My Youth Began With Him

Chapter 41: Weariness

Chapter 41: Weariness

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Had she been well these past seven years? Yeah, she had been wanting to ask herself the same question.

Concealing her brilliance and living as someone who was ordinary in every way, did that count as 'well'?

After a moment of silence, Huo Mian slowly replied, "Not bad."

By this time, they arrived in front of Huo Mian's apartment building. The moment his car stopped, Huo Mian pushed open the door and got out as though the hounds of hell were on her heels.

"Thank you for driving me home. Bye."

After hastily saying goodbye, Huo Mian hurried up the stairs.

She was truly afraid that Qin Chu would say something else to her, and that the memories slumbering inside her for the last seven years would be uncovered.

Staring at Huo Mian's retreating figure, a hint of warmth crept into Qin Chu's eyes.

Even though she was still keeping him at an arm's length, being able to drive her home and watch her like this was already enough to make him happy.

Watching the lights upstairs blink to life, Qin Chu pulled out a pack of cigarettes and lit one as he leaned against his car.

He had survived seven years without her already, so the difficulties before him now were nothing in comparison.

She was his. This was something he had already decided for this lifetime. It didn't matter if she agreed.

Arriving upstairs, Huo Mian took a shower and got ready for bed. Without knowing why, she walked over to the window and tugged a corner of the curtain open.

As she had expected, his car was still parked in the same spot. Qin Chu was leaning against it, unmoving.

Noticing that someone seemed to be standing by the window, Qin Chu raised his head and gazed up in delighted surprise.

Huo Mian immediately drew the curtains back into place as her heart began pounding in her chest.

She was tense all over, as though some unmentionable secret of hers had been discovered.

Why was this happening? Wasn't it all far in the past? Why was seeing him and looking into his eyes still making her so tense?

Lying in bed, Huo Mian tossed and turned, unable to sleep.

She already mentally worked through what was happening with Ning Zhiyuan, and she was able to see the situation calmly. The fact that they didn't end up together simply showed that it wasn't meant to be. She had done what she could to try and fix the problem.

She didn't owe him anything, either.

However, if Qin Chu continued to interject himself into her life all the time, what was she going to do?

Giving it some thought, she made a post on her WeChat friend circle.

"In each person's life, they will encounter someone who they can't be with. We always lament that it was such an overwhelming and powerful love, one comparable even to the value of our lives. We believe the painful parting in the end to be the greatest regret in our lifetimes. As time moves on and the scenery changes, we look back upon those ridiculous times. You will realize that you must actually be thankful for the choices you had made back then. This is because, as I'm finally beginning to understand, the one you were unable to be with was, in truth, just the wrong person."

Not long after Huo Mian posted, she got up and went to the bathroom.

When she got back, she had already received several comments.

A few people liked her post, mostly co-workers working the night shift at the hospital.

The young nurse, Huang Yue wrote, "Don't be sad, big sis Mian. You have your whole life ahead of you. Good luck."

Huo Mian responded below, "Thanks little sis."

They treated each other like sisters because like Huo Mian, Huang Yue was also a graduate of C City Medical School's Advanced Nursing Program.

Her girl friend, Zhu Lingling commented, "Girl, for once you're not on the night shift. Go to bed early. Don't overthink. Tomorrow is a new day."

Huo Mian wrote back, "Girl, sometimes I really wish I could go to someplace where no one knows me and start over."

Zhu Lingling immediately replied, "You can't do that. Don't abandon me. You're my best friend."

After reading this, Huo Mian only replied with a smiley face and didn't say anything else.

Wei Dong commented below, "Only by leaving the wrong person can you meet the right one. Don't give up on the whole forest just because one tree turned out slanted."

Likewise, Huo Mian only replied with a smiley face out of courtesy.

The truth was, sometimes, she really felt tired and wanted to start over somewhere else. However, it was impossible, because she still needed to take care of her mother and brother. Before her little brother starts working, she couldn't leave them behind.

Huo Mian didn't have work the next day, so she slept in. It wasn't until she heard the doorbell ringing that she finally got up.

When she saw Ning Zhiyuan, Huo Mian was still half-asleep. "You're here to get your things, right?" she muttered sleepily, "I've already packed it all up for you."

"Mian, I'm here to see you," Ning Zhiyuan said earnestly as he stared at Huo Mian.

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