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Chapter 434 - Top 3 Tycoons

Chapter 434: Top 3 Tycoons

Yesterday morning, He Yidu and Lu San came to the technical team. So far, the reason for the strange phenomenon in the stock market had not been found.

Qin Fang had only come this morning but he understood the situation clearly. “It has already been nine days, the person causing all of this is so patient he hasn’t taken any big steps.”

Missing Gateway looked at the display on the screen and felt that it was really strange. “It either increases or decreases sharply right before the market closes, otherwise, it opens drastically higher or lower. Who has such a capability to control this?”

Their big boss was one of the top 3 tycoons in the financial center of Country K and even he did not have the capital to ‘play’ with the market like this.

He Yidu asked, “Could it be a cyberattack on the stock market?”

Missing Gateway shook his head. “I did not detect any traces of hacker activities.”

No one spoke. Now that was even stranger.

At the financial center of Country K, people were afraid of losing their fortunes in this new financial crisis.

Lu San suddenly said, “I don’t know if you have heard of this but half a month ago, there was a gathering among hackers. It was a group of people specialized in wreaking havoc, stealing information, and attacking major websites. Cyber terrorists.”

He Yidu and the others looked at him.

Lu San continued, “Whenever they gather, they plan the next attack. A while ago, an online conversation between them was leaked and many people are trying to crack it.

He Yidu raised his brow slightly. “Where did you get that information from?”

Lu San answered, “At the end of last year, the clubhouse took in a new member who was part of that group. He is rather skillful and only started illegal hacking for the money. Now, he has returned to being a human. He saw that conversation on the Internet and predicted that the group of people were up to something again. He mentioned this to me during a casual conversation.”

Qin Fang narrowed his eyes and crossed his legs. “So you suspect that the group of hackers are going to hack the stock market of Country K?”

Lu San shook his head. “I don’t know, unless we crack their online conversation.”

When Missing Gateway heard them speaking of this, he frowned. “If that group of people attacked the stock market, there is no way that they wouldn’t leave any trace. Until now, I have not discovered any.”

He was after all, once a master hacker of Country K. It had been two days and he had still not discovered any traces of hacker activities.

Lu San pondered. “It’s just a prediction. However, we should try to crack the conversation between the hackers first.”

Missing Gateway nodded. “Sure.”

Lu San said, “It won’t be easy. It has already been two weeks since the conversation has leaked. World renowned hackers have tried to crack it but none of them succeeded.”

Missing Gateway scoffed. “There are so many skilled people on the technical team. We shouldn’t be worried about an encrypted online conversation.”

Lu San shrugged his shoulders. Either way, he had failed. This matter could not be resolved anytime soon.

He Yidu got up. “Inform the others to monitor the stock market.”

“Yes.” The group of people acknowledged his order respectfully.

Qin Fang put down his leg and got up as well. The two of them left the technical team.

Gu Mang had taken on a mission a year ago. It was to attack the website of one of the top 3 tycoons of Country K, Xingmu International Corporation. The computer system of Xingmu International Corporation was hacked and the network was shut down for nearly a month, resulting in hundreds of millions in losses.

What she did not expect was that not only did the CEO of Xingmu Corporation, Shen Xie, not retaliate for it, he set up a mission and invited her to join Xingmu International Corporation.

He told Gu Mang that she could quote whatever salary that she wanted and she did not have to report to work. She just had to be responsible for strengthening the company’s network security.

Gu Mang agreed.

Shen Xie seldom looked for Gu Mang. She usually only heard from him when the company’s network was attacked or acting up. She was rather surprised that this time he had come to look for her to crack an online conversation.

Are the people on the technical team not able to break it?

Xingmu International Corporation’s technical team was renowned internationally.

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