Myriad Paths of the Dragon Emperor

Chapter 1891 - Chapter 1891: Chapter 1891-killing chief Wu

Chapter 1891: Chapter 1891-killing chief Wu

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Many people recognized Lu Ming’s chaos law and exclaimed in shock.


Unexpectedly, a son of chaos had appeared here.

No wonder his combat strength was so terrifying.

Chief Wu’s heart trembled, his eyes filled with disbelief.

He had actually provoked a son of chaos.

But then, the killing intent in his eyes grew.

Since he had already offended them, he would kill them to get rid of future trouble. Otherwise, he would be the one to die in the future.

He was a decisive person. After making his decision, he immediately said,” “Let’s go and kill him together!”

He said to the other two.


Qiu Yue walked in the air with two curved blades floating around her. She said, ” “Lu Ming, leave these two to me!”


Lu Ming nodded. Although the other two people had high cultivation, one was a complete absolute Saint and the other was a peak absolute Saint, Qiu Yue would have no problem blocking them.

Qiu Yue walked in the air, surrounded by the laws of yin and yang. She charged towards the two, and the two of them immediately began to fight.


Lu Ming shouted and used the divine sword technique. His soul was like a sword, stabbing at his opponent.

At the same time, Lu Ming extended his finger and pointed at the void. In the void, endless energy gathered and formed a huge finger that pressed down on chief Wu.

Wu Chu’s pupils constricted and he felt a chill in his heart, as if he was facing a fatal crisis.

“Heavenly astral Divine Claw!”

Wu Chu roared and used all his strength to use a sacred art. A huge claw formed and grabbed at the chaos finger of tribulation.


&Nbsp; the massive claw clashed with the primal Chaos tribulation finger.

The void trembled violently. In the next moment, Wu Chu’s claw collapsed under his horrified eyes. The powerful force of the chaotic tribulation finger hit him, causing him to spit out blood and fall heavily to the ground.

Wu Chu’s battle-power wasn’t very strong among those in the great circle of the absolute Saint realm. His divine power was only at 85%, and it was just ordinary nomological laws. How could it compare to the chaotic finger, which was at 80%? it was far too inferior.

One move and chief Wu was severely injured.

The attack just now was Lu Ming’s strongest attack.

“Chaos finger!”

Lu Ming pointed with his finger again and another chaos finger of tribulation was formed.

Wu Chu revealed a look of despair as he tried to block. However, after this attack, his injuries became even more severe, and half of his body almost exploded.

When facing ordinary martial artists, Lu Ming could completely cross a realm and kill his opponents.


Following that, Lu Ming continued to swing his fists. The terrifying fist force drowned out area Wu.

Wu Chu howled and let out an unwilling roar. He tried his best to resist, but gradually, his voice became smaller and smaller until it disappeared.

By the time Lu Ming stopped, Wu Chu had already disappeared. His body and soul had been destroyed, leaving only a storage ring on the ground. Lu Ming waved his hand and kept Wu Chu’s storage ring.

The two people who were fighting with Qiu Yue were terrified.

The pinnacle absolute Saint broke through Qiu Yue’s attack and tried to escape.

“Do you think you can escape?”

Lu Ming said coldly. His body flickered and he caught up to the man in an instant. He pointed a finger and the chaotic finger of tribulation formed, crushing toward the man.

The man screamed as his body was torn apart and he died on the spot.

An absolute Saint at the peak was killed by Lu Ming in an instant.

The remaining absolute Saint was also turned into ashes by Qiu Yue’s destructive energy.

The fact that the three experts had died so quickly at the hands of two young men made the expressions of the people nearby turn extremely grave.

the son of chaos is truly astonishing. His battle prowess is heaven-defying!

it’s better not to provoke such a peerless genius. There’s probably a terrifying force supporting him!

Some people were discussing and looking at Lu Ming and Lin Feng with grave eyes.

Lu Ming and Qiu Yue stood on one side, looking at the abyss.

The others also focused their attention on the endless sword source.

As time passed, more and more people gathered, causing many people’s faces to turn gloomy.

I don’t care anymore. If we continue, there will be more and more people. By then, we won’t be able to get many sword sources. I’d like to give it a try and see if there’s anything strange about it!

Finally, someone couldn’t take it anymore. An old man stepped out and rushed toward the source of the sword.

He saw that he was approaching the source of the sword, but there was nothing unusual.


The elder reached out with his hand, which was formed by Saint power, and grabbed at the sword source.

The big hand grabbed down, but there was still nothing unusual. The old man grabbed more than a dozen sword sources and put them away.


The old man was ecstatic. There was no danger at all. They had been overthinking.

When the others saw that there was no danger, they all revealed greedy expressions and were about to take action to fight for the sword source.

At this time, a terrifying sword light suddenly slashed out from the abyss below.

“Not good!”

The old man’s expression changed drastically. With a wave of his hand, he laid down layers of defense in an attempt to resist.

However, as the sword light slashed past, the old man’s defense instantly collapsed. The sword light did not stop. With one slash, the old man screamed as his body was cut in half. His corpse fell into the abyss and disappeared.

Everyone was shocked and stopped in their tracks.

“There’s someone in the abyss!”

Someone exclaimed.

Sure enough, at the bottom of the abyss, a man holding a long sword stepped out.

It was a middle-aged man in a brocade robe. His aura was extremely shocking. He had reached the perfected absolute Saint realm.

It was obvious that this was the person who had slashed out with the sword.

There was actually someone in the abyss?

Could it be that the source of the sword was gathered because of this person?


He roared, and sword Qi whistled through the air as he charged toward the crowd.

he’s just a complete absolute Saint. Let’s kill him together!

Someone roared and launched a counterattack.

Then, someone else made a move.

There were many experts who entered the sword tomb to explore. They came from all over the yuan mountain. The worst of them were usually Supreme Saints. Many of them were absolute Saints, and there was no lack of perfected absolute Saints.

Three absolute Saints in the great circle attacked and fought with the person who had walked out of the abyss.

Three versus one. The person who walked out of the abyss was naturally no match, but this person seemed to be fearless of death. He attacked with all his might and did not care about defense.

something’s wrong. This person doesn’t seem to have any spiritual intelligence. He only knows how to attack!

Lu Ming’s gaze flickered.

He realized that the person who walked out of the abyss had a blank look in his eyes. He was like a walking corpse.

not good! Someone has walked out of the abyss!

Someone shouted.

Everyone looked over and saw more figures appearing in the abyss. It wasn’t just one or two, but many.

One by one, figures appeared, full of cold killing intent. As soon as they appeared, they attacked the crowd in all directions.

“That’s the sect master of the round blade sect. I know him. I heard that he has been adventuring in the sword tomb. So he’s here?”

“That’s wind chasing sword Liu shilang. He doesn’t seem to recognize me at all!”

Exclamations rang out one after another.

These people seemed to be the adventurers who had entered the sword tomb and were familiar with some of the people present. However, they seemed to have lost their minds and only knew how to kill..

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