan to help the Clown King stop us." Andrela casually slices with his sword a few times, his eyes staring intently at the general before him.

"Unfortunately, compared to the Clown King, you guys are the bigger threat. After we’re done with you, we’ll naturally go settle the clown." The general chuckled.

"Settle us? With just you guys?" Andrela laughed coldly. "Although I don’t know how the Clown King got you guys together, Garen’s power is not something you lot can imagine. The King of Nightmares has also long since ceased to be the Nightmare that you know."

"Cut the crap, it still comes down to true power." The general with black chest hair didn’t mince any more words, pulling out a pair of black handguns and twirling them with a swoosh.


The one in front of Nightmare is the female leader of the demon hunters, Elysha.

"King of Nightmares, you are indeed very strong, but I’m only here to keep you occupied. As soon as those two are done, your death will be imminent." Demon Hunter Elysha laughed coldly.

"Are you joking?" Nightmare yawned.

"What do you think?" Elysha pulled out a black lace belt from her pocket, and actually blindfolded herself. "Your hypnotic power is 80% reliant on sight. Unfortunately, I’m strongest when I’m not using my eyes…"

"Oh?" Nightmare got slightly more serious. Elysha was one of the strongest Demon Hunters, the strongest of her generation. That wasn’t a title you got by bluffing.

But how many of those who managed to get to Smoke Island were small fry, anyway? They all had impressive abilities and resumes. To really find out who was stronger, the only way was with face-to-face battles.



Garen’s right claw pressed onto Palosa’s arms, his sharp fingernails digging deep into Palosa’s arm muscles.

"Secret Technique, Shadow Fist!" Palosa’s arms suddenly became blurry, almost as though he grew another pair of arms, abruptly appearing in front of Palosa’s chest."

"Divine Statue, Red Palm!" Garen had absolutely no intention of dodging, the corners of his lips turning cruel. His left palm pressed towards Palosa, the palm completely red, glowing and smooth like a jade. Even the veins, muscles and bones were slightly visible.


There was yet another blunt noise, and the two were blasted apart, each of them taking a few steps back.

A charred black handprint appeared on Palosa’s chest, blood leaking out of his mouth and nose. His fingers quickly pressed a few more dots onto his body, and a small cube-shaped swelling on his chest vanished in a trace. His expression improved a lot with that.

"Once more!" Garen threw caution to the windows, rushing forth once more. His feet stomped down hard on the floor, boom boom boom! Madly charging forward like a behemoth, his enormous legs smashed into the floor hard, like stone pillars.

Each step brought with it extremely heavy tremors.

Compared to Palosa, the two handprints on Garen’s chest were merely surface deep, and had barely caused any damage at all.

The two of them collided into each other once more, both of them using brute force and aiming to kill, without holding anything back. After Palosa’s meditative retreat, he had managed to regain the power he had at his peak. And Garen had also progressed beyond the level of power he had when they first fought.

With every time they made contact, they created an intense explosion of aura. The powerful gusts of wind kept blowing in all directions, compressing the air with high pressure and creating fierce bursting noises, as though they were lighting firecrackers.


Before Palosa could catch his breath, Garen’s palm landed on his shoulder. He retreated more than ten steps back, his fingers hastily using the secret technique to rapidly heal his injury. Then he pounced at Garen once more, without the slightest pause.

It had only been a few seconds since they began fighting, but the stone forest was already in shatters. Nobody could interfere.

Forcing Palosa back with one hit of his palm, Garen rushed forward, and grabbed both of Palosa’s arms with his hands.

"Let’s see you regenerate again after I tear apart your limbs!" The battle had drawn on some of the viciousness in him. The Divine Statue Technique’s extreme endurance allowed him to function at full strength for a few days and nights. Right now, he was practically a humanoid mecha, who knew no weariness. He could even instantly recover from injuries. After all, the Divine Statue Technique had always been known for its extreme regenerative power.

