My Youth Began With Him

Chapter 13: Explanation

Chapter 13: Explanation

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"Haha, explain? What do you have left to explain?" Ning Zhiyuan asked Huo Mian with an unsettlingly cold and distant attitude.

It was as if he wasn't the sweet and caring man that she had dated for three years.

So much had changed within the span of a single night...

"Zhiyuan, we've been together for three years. Don't you know me?"

Ning Zhiyuan looked up at Huo Mian's face and smiled, "I really don't, darling. If it weren't for last night, I really would've thought that you were a pure goddess who I could love and care for. Who would have known that the goddess I thought you were was just a facade? You already slept with someone seven years ago... how old were you back then? Eighteen? Huo Mian, I finally see how shameless you are. No wonder you chose to date me ... it seems like I was getting someone else's leftovers."

Ning Zhiyuan purposely emphasized the word 'leftovers' ...

Even Nurse He Man, a bystander, turned to look at Huo Mian with shock and disbelief. Although Huo Mian was faced with Ning Zhiyuan's cruel words, she felt more disappointed than hurt.

She could not believe that such insidious words would come from the mouth of a man who looked so gentle and kind...

Huo Mian gave Ning Zhiyuan a disappointed look before slowly saying, "Zhiyuan, everyone has a past. What happened between me and Qin Chu is already history..."

"Shut up and stop showing off your ex-boyfriend. I find him disgusting. Who does he think he is? Does driving an Audi R8 make him cool? If you like him so much, why don't you go make up with him and leave me alone?"

"Zhiyuan, you may not be calm right now and I know that you are angry. When people are angry, they make irrational decisions and end up regretting it. I'll give you time to calm down and we can talk later."

After speaking, Huo Mian turned around and left...

Ning Zhiyuan was a little distressed...

He courted Huo Mian for a whole three years, surprising everyone at their medical school. He had indeed fallen in love with her, but he could never accept his fiancee's disgraceful past.

Not to mention that her ex-boyfriend dared to brag about it and even kissed her yesterday.

He and Huo Mian had been together for so long, yet they've never slept together. All this new information about her past was not easy to process.

"Doctor Ning, I can't believe that Huo Mian is so frivolous. What a shame," He Man

muttered under her breath.

"Why is that a shame?" Ning Zhiyuan frowned lightly.

"A shame that a man like you went to waste, of course. So many nurses in our department think you're a great catch," He Man said with a smile on her face.

Ning Zhiyuan pursed his lips...

Truth be told, Ning Zhiyuan was quite attractive and looked somewhat like the main character from a Korean drama. In big hospitals like this, most attending physicians were middle-aged men in their forties. Younger doctors were rare and, therefore, were much more popular.

Many nurses had confessed their feelings to him in the past, but he already had Huo Mian. They were going to buy an apartment together and get married, so he never thought much about anything else.

Now that something of this caliber had happened between them, perhaps it was time for him to start reconsidering things.

"Really? Am I that popular?" smiling, Ning Zhiyuan asked.

"Of course."

As those words escaped He Man's mouth, Ning Zhiyuan lowered his head and approached her lips, asking, "Hmm… does that include you?"

He Man smiled, her eyes narrowing into slits as she teased back, "What do you think?"

Ning Zhiyuan and the nurse continued to flirt in the ophthalmology clinic...

Meanwhile, in the OB/GYN Department, Huo Mian was in no state to work. Her heart was elsewhere and her mind wandered.

"Huo Mian, do you know how many times I've called you?" the head nurse angrily yelled.

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