Myriad Paths of the Dragon Emperor

Chapter 2016 - Chapter 2016: Beating up the great emperor

Chapter 2016: Beating up the great emperor

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What are you looking at? I’m so happy! I’m waiting for the great emperor of the he clan to be beaten into a pig head!

I’m going to record everything with the image exhaling stone. A great emperor being beaten into a pig’s head is definitely worth collecting. Perhaps I can sell it to someone else for a high price!

Desolate li and the others glared back at him, then took out the aura image stone and copied down the image.

“You guys … You’re looking for death!”

The experts of the he family were furious.

However, what made them want to vomit blood was that many people at the scene took out the shadow breath stone and made a copy.

This included the Heng family and the Daluo heaven sect.

Indeed, the scene of a great emperor being beaten into a pig’s head was a rare sight. He believed that many people would spend a lot of money to buy it.

This made the he family’s people’s faces turn red.

In the sky, Lu Ming chased after the he family Thearch after he had sent him flying. He continued to launch a storm of attacks.

The he clan’s great emperor howled. A world floated out from his body.

In this world, one could even see the birth of some strange creatures that lived and reproduced inside.

The endless power of the world was controlled by the he family Emperor. It merged with the great Dao of heaven and earth and turned into a terrifying killing technique that was aimed at Lu Ming.

However, Lu Ming still did not care about his own defense. He rushed out arrogantly and slashed down with the stone sword. He broke through the world power and attacked the he clan’s great emperor.

The two of them exchanged more than ten moves in a row. The great emperor of the he family was at a complete disadvantage. Lu Ming found another flaw and slashed down with his sword.

This sword directly slashed the face of the he clan great emperor.

The great emperor of the he clan surrounded his body with the great Dao. The power of the world spread out as he set up layers of defense around his body.

However, when the sword slashed down, the he clan’s great emperor was still sent flying as if he had been hit by a huge mountain. His body spun a few thousand rounds in the sky.

He felt his head buzzing, and his soul was almost blasted out.


The next moment, Lu Ming charged at the he clan great emperor and slashed down again.


The great emperor of the he clan was sent flying once again.

However, Lu Ming did not penetrate the he family great Emperor’s defense. He only made the other party dizzy.

the energy stored in Celestial Emperor’s corporeal body is still too little. Its offensive power is still insufficient!

Lu Ming sighed in his heart.

Only twelve percent of the heavenly Emperor’s energy was stored in his body. Although he was able to suppress the great emperor of the he clan with his unparalleled defense, it was still difficult to break through his defense.

If the energy stored in the celestial Thearch’s physical body reached twenty percent, Lu Ming was confident that he could break through the other party’s defense and even kill him.

However, even if he couldn’t break through his opponent’s defense now, he could still abuse his opponent ruthlessly.


Lu Ming dashed towards the he clan’s great emperor again and kicked him hard on the face. The he clan’s great emperor groaned and his body was sent flying again.

Then, Lu Ming caught up with him and blasted the he family great emperor away again.

The great emperor of the he family was sent flying everywhere by Lu Ming’s attacks like a ball.

“Great emperor…”

Below, the powerhouses of the he family were all pale.

Some of the onlookers were dumbfounded.

As for the many people who were with Lu Ming, they were all ecstatic.

hahaha, this feels good, too good. Hit his face. Yes, yes, hit him hard!

Desolate li laughed as if he was the one beating up the he clan Emperor. At the same time, he did not forget to use the image exterminating stone to record the scene.

On the side, Emperor Heng’s expression was a little unsightly.

If Lu Ming could beat up the great emperor of the he family, then wouldn’t he be able to do the same to him?


In the sky, the he clan’s great emperor had finally sobered up after being beaten up many times. He roared madly and the small world in his body seemed to be burning.


He began to go all out. He launched a few terrifying attacks at Lu Ming, bombarding his body. He finally forced Lu Ming to retreat. At the same time, he frantically rushed into the distance and disappeared in the blink of an eye.


Then, the voice of the great emperor of the he clan could be heard.

Many experts of the he clan had an ugly expression on their faces. However, since the great emperor of the he clan had left, they could only retreat. Instantly, each and every one of the he clan turned into a ray of light and fled in a sorry state.

In the blink of an eye, he was careless.

In the sky, Lu Ming looked at the Emperor of the Heng family with a hint of excitement.

Emperor Heng’s expression changed.

He knew that it was impossible for him to kill Lu Ming and take back the celestial Emperor’s sword or even the celestial Emperor’s physical body.


Emperor Heng shouted as his body flickered and he also left.

As for the experts of the Heng family, they hurriedly fled out of the yuan mountain sacred Institute.

“Let’s go!”

The void shook and the Emperor of tianluo appeared. He glanced at Lu Ming unwillingly and left with the people of the Daluo heaven sect.

The three Emperor-level forces had come with great momentum, but they left in a sorry state.

And all of this was because of Lu Ming.

When they came, it was because of Lu Ming!

When he retreated, it was also because of Lu Ming!

It could be said that the three great forces were in a sorry state this time, especially the he family. Lu Ming had killed one of the void Emperor and one of the true Emperor. Even the great emperor was beaten up by Lu Ming. They were destined to become a laughing stock.

As for the Heng family, Lu Ming had also killed a small emperor.

it’s too terrifying. Lu Ming controls the celestial Thearch’s physical body and can suppress the great emperor. From now on, no one in the yuan mountain is his match!

that’s right. With the celestial Thearch’s physical body protecting him, Lu Ming will definitely grow up smoothly. 1 wonder how terrifying a son of chaos will be when he grows up!

Many people were whispering. Some forces even started to consider whether they should befriend Lu Ming.

After all, there was no need to doubt Lu Ming’s character.

Disregarding his own safety and working together with the great emperor to seal the spatial passageway of the evil god race … Just this point alone was enough to leave a good impression on others.

Now, Lu Ming had the celestial Thearch’s physical body to protect him. He would definitely grow into a terrifying powerhouse in the future. It was not impossible for him to even break through to the great emperor realm. It was naturally best to befriend Lu Ming now.

“It’s a pity that the stored energy is too little, and it’s about to be used up now!”

With a single thought, Lu Ming walked out from the celestial Thearch’s corporeal body’s glabella. Then, the corporeal body shrank rapidly and was put away by Lu Ming.

The energy stored in the heavenly Emperor’s body had almost been used up during the battle with the he family’s Emperor. Otherwise, he wouldn’t have minded torturing the Heng family’s Emperor and the tianluo Emperor.

It was because his energy was depleted that Lu Ming did not pursue and attack. Otherwise, he would be done for if he was exposed.

In fact, the he family’s Thearch was scared of Lu Ming. If he had held on a little longer, Lu Ming would have been exposed. Then, the Heng family’s Thearch and the Emperor of tianluo would have joined forces and Lu Ming would be in danger.

However, they did not know that the celestial Thearch’s physical body needed to store energy before it could be controlled. They did not dare to fight Lu Ming.

Lu Ming descended from the sky and walked towards Huang Ling and the rest.

hahaha, Lu Ming, it’s so satisfying to beat you up. It’s so satisfying. I’ve copied down all the skills just now. Let’s enjoy them together when we have time!

Desolate li laughed, his eyes shining.

Huang Ling, Long Chen, and the others also smiled.

“It’s a pity that I didn’t manage to kill a single great emperor!”

Lu Ming shook his head and sighed..

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