My Youth Began With Him

Chapter 47: Raising Money

Chapter 47: Raising Money

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After hesitating for a few seconds, Huo Mian nodded her head; she knew that she could not hide this from the director.

"Yes, we know each other from before," she said, trying to avoid the important and dwell on the trivial.

"That makes things easier. If you are friends, I suggest that you ask Dr. Qin to perform the surgery for your brother. You should know that he is a doctor from Harvard. With the assistance of the lead surgeon at our hospital, your brother's surgery will have a higher chance of success. What do you think?"

"Em, I'll think about it. Thanks for your reminder."

After they finished talking, Huo Mian turned around and left the director's office… Her mood was complicated beyond compare.

Should she ask for Qin Chu's help? She would rather die. Maybe she should gather the money first. After all, 300,000 yuan was no small sum.

- Inside the patient's room -

Her mother was already awake when Huo Mian walked in, and she looked like she was still in a bad mood.

"Mom, I have something to talk to you about," Huo Mian started softly.

Yang Meirong turned her pale face away and did not respond.

"I just went to the hospital director's office and asked about Zhixin's situation. The director also suggested another surgery, but it's very expensive. It'll cost 300,000 yuan."

"We will save Zhixin even if we have to sell our house and property. What good is money?" Yang Merong said resolutely, staring at Huo Mian.

Huo Mian nodded, "I was thinking of the same thing. I will do anything to save Zhixin. Mom, take care of yourself and leave the rest to me. I'll go get the money first."

"Sell the house, we can rent," Yang Meirong said in a muffled voice as she lowered her head.

"We don't have enough time to sell the house, since the second surgery must be performed within a few days. Let me find a way. Take care of yourself and get better soon."

After she finished talking, Huo Mian left her mom's room…

She took a deep breath and tried to calm herself. Then, she took out her phone and scrolled through each of her contacts, trying to see if anyone could help her at this very moment.

Then, she thought of someone - Ning Zhiyuan.

But it wasn't because she had no choice but to borrow money from him. It was just that when they bought the apartment, Huo Mian took 60,000 yuan from her own savings for the down payment.

She didn't have a handsome salary, and that 60,000 was saved up from another part time job she worked at while she worked full-time at the hospital. It wasn't easy.

So she wanted to ask Ning Zhiyuan if he could give her that money back.

Soon after, she went to Ning Zhiyuan's newly-purchased apartment.

She hadn't been there much. They planned to move in after they got married but they broke up, so it was unsettled.

It was a 33-floor apartment building right on the Third Ring Road, so the traffic was good, and it was convenient to get around.

Ning Zhiyuan lived on the ninth floor. Huo Mian took the elevator to the ninth floor and stopped before Unit 902.

Just as she was about to knock, she saw that the door wasn't closed all the way…

She slowly opened the door. As she walked in, she saw a pair of female heels by the doorstep. They were purple and very sexy.

She then heard flirty voices coming from inside the bedroom…

"Ugh, you haven't showered yet! Hurry, you're disgusting~"

"No rush. I'll shower after we're done here," Ning Zhiyuan bantered.

Huo Mian realized that she came at the wrong time, and perhaps she shouldn't ask him.

Right as she was about to turn around and leave, she knocked over a pair of shoes on the shoe rack and made quite a noise.

"Who is it?" Ning Zhiyuan immediately walked out from the bedroom to check.

Seeing Huo Mian, he was a little surprised and awkward, "You…why are you here?"

Huo Mian saw Ning Zhiyuan half naked, wearing nothing but a pair of boxers. She immediately turned her head away, "My family has something going on and we need money. So, I just came to ask if you can give me back the money that I put in for the down payment."

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