My Vampire System

Chapter 1260 - Confident Creatures

The fact that Leo and Erin were currently on the vampire planet was meant to be kept a secret from the others. After all, Leo held a high position in the vampire settlement as the tenth family's vampire knight.

If it was any other time, Muka and perhaps Kazz would have questioned what he was even doing here, but the news that he had brought seemed to be more urgent, and with everything going on, what the tenth family were doing seemed to be the least of their worries.

After hearing the news, both Kazz and Muka looked at each other immediately.

"The Dalki, you mean they really have returned to this place. This whole matter seems to be getting more complicated by the second." Muka stated. "This is a matter that we may even have to talk to the king about, and at a time like this while everything is happening."

Judging from how Muka spoke, it was almost as if he wasn't surprised that the Dalki had arrived but more so surprised at the timing of the whole thing.

"Why would the Dalki be here? Do you have an idea?" Paul asked.. "From what I have heard from Quinn, at the moment, they have launched a full attack on the humans. Their leaders and bulk of their forces are tied up, so why bother sending the Dalki here?" Paul questioned.

Although Paul knew about the origins of the Dalki from Quinn's meetings as he informed everyone to keep them up to date on the matter, Paul did not know about specific details.

"I don't know much about the Dalki. Many vampires don't know about them." Kazz answered. "We know that the humans are in a battle against them. Maybe they came back as a type of revenge against us, but who knows."

Most of the leaders did know of the Dalki that included Muka, so he was debating how much to tell them or if it would even matter if they did know.

"The Leaders have never really worried about the Dalki. Them coming back here is not too much of a problem. The problem for me is who they might have returned with. For he had left with them, and this is someone who might also be on our suspect list for the missing vampires."

The person who Muka was thinking of, was none other than Jim.

Hearing this, Leo and Erin thought the vampire's arrogance was showing. They knew more about the Dalki and their history compared to the others. When the Dlaki had left the vampire settlement, they were weak. This was most likely why they didn't see the Dalki as a threat.

Of course, none of the leaders were ever worried about the Dalki returning for an attack, and hearing the news of the humans they always considered as weak, losing to their creation was even more reason for them to laugh. Still, with Leo and Erin having gone up against the four spike, they knew that the Dalki were strong and no laughing matter, even for the vampires.

"We were unable to see how many Dalki there were, but only two attacked us. We imagine that a group of them must have come. We were also quite far out in the settlement. I think we should take this threat seriously." Leo stated. "The Dalki are confident creatures, who would attack if they believed they had the strength to do so, but the fact that they are waiting for something is more worrying in my eyes. If you underestimate the enemy, that could be your biggest downfall."

Not shy with his words as always, Leo spoke his mind. He didn't want the foolish actions of those at the top, affect other lives. He had seen this happen too many times before, and even himself.

Despite Leo saying all of this, Muka couldn't get out of his mind the first impression he and the other leaders had of the Dalki and thought Leo's worry was too much.

"I think it is best to inform the king, but I will do so after we figure out just who is behind the missing people. We now have another suspect."

It was at that moment that Paul noticed the painful look that was on Kazz's face.

"It's Bryce, isn't it," Paul said. "I can tell."

Shaking her fist, Kazz not answering straight away was enough confirmation for Muka and Paul that they had found their answer.

"Yes…" Kazz said, but she could say no more.

"What's he doing with the people? Why is he taking vampires from each of the families." Muka questioned, but it was clear that she wouldn't say anything else. It had already taken all her will to say yes.

"Kazz, you don't have to tell us what your father is doing with those missing people." Muka sighed in defeat. "But I will say this. We will be looking to prosecute the king for the crimes he has committed. When the time comes, your testimony, one from his own bloodline and the first leader, will have a big impact on the verdict and the opinion of the other leaders."

Truth be told, when Kazz said yes, she didn't know what to expect to hear, she had been avoiding the consequences that her father might suffer if his crimes came to light. If the world knew the truth, and knowing what his fate would be, all got a bit too much for her that tears started to roll down her cheeks.

"If…If I agree." Kazz said firmly, making sure they knew she still wasn't entirely on their side. "And I decide to participate in this, then can you promise me one thing. That my father doesn't suffer from execution and is instead put into eternal slumber."

"You know that is not for me to decide, but I promise that I will try to persuade the others as well," Muka replied.

After saying that, Kazz felt like she was no longer needed and decided to leave out of the window. Nobody called out to her or said anything else.

"It looks like we might be able to move forwards sooner than we thought. Leave the Dalki problem to me. I shall inform the Royal knights and speak to the other leaders about the best course of action. I think at this moment, no matter what we say, Bryce will somehow twist it so that this was Arthur's doing." Muka said, and soon he left, but not before turning around and looking at Erin once more.


With the others gone, Paul was a lot more interested in finding out about the Dalki that Erin and Leo encountered. So he heard the rest of the details from them.

"I was just about to contact Quinn. I have to tell him about the council's order, and maybe the Dalki being here means something." Paul said. "What about you two? Will you be staying here? I fear that something bigger might happen, and honestly, it would be great to have someone of your strength by my side."

Leo looked towards Erin. His task was complete. Now even though they were in the vampire settlement and in a castle full of vampires, Erin didn't seem to have this urge to kill. At least it wasn't very strong.

"I think you are right," Leo said. "If Quinn is unable to come here, then I think we might be more helpful here than there. However, that is also the reason why we must go. We will be back as soon as possible to help you out."

The reason for Leo saying this was because he wanted to meet up with Alex, so his and Erin's weapons could be made and then they would return.

"Very well. I will be waiting for your return."


At the moment, Quinn could be seen on a green meadow against three Dalki. The first one attacked with a thigh kick, but a shadow was soon raised blocking the attack. Another of the Dalki had thrown a fist towards his head.

The shadow tried to move to the position, but it was too slow, so Quinn instead lifted his arm, blocking the attack to his head, then went and grabbed onto it, piercing its skin with his fingers. Next, using a flash step, he got in close to Dalki's body, shielding himself from the other two, and punched it directly in the gut.

Green blood spewed from its mouth, and the Dalki were no longer attacking.

"What are you doing?" The Dalki said, bent over.

"I know, sorry, it was just instinct," Quinn replied. To be more precise, the one who had responded at this moment was Vincent, who was in Quinn's body.

Quinn was able to obtain three Marked once again, currently each of them at the one spike stage. What the two of them were doing now was training for both of them.

Quinn wanted to get more in tune with fighting while using the other two as puppets. In turn, he thought the fighting would allow the Dalki to get stronger as they got injured. However, there was a second part to this training as well, and that was training Vincent.

After being with Vincent, Quinn had come to learn of the struggles he had while in his body, so they thought this would be good training for them both. This way, Vincent could learn how to use the shadow powers more efficiently in a fight, and Quinn could improve the Dalki.

"Hey, I think you're getting a call!" Vincent shouted.

Hearing this, Quinn no longer was in control of their Dalki and went to his own body. When he saw who the call was coming from, he was pretty surprised.

"Quinn, this is Paul. There's something I need to tell you…."


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