My Wife is a Beautiful CEO

Chapter 1664 - I Love You

Chapter 1664 I Love You

Zhonghai, Xijiao Villas.

Nine years ago, this high-end residential area was given to Yang Chen and his wife by the Chinese government as a gift to please.

Lin Ruoxi sent a construction company to renovate and refurbish the entire area and this place became the new base of the Yang Family in Zhonghai.

Since Lin Ruoxi had to work but she still insisted on sending the kids to the ‘cultivator academy’ for them to socialize with their age group, the entire family would stay here most of the time except for weekends.

And of course, there were rooms for the other women so that they could come over and stay anytime.

Yang Chen didn’t want the children to feel different from each other despite being born to different mothers, so they would all go to school and play around together.

At the same time, letting the women stay nearer to him was more convenient for him to perform his ‘multiplayer activities’ when he needed to.

Unfortunately, Lin Ruoxi was very reluctant to participate in it. Although she wouldn’t restrict Yang Chen too much given the fact that he would die for her, she insisted on not participating!

Later on, Yang Chen didn’t dare to mention it anymore as he was worried that if Athena happened to pop out of nowhere, his house would probably collapse.

It was the first working day after the Chinese New Year.

The morning sunlight was like a warm and delicate palm, gently caressing Yang Chen’s cheek.

Yang Chen stretched his body a little and gradually got up from bed. He then looked beside him and Lin Ruoxi had already gotten up as usual.

It was only 6.30 in the morning as shown on the clock. This woman really doesn’t know how to enjoy life. Yang Chen shook his head and smiled.

Yang Chen pulled away the blanket and he wasn’t wearing anything. Yesterday he played around with his wife all the way until late midnight and hugged her to sleep without showering and wearing his pajamas.

Yang Chen simply wore a boxer and walked out of the room. He then leaned against the handle and looked downstairs at the dining hall.

“Here Lanlan, this is eel noodles in prawn broth made by Grandma Wang…”

Wang Ma was wearing her apron walking out of the kitchen. She carried a bowl of noodles in her hand and placed it in front of Yang Lanlan with a smile.

Lanlan had been drooling all along and dived right into the bowl of noodles. She smiled as she drank a mouthful of soup while holding the bowl up.

Lin Ruoxi followed from behind with a plate of strawberry cheesecake and placed it in front of Yang Nuomi, then placed another plate of fried egg in front of Yang Datou.

Seeing her eldest daughter eating her eel noodles happily, Lin Ruoxi said to Wang Ma helplessly, “Wang Ma, you’re pampering Lanlan too much by giving her whatever she wants to eat, plus it’s early in the morning.

“Hehe, it’s not a big deal, just give it to the child if she wants to eat it. Lanlan has no other hobbies than eating right?” Wang Ma didn’t take it as a big deal and smiled broadly when seeing the child eating happily.

Lin Ruoxi sighed and placed one hand on her hip and touched her son’s head with another. “Datou is the best, he knows how to follow a balanced diet and only eat eggs and drink milk in the morning.”

Yang Datou licked the milk on his lips and said with a serious expression, “This is because when one gets full, the digestive system will require a higher metabolism rate, and most of the blood will be provided to the system and reduce the supply to other organs. In other words, the brain will be entering a mild insufficient oxygen state. As a responsible scientist, I will not let my brain be blunt.”

Yang Datou said as he turned over to look at Lin Ruoxi, “Also mother, can you stop touching my head? I am not a kid anymore.”

The smile on Lin Ruoxi’s face froze. Did I just get despised? She removed her hand embarrassingly. “What nonsense are you talking about, are you an adult if you’re not a kid?”

She then looked at Yang Nuomi on the other side. Her younger daughter was using her fork and knife to enjoy every bite of her cheesecake, just like an elegant princess.

“Nuomi! Why are you still eating so slowly? You will be late for school!” Lin Ruoxi said in dissatisfaction.

Yang Nuomi turned over elegantly and snorted light, “Mother, you told me to be a lady! A lady should not gobble down food or else I will look rude…”

“You weren’t that obedient when you were eating the rice balls yesterday!” Lin Ruoxi was immediately triggered and started to debate with her daughter.

