My Wife Is a Transmigrated Master Cultivator

Chapter 916 - The Head of the Mu Family Came to Apologize (3)

Chapter 916: The Head of the Mu Family Came to Apologize (3)

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After being slapped verbally again and again, Second Elder Mu finally showed his true colors and glared at Taoist Mu Qing with a gloomy face and resentful eyes.

“Huh, think about the family?”

Taoist Mu Qing looked at Second Elder Mu with an unfriendly gaze as if he had heard a joke.

“Back then, when you slandered my only disciple and wanted to kill him, why didn’t you think about me? If my disciple wasn’t so fortunate back then and I didn’t go back early, your scheme would probably have succeeded! Now that my disciple has finally recovered and found a powerful alchemist wife, you want to poach them again? Do you still want your dignity? Your old pride must have long been fed to the dogs!” Taoist Mu Qing said angrily as he banged the solid wooden coffee table loudly.

From the way he slammed the table, it was as though he treated the coffee table as the Second Elder Mu and wanted to slap him to death.

“Great Elder, don’t go too far!” Third Elder Mu, who could still put on a hypocritical face previously, couldn’t help turning cold at this moment.

“No matter what, we’re all members of the Mu family. Even if our bones are broken, our tendons are still connected. Are you going to let outsiders see our Mu family as a joke?! We’re already here to make amends officially. How much longer do you want to make a fuss?”

It had to be said that Third Elder Mu’s words were really brilliant. Not only did he put himself in a righteous position, but he also indirectly insinuated that Taoist Mu Qing was the one at fault. Those who didn’t know the truth would really think that he was righteous after hearing what he said!

Taoist Mu Qing restrained his expression and his old eyes shot at Third Elder Mu like the sharpest blade.

“I went too far? I caused trouble? Third Brother, do you think I’m a fool? The reason why I’ve been silent all these years is that I’m afraid you’ll secretly use dirty tricks on my disciple again, but it doesn’t mean that I’m really a fool who can’t tell anything! Alright, you said that you’re from the same lineage. Even if your bones are broken, your tendons are still connected. Then, let me ask you, why do you repeatedly want my disciple’s life? Back then, I already did what you wanted and brought my disciple away from the main family, but you still sent people to intercept him halfway. If I hadn’t escorted him secretly, would my disciple still be alive? Tell me now, what do you mean by doing that? Isn’t he a member of the Mu family? You still have the cheek to say that all of us are of the same lineage now? Third Brother, Third Brother, aren’t you scheming too much?”

As soon as he thought of the past, Taoist Mu Qing couldn’t control the fire in his heart. He couldn’t wait to slap these hypocritical bastards to death.

He used to have scruples about these bastards, but now, he didn’t even have the last bit of scruples.

Not only had his disciple recovered his strength, but he also had an alchemist wife. If those bastards dared to attack them, no one would be able to tell who would win!

As Taoist Mu Qing questioned the three men, all of them didn’t look good, because the three of them had indeed discussed how to frame and kill Mu Tianyan back then.

Now that Taoist Mu Qing said it to their face, it undoubtedly made them very embarrassed, as if he had slapped them hard in the face.

However, even so, they still couldn’t fall out with Taoist Mu Qing. Otherwise, the Mu family would really lose a talented alchemist for nothing!

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