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Chapter 1594 - Crazy Bargaining Chip

Chapter 1594

Crazy Bargaining Chip

The others had not thought about it and shuddered when they heard Lin Ruoxi’s explanation.

Wang Ma turned as pale as a sheet. “That’s… That’s too much! Do they think they can survive by doing so? If it weren’t for China, they couldn’t have lived till now.”

“Maybe that’s what they truly think. Perhaps they think they’re close to the Gods.” With a wry smile, Liu Mingyu continued, “The Gods have been residing overseas, so many of the foreigners are their descendants. Those people might view Hongmeng as their ally, but they wouldn’t treat the Gods as their enemies either. One of the Gods might have been behind the loss of the exploration team. Seeing that they’re remaining quiet, they must be afraid of offending the Gods.”

“Such fools! If the Gods truly treated them as one of theirs, they wouldn’t have caused the global temperature to drop! They deserve to freeze to death!” Cai Yan grumbled.

A luxury private helicopter flew in from afar and landed on the space outside the house at that precise moment.

Only those who were close to Yang Chen could enter the island without being stopped by the patrolling fleet.

Just as they were puzzled by the newcomers, Jane stood up with a scowl. “Tch, another closer is here.”

Soon after, the door opened, revealing a handsome blond man dressed in a black navy trench coat. Edward Rothschild was the heir to the Rothschild family.

Ron and Brewster must have let them in because they recognized Edward’s helicopter.

Most of the ladies had never seen him before. When they heard Lin Ruoxi introduce him as one of the Rothchilds, they pulled a long face.

“Edward, if you’re here to persuade us, you should leave. I’m sure you know you can’t make me leave here,” Jane said straightforwardly.

Edward seemed surprised to see so many people in the house. When he heard Jane’s words, he smiled wryly but was not in a hurry to respond. Instead, he approached Lin Ruoxi and bowed at her.

Shortly afterward, he greeted the other ladies with a smile.

No matter the circumstances, he had to maintain the etiquettes as the heir of the noblest family in the world, even if they would soon be in doomsday.

Once he was done, he turned to Jane and smiled. “My dear cousin, do you think I’m one who enjoys doing things in vain or one who’s oblivious to your temper?”

Jane narrowed her blue eyes, a look of surprise flitting across them.

Although Edward was intelligent, he was nothing compared to her.

Even without needing to ask, she had thought of some unsettling matters based on his words.

“How could they do that!?” Jane questioned in fury.

Edward knew she had guessed his intentions, so his smile grew more resigned. “You should’ve guessed this earlier, shouldn’t you? This isn’t a daydream where you can let your imaginations run wild. This is doomsday, the sign of human extinction. In order to survive, they would be willing to do anything.”

“They? Aren’t you part of them too!?” Jane spat.

“Jane, whether you believe it or not, I maintain a neutral stance in the family. I did not participate in the voting.” He shrugged.

Their conversation befuddled the rest. Cai Yan could not help but ask, “Jane, what are you two talking about? What voting? Nothing makes sense…”

Jane took a deep breath. “Because of the Phantom Fleet, even if the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation and Russia work together to attack the island, they would incur severe losses. Besides, many of us are cultivators. Even without Sect Master Yu, it’d be impossible for the other countries to force me into helping them build the Noah Ark. Hence, Edward’s visit here as the messenger has to be more than persuading me. They must have thought of a bargaining chip that will surely compel me into helping them.”

“What bargaining chip? You don’t lack anything… Wait! Could it be that they have kidnapped Queen Catherine?” Cai Yan exclaimed.

Jane shook her head. “I wouldn’t be too worried if that’s the case. After all, they wouldn’t have the guts to do so. Even if they do, I can save her.”

“Then, how are they going to threaten you? We have so many people here. Even if they use nuclear weapons, we can flee. There’s nothing to be afraid of,” Cai Yan replied confusedly.

Suddenly, Lin Ruoxi piped up, “Humans…”

“That’s right,” Jane concurred. “They don’t need to harm my family or friends to force me into helping.  Since the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation and Russia are allies, they have control over more than 90 percent of the global modern weaponry. With such resources, they can obliterate some underdeveloped countries and ordinary humans, though they cannot take down the Gods and the Chinese cultivators. For example, the small countries in Africa and Latin America will be defenseless. As long as the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation drops nuclear bombs there, killing millions of people would be easy…”

A look of bewilderment appeared on the ladies’ faces.

“Have they lost their minds? They’re disregarding human lives for their own survival!” Mo Qianni frowned.

“No, they have not.” Edward sighed. “If things go on, the poor will eventually freeze or starve to death. Everyone will be vulnerable and defenseless. If they could get Jane to help them build the Noah Ark in exchange for the lives of billions of people, they’d jump at the chance. It’ll be the last value of those people.”

“Despicable!” Cai Ning snapped. “If Jane refuses, she’d be the murderer of millions and even billions of people. How cunning.”

“Neither morals nor peace exist during times of doom.  Instead, the law of the jungle applies. They can only blame themselves for being at the bottom of the food chain…” Edward said coldly.

For a long moment, no one said a word. Their breathing was heavy.

“Jane, go there. If Yang Chen is around, he might choose to kill those leaders, given how crazy he can be. But he’s been out of touch for more than two months. No one knows when he’ll appear. You’re not him. No one here can disregard human lives like him. Regardless of what happens in the future, you can’t watch billions of people die in vain,” Edward implored, casting a pleading gaze at Jane.

They could see how emotional she was, judging by how her clenched fists were trembling.

A look of resolute flashed across her eyes. Biting her lip, she acquiesced. “Fine, I can agree to help them build the Noah Ark, but on a condition. In the meantime, they’re forbidden from subduing the warmer regions and killing the locals. If I find out, I’ll just kill those who wish to board the ship…”

Those who lived in the hotter regions on Earth were poor folks. Taking the current situation into consideration, the rich might chase off the poor locals or even slaughter them in order to survive.

Edward smiled. “Don’t worry. We’ll agree to your conditions as long as you promise to help out.”

Left with no choice, Jane agreed to it and left with him to the American military base in the Pacific Ocean.

At the same time, the First Senior Official was in a meeting room located at Zhongnanhai in Beijing.

Sitting beside him were Ning Guangyao, Yang Gongming, Li Moshen, and Cai Yuncheng.

Ning Guangyao seemed to be in the pink of health, which was understandable since he had escaped from the Ning clan’s clutches after it was seized.

On the other hand, Cai Yuncheng was worried that Hongmeng would collapse.

The temperature in Beijing was so low that ordinary citizens refused to leave their homes. Fortunately, there were not any snowstorms, or the political leaders would have to move to the south to work.

The atmosphere at the meeting table was solemn. Even the reticent First Senior Official had a grim expression on his face.

After a long silence, he sighed and boomed, “We can’t sit on our hands anymore. From now onwards, we’ll only rely on ourselves and not the others.”

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