Yang Nuomi didn’t know how to respond and showed her little tongue at Lin Ruoxi cheekily.

This got Lin Ruoxi worked up and she grabbed Wang Ma’s hand and said, “Wang Ma, look! Is this little girl my enemy by nature?! How can she be talking back to me early in the morning?! What will she do when she grows older?! What do I do now!!!?”

Wang Ma was amused. In her eyes, Lin Ruoxi was also still a child and she could only nod her head without saying a word.

She was already used to such situations. Nuomi was different from her sister, Lanlan would only mind her own business as she didn’t want to get involved or she would just act coquettishly. But Nuomi on the other hand likes to trigger her mother and would not compromise, it was indeed interesting.

Yang Chen who was looking at the scene upstairs couldn’t help but chuckle.

Lin Ruoxi immediately turned over and glared at Yang Chen. “What are you laughing at!? Wear your clothes if you’re up! Do you think you look good by standing there with only your underwear?!”

Yang Chen immediately nodded while laughing. Before he turned back to his room, he gave Little Nuomi a thumbs up.

Back in the bedroom, he wasn’t in a rush to go downstairs and he enjoyed a warm bath.

When he came out of the bathroom, Wang Ma had already sent the kids to school. In fact, she was there to monitor the kids, for fear that they would escape from school.

Lin Ruoxi had already gone back to the room and was all dressed. Her hair was tied up and she wore a capable and stylish blue suit jacket for the workplace, a white lace-trimmed shirt, a black short skirt with a hip wrap on the knees, and her pair of slender legs swayed in front of Yang Chen.

Seeing Yang Chen walking out, Lin Ruoxi placed the set of clothes on the bed for him and went to the dressing table to look for her accessories.

While busy with her work, she said to Yang Chen, “Honey, do you think our Nuomi has entered a period of rebelliousness… But isn’t it right, shouldn’t you be rebellious until adolescence? Well, being a parent is not easy. I used to think that children should be cute, but now I have a headache when I think about it… and there’s Datou too, running to Jane’s place every day as if he was closer to her than his own mother. I wonder if Jane is feeding him any drugs, how can there be such a child… Hey! What are you doing!…”

Out of a sudden, Yang Chen had already wrapped his arms around Lin Ruoxi’s waist and his warm body was leaning against her back.

Yang Chen’s hand quickly went to the peaks on her chest and gently rubbed the tender and bouncy flesh.

Lin Ruoxi’s face got flushed immediately and her watery eyes were glowing as she felt so comfortable. “Honey, let’s not… I need to go to work…”

“My dear Ruoxi, it’s not my fault now…” Yang Chen placed his lips by her ears and said, “Didn’t I tell you to not mention too much about the kids in the morning? The moment you started talking about kids, I noticed how charming you are as a mother…”

“I… I’ll stop talking alright?” Lin Ruoxi pleaded softly.

“Nope, too late.” Yang Chen smirked, “Men are born to be thirsty in the morning, and you’re walking in front of me in such an outfit, my blood is already boiling…”

As he was speaking, his other hand reached down to her skirt button and unbuttoned it. He then slipped his hand into the woman’s sensitive area and started to tease her like how he usually did…

Lin Ruoxi knew that she wouldn’t be able to escape. Once her man got stimulated, no matter what she did, she wouldn’t be able to stop him and he would never be satisfied.

“Thirty minutes only, don’t hold it,” Lin Ruoxi could only compromise and set a deal with Yang Chen.

“How about forty minutes?” Yang Chen pleaded.

“No, only thirty minutes!” Lin Ruoxi insisted.

Yang Chen gritted his teeth. Whatever it is, just do it, maybe she will forget about the time as she enjoys it!

He picked up his beloved wife’s plump and slender body and threw her on the big bed. Yang Chen immediately rushed up and didn’t want to take off too much clothing on her body. He only threw the coat away, and then unbuttoned the buttons on her chest.

Pushing the bra away, a pair of fat and sturdy white snow peaks jumped out tremblingly, Yang Chen buried his head, and his lips and tongues squeezed wet marks on the delicate suet with enjoyment.

