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Chapter 940 - Princess Syndrome

Chapter 940

Princess Syndrome

Yang Chen’s face twitched and he covered his mouth trying to contain his laughter.

He smiled when he saw her looking at him with a pout on her face. “It’s not that the ones we eat don’t have pricks, it’s because Wang Ma removes them before she cooks it.”

Lin Ruoxi immediately blushed and threw the cucumber into his arms. “What are you laughing at?! I’ve never seen a living cucumber before! How should I know if it had pricks!”

“‘Living’ cucumber…Do you know how wrong that sounds, my dear Ruoxi?” Yang Chen said mysteriously.

“Why… What’s wrong…” Lin Ruoxi sounded skeptical.

“You have Princess Syndrome. Living in the city, with a sheltered life has caused you to not even know what a cucumber looks like before it is harvested.” Yang Chen smirked.

“You…you’re the one with Princess Syndrome!”

Lin Ruoxi glared at Yang Chen in annoyance and ran off to see the other vegetables.

Yang Chen smirked and stroked his chin. It seems like she really did live a very sheltered life to not know what a cucumber looks like.

But of course, he wouldn’t antagonize her about it.

At this moment, Yang Gongming walked into the vegetable plot and yelped when he saw what had happened.

Yang Chen turned around instinctively. It would take something serious to get a rise out of this old man

The next thing he saw was Yang Gongming squatting down on the plot, fumbling with the white carrots!

“Who pulled them out! Who thought it was a great idea to pull them out all at once? What a waste!”

Lin Ruoxi’s face turned pale when she heard that. She walked over from the aubergine plot and stood over next to Yang Gongming.

“Grandfather…I was the one who did that…” Lin Ruoxi confessed.

Yang Gongming had completely lost his cool. He started to pick up the carrots and stared at the remaining ones on the ground. “Who gave you permission to pull out so many carrots?! Only the kitchen staff and I are allowed to harvest these!”

Lin Ruoxi’s eyes reddened. She didn’t know how much pulling out a couple of carrots would affect him.

“I…it’s my first time seeing a carrot being grown in the soil so I just pulled one out to see. After seeing the vegetable grow so long, I decided to pull a couple more. I was happy to see so many big carrots so I pulled more and more…” Her voice was barely audible by the end of the sentence.

Yang Gongming was at a loss for words.

“You…my child…”

Guo Xuehua and Yan Sanniang were standing behind them trying to stifle their laughter but failed miserably. Guo Xuehua was already nearly in tears from all the laughing she had gone through.

Yang Chen wrapped his arm around Lin Ruoxi and said, “Alright, old man. It’s just a couple of carrots. I’ll eat it all for you tonight so that they won’t go to waste.”

“Hmph, kind of you.” Yang Gongming felt bad for the carrots and told Yan Sanniang, “Sanniang, tell the kitchen to cook it tonight and ferment the remaining ones so that we can eat it next time.”

Yan Sanniang nodded her head and left.

Yang Chen raised his eyebrows. “I thought you were a generous man. Why fret over a couple of carrots. She’s going to be giving birth to your grandchildren and you almost made her cry over a couple of carrots.”

“What do you know!” Yang Gongming nagged. “I spent so much time and energy growing these. Of course, it would sadden me to see all that effort go to waste.”

Lin Ruoxi spoke up timidly, “Grandpa, how about I plant the carrots back?.”

Yang Gongming sighed in exasperation. “You really are a city kid. Once uprooted, you may not plant the carrot back in lest you risk spoiling it entirely.”

Lin Ruoxi was now feeling sorrier than ever.

“Alright, don’t cry about it. I was the one who invited you all back. I understand.” Yang Gongming waved his hands. “Go sit in the yard. Let’s have some tea and chat.”

No one dared to say no. Especially not after a mini tantrum over his carrots.

Yang Chen thought it was funny to see the old man like this. He was calm and composed through raging wars but angry over a couple of carrots.

They walked to the pavilion covered by grapevines and Yang Gongming was about to ask the servants to serve tea when a soldier walked up to them. “Master, Mrs Jiang Shan and Miss Cai Ning from the Cai clan are here to pay you a visit.”

Everyone sat up straight when they heard this.

Yang Chen was in an awkward position. While he was glad to see Cai Ning, Jiang Shan was a complete pain in the ass.

Lin Ruoxi turned her head to stare at Yang Chen.

Guo Xuehua’s face twitched thinking about how she should face them.

“Cai Ning…” Yang Gongming hummed and smiled. “I’ve heard of her before. She’s close with you right?”

Yang Chen coughed and nodded, pretending not to have seen Lin Ruoxi’s icy stare.

“Well then let them in. We can all have tea together.” Yang Gongming was intrigued to see where this would go.

Lin Ruoxi felt uncomfortable to see them but it wasn’t her position to say anything about it.

Few minutes later, a high pitched female voice rang out from the corridor. “Thank you Marshal for meeting us! How kind of you to have us this afternoon.”

Everyone shivered when they heard her exaggerated flattery. Yang Gongming found it particularly amusing.

Jiang Shan was dressed in a floral dress of the latest trends with a red box in hand which looked like a gift.

Cai Ning walked behind her mother, dressed in beige. She seemed nervous, fumbling with her hands as she walked.

Cai Ning was the complete opposite of Cai Yan. She was well aware of her surroundings and the situation she was in

A trace of satisfaction flashed through Yang Gongming’s eyes and his smile became brighter.

Jiang Shan was a people person. She would flourish in any given social situation.

She seemed extremely excited to see Lin Ruoxi. “Ruoxi, I haven’t seen you in years. I still remember you as a child! You’ve grown to be a pretty lady. Sorry I came in such a hurry, you wouldn’t mind right?”

Lin Ruoxi grew up with Cai Yan so Jiang Shan was no stranger to her.

Jiang Shan’s intentions were obvious and Lin Ruoxi wasn’t a fan of that but Jiang Shan seemed to genuinely miss her.

Lin Ruoxi smiled softly at Cai Ning before nodding her head towards Jiang Shan. “Of course I wouldn’t mind, I’m happy to see you too.”

Jiang Shan beamed and pulled Cai Ning closer. “I’ve been telling Ning Er to spend more time with you. You are closer to Yan Yan since Ning Er spent most of her childhood in Sichuan studying martial arts. But it’s fine. I’m sure your relationship will help speed things up.”


Jiang Shan’s tone was cheerful but her words were sharp. They were final and direct, leaving no room for rebuttal.

Yang Gongming exchanged looks with Yan Sanniang. Her boldness was out of this world!

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