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Chapter 2228 A Turn In The Tide

Chapter 2228 A Turn In The Tide

An all-out battle was about to erupt on one of the Amra planets. Wince stood in the centre of a square, her trident at the ready and the Blades poised to act on Hide's command. Behind them stood Pine and the five spiked Dalki. Wince's body glowed as she channelled celestial energy, causing the scales on her face to stand out.

Fins on her arms grew larger and harder, transforming her appearance from that of a mermaid to that of a predator - specifically, the Mermerial race they had previously fought to regain their land.

Without warning, Wince thrust her trident, gathering water at its three points and creating three separate streams that shot towards Pine and two of the Dalki. Pine spread his hands, attempting to absorb the water jets, but the energy mixed in caused a slight pain in his hands.

Pine had never encountered this power before. He had always been able to absorb any ability and even Qi. The energy that he struggled to absorb was the celestial energy that surrounded Wince's attack. Pine used the water he had absorbed to fire back, but the pure energy that Pine had absorbed pushed against the water stream.

"We will support you!" Hide shouted, gathering lightning in his hands and unleashing it at the water streams. The water and lightning combined to create a stronger attack, pushing back the energy.

The other Blades attacked the remaining water stream, hitting one of the Dalki from behind and stopping him in his tracks. The lightning power left him almost paralyzed in place.

"Everyone, fight!" Hide screamed at the top of his lungs.

Without hesitation, the Blades used the newly discovered Qi within their bodies, moving from their positions and surrounding the Dalki in formation. Those with ranged abilities burst them out, while others with more physical capabilities went in for close combat.

Pine shook his head, muttering, "Idiots."

With the two attacks combined, Pine absorbed the lightning and thrust his hands forward, shooting large energy blasts towards Wince and one of the Dalki.

Wince knew it was too strong for her to handle. Immediately, she created a pool of water at her feet, riding it like a wave and quickly moving away. Hide jumped and spun his body, transforming into a lightning bolt, and when he landed, he saw a surprising scene in front of him.

'I thought we had worked hard enough, I thought we had prepared enough for this fight!' Hide was finding it hard to hold back his tears, he needed to focus but in this moment, he was wishing Shiro, or Sil was here. If they were here, maybe they could stop the massacre.

The Blades had done a lot of training, finally passing the fiftieth floor, learning to work together. In doing so, they had learnt to combine their powers well, rather than just using their individual powers.

They could set up traps, make their weapons stronger, and try to trick the enemy, but the Dalki were hardly hurt from the attack. One of the Blades rushed in from the side, expecting an attack from the right side to distract it, but the Dalki completely ignored it, allowing it to hit the side of its head, breaking a few scales off its face and causing it to bleed.

In the meantime, it had hit the Blade right on top of the head, forcing him to crash into the ground. Before he could even get up the Dalki stomped its foot going right through the body of the Blade and killing it one go.

The same scene was happening everywhere, the Dalki were getting hurt slightly, improving their strength and in turn, they were able to overcome the attacks and were taking out the Blades one by one.

One of the Dalki, licked its long tongue out from its mouth as it looked at one of the Blades, which was using a wind ability. It went to swipe its hand but before the hand could hit, an Amra jumped down in front, and used its fist to punch the arms away.

Somewhere else, a Dalki had leapt on top of a fallen Blade, but before they landed, a purple figure zipped by and picked up the Blade before they were killed.

Soon, entering the marketplace, the Penswi, Mermerials, and the Amra that were told to clear the area and stay behind had come out.

They couldn't just stand by while they knew what was happening, they all needed to help and do what they could no matter how little it was.

Surrounding Pine were ten Mermerial warriors, with swords and spears in their hands.

"Protect the queen!" they shouted as they all thrust their weapons forward, all of them combining their weapons with their water powers. As they thrust it forward it hit Pine cleanly.

However, it was unable to pierce the Dalki's skin, not a drop of blood appeared on his body. Lifting his hand up, he slapped the Mermerials in one swoop, and a trail of blood followed his fingertips.

The top half of the ten Memerials bodies had disappeared, only leaving their legs, Pine had managed to kill them all, with just a single slap.

"NOOOO!" Wince screamed at the top of her lungs in pain.

There was a reason why she didn't want them to get involved, and that was simply because there would just be more bloodshed.

"You have a strange power, but it won't do much. You seem to forget that the Dalki now have many different ways to fight ourselves!" Moving from his position, he was immediately in front of Wince.

Throwing out his fist, it crashed right through Wince's body, and droplets of water splashed everywhere. The figure started to liquify, showing that it was only water.

'It wasn't the real body.'

From behind Wince had thrown the trident, covering it in celestial energy and was aiming straight for Pine's head. Turning around he grabbed the trident and threw it right back at Wince.

It had stabbed her in the stomach, and red blood could be seen. This time it wasn't a clone. Controlling the trident she was able to take it out of her body, as she landed on the floor. She was still bleeding and had no time to worry about the pain.

Two of Pine's large hands were above her, swinging them down, he went to bash it on top of her head, and now there was only one thing she could do. Slamming her trident on the ground, she and the trident itself was surrounded in a glowing blue bubble.

She held the trident hard as she put all her energy into the bubble. When Pine's hands hit the bubble the two were in, the shockwave sent out had pushed some of the others over, even stumbling some of the Dalki.

"This ball is quite strong, it even managed to stop one of my attacks, but that was all, it was a single punch, so let's see how many times you can do that."

Lifting his hand up again, he bashed the bubble from the top and it broke in an instant. Blood spewed out of Wince's mouth as well. She was truly putting all of her energy into that ball.

Now having fallen on the ground, she felt like she no longer had any energy left. She was still holding onto the trident, trying to lift it and point it at Pine's head.

"The strong make the rules, and the rules are, you need to disappear from this place." Pine lifted his foot and swung it down.

In her last moments, Wince closed her eyes… at least she thought she had done, because all she could see was black, but she could still hear the fighting going on.

"Man oh man." A voice said. "You guys just really think highly of Quinn's shadow power don't you. Well, it's a good thing anyway, because of him and his damned family, I'm now out here fighting."



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