My Youth Began With Him

Chapter 4316 - We were Husband and Wife; Don't Make Me Hurt You (6)  

Chapter 4316: We were Husband and Wife; Don’t Make Me Hurt You (6)

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“Old Lu, I want one thing…”

Lin Ya finally spoke her purpose.

“Is it the thing you made Mian ask me?”

Professor Lu had guessed it was Lin Ya who told Huo Mian about Red Demon.

“Yes. Old Lu, I need Red Demon.”

“What do you need it for?”

“I want to use it in my research…” Lin Ya said vaguely.

“Your research? Or your clone army?”

“How… do you know about that?”

Lin Ya widened her eyes in surprise.

He had just arrived and only had dinner with them; how did he know about her clone army?

No one could possibly tell him because no one here dared to betray her.

Seeing her astonishment, Professor Lu smiled.

He looked around and touched the white crystal-like material of the long corridor.

“How much did you spend on this material? It’s indeed good to keep clone bodies fresh.”

“Old Lu…” Lin Ya’s jaw dropped; she was astonished that Professor Lu had seen through her cutting-edge technology with one glance.

“Ya, we developed the human cloning technology together and saw its disadvantages, as well as the dangers and destruction it might cause. So, we decided to destroy this technology and the Red Demon is sealed up forever. But you broke your promise and hid from me with a faked death, working on human cloning technology behind my back. What’s your purpose? Do you intend to destroy the world with your clone army? Do you intend to rule the earth? Ya, what on earth do you want?”

“Old Lu, you’re smart and have guessed everything but one… I didn’t hide from you with a fake death. All these years, I’ve been alive…”

Hearing her words, the Professor was surprised. “How can it be? You mean… the person in the cave in Iceland… is your clone?”

Professor Lu was forced to imagine the unthinkable things that Lin Ya had done.


“Then Yan…”

“Yan… isn’t my child. She was born from my clone.”

Hearing these words, Professor Lu felt his mind was boggled.

All these years, he had thought his beloved wife was lying in Iceland with brain death.

He had been wracking his brain to bring her back to life.

But no one in the world could develop the technology to bring the dead back to life, except for the monster Lin Ya.

Lu Yan, his beloved daughter, was his child with a clone.

He found it was hard to accept this truth.

“Old Lu, don’t be surprised. We loved each other, which is why you loved my clone. I loved you, otherwise I wouldn’t have had Mian with you…”

“You’re Mian’s biological mother, but you imprisoned her here. She’s pregnant and will be in labor any moment. Lin Ya, how can you be so heartless?”

Professor Lu felt somewhere in his heart began to ache.

He knew everything she did, including the family dinner and the family picture, was all a ruse.

Lin Ya just used those things to fool them. This woman even schemed against her own family members.

How horrible was she?

“Old Lu, I’m not imprisoning Mian for nothing. I want our daughter to help us realize my ambition. You know she inherited our excellent genes and is a rare medical genius… With you and her helping me, I’ll succeed…”

“So, Ya, what on earth do you want?” Professor Lu looked at Lin Ya with pain in his eyes.

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