A series of hits, all of them taken head-on, was a bit too much for even Palosa.

Pom! He pushed apart the hands grabbing him and stumbled before taking yet another palm blow. Another mouthful of blood leaked out of his lips. But at the same time, he landed a kick on Garen’s abdomen.

However, it was obvious that his opponent was planning to take a hit for a hit. Seeing how energetic Garen was, it seemed that he had improved a great deal more since last time. Even the attacks that landed on his body were stiff, the power unable to spread.

"Do it!!" Polsa suddenly roared.

Shocked for a moment, Garen abruptly felt a great gust of wind rushing towards him mercilessly, hitting him in the middle of his back.


Garen’s whole body was pushed a few steps forward, before his legs dug themselves into the ground and steadied him. He had no time to think, because there were five terrifyingly threatening presences coming at him from all four directions, as well as from above his head.

Other than Palosa, the other four were each at least as strong as Duskdune Shura, while the strongest among them was almost equal to Palosa.

These five elite fighters all came at him at once.

It felt to Garen as though all the air around him had been sucked away, and he was standing in a vacuum. The skin on his body, face and arms were all rippling with the force of that immense wind.

Looking from above, Garen was standing alone in the middle, while Holy Fist Palosa, The Glorious Chancer, the Werewolf Bedega, and the Clown King were coming from all four sides.

Above him was the last Weisman general, holding a spear like a tuning fork as he aimed for Garen’s head from above.

The five enormous auras merged and mashed together, all aiming for Garen in the center.

"Palosa!! You have fallen!!"

Garen howled with mad laughter, holding his arms wide.

A pale shade of platinum began to spread rapidly across his skin, as though he had been plated in platinum. The result had an indescribable sense of sacredness and purity.

Platinum aura gathered around him in an instant. Countless currents of platinum aura gathered together, slowly becoming a strange image!

It was a huge platinum face, Garen’s own face!!


The platinum aura abruptly erupted!


Northern Territory

The whole Northern Territory was covered with blood and corpses. There was almost no one left alone. Only the central region.

In the center, amidst a wasteland of gore, Sylphalan stood quietly among the corpses, his face covered with splattered blood.

His body was emitting an unspeakably terrifying black aura, just like viscous black tar, covering the entire area and turning it into a dark hell.

On his brow, countless veins had gathered and formed a strange symbol like an eye. It was as though he had grown a third eye.

The God of Spear, Mare was kneeling not far away from him, the short spear in his hand having been broken in two. There was a large hole in his shoulder, so much so that the white fog behind his shoulder was almost visible.

The King of the North Pole was deathly pale, lying unconscious on the floor nearby. There were pieces of metal shrapnel all around him, probably something from an airplane.

The King of the Gun, Nikon had been broken into two, his eyes wide at the injustice of his death.


Amidst a thick fog in the distance, a beam of platinum aura burst toward the sky.

Throughout the whole island, every living creature’s spirit responded with a jolt.

Sylphalan looked in the direction of the distant south, and it was as though he could see Garen’s face.

"Aura Solidification…" In that instant, it was as though he saw that unbeatable figure from his youth. "Big Brother…"

He pointed his finger at the sky.


A surge of black aura suddenly formed a pillar, shooting into the sky and becoming an enormous face. It wasn’t his, but that of a gentle and beautiful woman.

For a moment two huge faces from the North and South stared at each other across the distance.


Garen stood quietly in the same place as before, platinum aura emanating from his body and dying the entire central area white.

He stood alone in the center, his platinum-colored skin clear and eye-catching, as though he was the only God in all the world.

The three generals, Palosa, and the Clown King were all forced down by the platinum aura. Each of them were injured to some extent in the blow just now, drastically reducing their power. Just then they were being held down by the aura and fought against it desperately, but to no avail. All they could do was struggle in the tiny area of their own aura.

Garen looked into the distant North. In the sky there, a black face was looking at his direction.

"Aura Solidification… Sylphalan…"

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