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Chapter 144 - The Lei Family was Trying to Play Up to Us

Chapter 144: The Lei Family was Trying to Play Up to Us

The next day, in the afternoon, the old Lei couple gave Gu Mang another call when it was not even 2 P.M..

They were pressing her to bring Gu Si to the Lei residence immediately.

“Grandpa, we’re on the way.” Gu Si picked up the call while both of them were in the cab.

Gu Mang could not be bothered to pick up. She pulled her cap low and rolled up her sleeves to her elbows. Placing her arm leisurely on the car window, her black jacket made her appear paler.

She watched the passers by on the street with disinterest.

After hanging up, Gu Si’s face was filled with impatience. “Sis, they didn’t rush us like this in the past. I find it odd.”

“Never mind,” Gu Mang replied in a nonchalant manner. There was some chilliness to her voice.

Gu Si raised his eyebrow slightly. It did not matter because the Lei family was not worth fretting over.

It was 2:40 PM when the siblings arrived at the Lei residence.

They could see Lei Xiao, Lei Cong, and Gu Yin standing at the entrance of the small western-style house.

It was normal for Gu Yin to wait for them. Politeness and obedience had been carved into her and all the elders in the family regarded her as the model child. Lei Xiao and Lei Cong were at the entrance too. They had never enjoyed this treatment in the past.

Gu Mang narrowed her eyes and fixed her gaze for a few seconds before a faint sinister smile appeared on her lips.

Gu Si chuckled, his childish voice cynical. “Sis, the Lei family is trying to play up to us.”

How interesting.

“Sister Gu Mang!” Lei Cong ran towards her with excitement when he saw her.

Gu Mang curled her lips and passed him his gift. “For you.”

“Thanks, Sister Mang.” Lei Cong took it with joy.

Her face was especially eye-catching. Her eyes were outrageously exquisite. They carried a hint of brashness while the smile on her lips seemed to exude some wickedness.

Looking at her, Lei Xiao found her not as unlikeable as before.

“Let’s go. Continue to chat in the house. Your grandparents are waiting.” He sounded very gentle.

Gu Mang hummed a low “mm.”

Gu Yin smiled gently. “Sister, did you know? Seeing how great you are at dancing, the cousins all want you to teach them.”

Gu Mang did not reply as she headed into the house with her hands in the pocket.

Gu Yin did not feel awkward and continued to smile obediently.

Gu Si, on the other hand, rolled his eyes and could not help but curse internally. “Idiot.”

The sofas in the living room were filled with people. Everyone looked at Gu Mang when she entered.

“Gu Mang, Gu Si, you guys are here.”

The Lei family’s old grandmother smiled dotingly. The wrinkles on her face were deep and although she was almost 80-year-old, she still looked energetic.

Sitting in the middle of the sofa, she was surrounded by her daughters, son-in-laws, and grandchildren.

Gu Mang and her brother walked over and addressed them. “Grandpa, Grandma.”

“Good.” The old grandmother smiled and pointed at the sofa on the side. “Quickly take a seat and have some food. Your uncle brought them specially for you.”

Gu Mang raised her eyebrows and sat down languidly, her posture brash.

Gu Si and his sister were just like each other.

The other relatives kept up their smiles and greeted the siblings.

Looking at Gu Mang with shrewdness in his eyes, the Lei family’s old master spoke. “Why didn’t you bring the Meng family’s daughter here too? She is quite pitiful but it is tough for her parents too. They tried their best.”

Gu Si frowned.

What did they mean? Sister Jinyang was abandoned on the streets by her parents. It was tough for her parents? When his sister found Sister Jinyang, the latter was picking food from a rubbish pile! Was he being humane?

Upon hearing that, chilliness flashed across Gu Mang’s eyes. Lifting her eyes, she said coldly and succinctly, “She isn’t a part of the Lei family.”

The old master remained silent for a few seconds and nodded. “That’s true. Everyone wouldn’t be at ease if there was an outsider at our family gathering.”

He seemed to put extra emphasis on the word “outsider.”

Gu Mang smiled lightly. If one looked closely they could see the iciness in her expression.

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