My Youth Began With Him

Chapter 51: Courting Death

Chapter 51: Courting Death

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"Mr. Qin…should we continue with this meeting?" the Vice President asked cautiously.

Without a word, Qin Chu picked up his phone from the table and turned to leave.

Yang, his assistant, quietly waved at the executives, signaling for them to leave.

How could they continue with the meeting when their boss was in a bad mood?

After Qin Chu returned to his office, he took off his jacket and tossed it onto the sofa.

Yang was so afraid that he dared not to speak, and the atmosphere in the office grew incredibly tense.

"Send out the order to cancel all company projects with Triumph Steel Works. Also, warn our clients and partners that GK will no longer be conducting business with any corporations affiliated with Triumph Steel Works."

"Mr. Qin, did you say…Triumph Steel Works? I just want to make sure."

During his time as the president's assistant, this was the first time he heard his boss release such a harsh death warrant, so how could he not take it seriously? But then again, it hadn't been that long yet...

If he remembered correctly, Triumph Steel Works was just a small or medium-sized local construction company.

Perhaps GK's subsidiary real estate companies have collaborated with them?

But then again, how did the manager of Triumph Steel Works manage to offend his boss?

Could it be because of some woman? Or was it some sort of grudge? What caused his boss to be so angry?

"I think you've reached your end as my assistant," Qin Chu said coldly.

"Mr. Qin, I'll handle this right now." Assistant Yang ran away in fear, not daring to stay for another minute.

Qin Chu looked at the message Liu Siying sent him on his phone. The side of his mouth twitched in disgust as he said, "You sure are courting death."

Wei Dong really did have it coming.

He clearly knew that Qin Chu loved Huo Mian, but regardless, he still chased after her. He clearly asked for it.

Of course, Wei Dong really thought that Qin Chu's feelings for Huo Mian had been left in the past.

After all, no one had heard any gossip concerning Qin Chu and Huo Mian after Qin Chu had returned to the country.

Aside from Zhu Lingling, none of their other classmates knew what was going on between the two of them.

- At Triumph Steel Works Corporation -

Wei Dong's father, Wei Changfu, was overwhelmed. He made plenty of phone calls and begged plenty of friends, but all his attempts failed to solve the problem.

It was a true disaster; all of their big clients canceled projects with them because they were terrified of offending GK.

Meanwhile, the only GK subsidiary company they collaborated with, GK Real Estate, had also declared that it would never work with them ever again.

Their main sources of income had disappeared. Without the support of these major companies, he could only earn a small fraction of their original revenue.

How could he run the company when he couldn't even afford to pay the employees?

"Dad, what's wrong?" Wei Dong immediately left his friend's dinner party and returned to the company when his dad called him.

"Something disastrous."

"What's so disastrous? Is it that serious?" confused, Wei Dong asked.

Wei Changfu then told Wei Dong everything, and in the end, he cursed, "Damn it, how did we offend GK? Why would they release a death warrant against a small company like ours? How will we survive? The strong really like to prey on the weak these days. We can't afford to offend GK. I called GK's headquarters to talk to their executives, but they won't even give me a chance. What should we do? We worked so hard to get to where we are today. Will all of it go to waste now?"

Wei Dong suddenly remembered something when he heard 'GK'.

"Dad, let me try to deal with this. I've got a classmate at GK."

"You have a solution?" Hints of hope sparked within Wei Changfu.

"Let me try to talk to him first."

After he spoke, Wei Dong left the company in anger.

Then, he sent a message in his high school WeChat group, "Who has Qin Chu's number? Send it to me."

He waited a while, but no one answered...

With no other choice and no time to waste, he drove to GK headquarters in a rush.

"I want to see Qin Chu."

"Do you have a reservation?" the receptionist asked politely.

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