Lin Ruoxi also gradually got into it and began to kiss Yang Chen while letting out a few hums.

Yang Chen panted heavily, lifted the woman’s waist, turned over, let the graceful and plump buttocks face him, and lifted the short skirt, revealing the black lace underwear inside.

Looking at the beautiful area that was sunk in the middle, there was another bulging area, and the slightly embarrassing liquid was seeping out as if Yang Chen had already smelled a fragrance that was secreted by hormones.

An evil smirk appeared on the corners of Yang Chen’s lips, he then raised his hand and landed it nicely!


A crisp sound caused Lin Ruoxi to let out a resentful cry.

Yang Chen actually raised his hand and slapped her buttocks a few times, making continuous fleshy sounds.

Seeing that the elastic and plump buttocks were blushing, Yang Chen lowered his head and kissed it a few times, and he chuckled at himself as he was so close to biting them.

Lin Ruoxi turned over with a blushed face.

“You are slapping my buttocks again! I dare you to do the same when Athena comes out! You little coward…you only like to bully me huh…”

Yang Chen told Lin Ruoxi way long ago that the reason he liked slapping her buttocks was that he always dreamt of rolling up Athena’s dress to slap hers.

In the end, Athena was Lin Ruoxi, which satisfied Yang Chen’s desire.

It was just that time when he slapped Athena’s buttocks, she couldn’t control herself shyly, causing the bedroom in Beijing to collapse directly, which made Yang Chen to not do it again!

But, he could slap Lin Ruoxi instead of Athena, since they were the same person! He was satisfied enough by imagining her as Athena!

Of course, he didn’t actually hit her, it was just a cute slap. It might sound loud but it wasn’t painful at all, how would he be willing to cause her any pain?

“Hehe my dear Ruoxi, don’t you like me slapping you like this? It’s interesting, no?” Yang Chen winked at the woman.

Lin Ruoxi gritted her teeth and scolded the man in a low voice, “Shameless.” But she couldn’t hide the fact that she liked it, everything could be seen through her eyes.

Finally, Yang Chen pulled out his gun, turned around and hugged the woman’s body, and stabbed into the moist and elastic space from behind…

At that moment, the spring tide surged on the huge bed and the melodious sounds channeled around the room.

Yang Chen was like a beast that wouldn’t get tired and brought waves over and over again on the woman’s body. From the bed to the floor, to the dresser, leaving pink traces of the two everywhere.

In the end, Lin Ruoxi also forgot about the time and after a long while, Yang Chen finally sent a heat wave into her body.

Good things always come to an end.

As she was panting for quite a while, Lin Ruoxi then realized she still had to go to work!

She got up and checked the time and immediately got mad. “It’s all your fault! I am an hour late!”

She quickly crawled over to the man and started dressing up and removed the smell on her body while scolding him.

But Yang Chen didn’t bother about it and laid in bed while looking at the woman ranting with a smile, his eyes were filled with gentleness and satisfaction.

Just as Lin Ruoxi was about to leave the room after packing her stuff, Yang Chen stopped her.


She turned over while holding her bag. “What is it now?”

Yang Chen walked in front of the woman, half-naked, shook his head with a chuckle, reached out to Lin Ruoxi’s chest, and unbuttoned one of the woman’s buttons.

Lin Ruoxi was just about to stop him but immediately realized she was overthinking. Apparently, she buttoned the wrong button as she was too anxious.

The winter sun was getting warmer at this time, and projected on the man’s side face through the large glass floor-to-ceiling windows.

Lin Ruoxi stared at the man who was fixing her buttons, he was so focused and loving…


Yang Chen looked up and touched his wife’s cheek then said gently, “Go on and start the work you like.”

Lin Ruoxi blinked her eyes and suddenly opened up her arms and clung onto Yang Chen’s neck then kissed him on his lips.

It was as sweet as honey.

“I love you so much, honey,” The woman smiled happily and her watery eyes were filled with gentleness accumulated throughout the times.

Yang Chen was stunned for a moment, and in the next second, his hand naturally wrapped around his wife’s slender waist, revealing a bright smile like a rainbow blooming after the storm.

“I love you too, my dear beautiful president.”

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