My Three Wives Are Beautiful Vampires

Chapter 613: A Heartbreaking Action. 2

Chapter 613: A Heartbreaking Action. 2

"Now what?"

Victor opened his mouth and said:

"I bite you." He didn't hold back his instincts. He just walked over to her, held her, and bit her neck.

Such an impulsive action surprised Anna and even himself.

'How did I not hurt her?' He wondered. He'd wanted to do the same action he'd done with Leon, but... Instinctively, he followed this path.

[She is our mother, Victor. We would rather die than harm her. Even before gaining this body, you always unconsciously contained all your strength when interacting with her; you always treated her very delicately.] Alter replied.

Victor opened his eyes wide; he hadn't realized he was doing it subconsciously.

[Now, stop thinking about nonsense and focus on your work now. The most painful part for us will happen next.]

Victor nodded inwardly. The pain he was now feeling in his heart was more painful than the torture he had endured in Scathach's training.

But he needed to do this... So, strengthening his resolve, he hid that feeling in his heart and carefully walked away from Anna.

"My Body... Hurts..." Anna flinched. Like Leon, she felt her whole body burn from the inside.

"Master, if you want, we can do this..." Maria asked carefully. She knew that her Master's following action would be even more painful for him; after all, he was very close to his mother.

"No, this is my job," Victor replied while grabbing his mother's neck. His following action required his body to put in more strength, but... His body didn't obey. It seemed that his own nature repudiated the very act he was going to commit now.

"Son... It hurts..." Anna's voice seemed to pierce Victor's heart even more.

Victor bit his lip hard and narrowed his eyes, and a red glow appeared. He then forced himself to put more force than usual, and soon, a sickening crunch echoed around the room, and Anna fell lifelessly to the ground.

"..." Victor felt at that moment a part of his heart had been torn to shreds. He collapsed to his knees as he stared at Anna's still corpse. He was bleeding inside; the proof of that were the bloody tears streaming down his face.


"Master..." The Maids watched Victor's expression of horror with great concern.

"Victor… This is a necessary process." Mizuki spoke with a gentle voice.

"I know... But it's still difficult." He knew she was coming back; it was temporary, but... In that moment, when he broke his mother's neck, he knew he'd killed the woman he loved most in his life.

The woman he most respected.

And that hurt...

Even now, he could feel the life 'leaving' the woman's body, a life he himself had taken.

A few seconds passed, and everyone heard the sound of a heart beating again. Anna's hand trembled, and her lifeless gaze took on a crimson glow.

Red power began to cover her body, and changes began to occur.

She began to rejuvenate. Her hair became longer, taking on a darker tone. Then, when she rose to get up, a small crater in the shape of a spider's web burst out beneath her; she'd put more strength than necessary, proof that she could not control her new strength.

When she was entirely on her feet, the girls opened their eyes in shock as they saw Anna's appearance.

She was stunning. She was beautiful, but that wasn't what shocked them. It was that she looked so much like Victor.

The details were small, but they were still there. The way she looked, her lips, her expression.

They weren't 'like' each other; you wouldn't look at Anna and say she was the female form of Victor; they weren't all that 'alike'.

The feeling everyone had when they saw Anna was:

'Oh, Victor is a lot like her... They are definitely mother and son. It seems that Victor inherited more things from his mother than his father.' That was the feeling that everyone had.

"Victor... This is amazing..." She looked at her body, clenched her fists, and felt the newly gained strength; the sensation was intoxicating.

"I feel powerful..."

"Yeah... I know."

Hearing Victor's neutral voice, Anna narrowed her eyes. She felt an enormous amount of pain hidden in those words. She looked down and opened her eyes in shock.

When Anna looked at Victor, she felt her heart break a little when she saw the bloody tears falling from his face.

Only when she saw her son like this did she realize all of this was harder for Victor than it was for her and Leon. After all, he'd had to 'kill' his parents. Even if they didn't remain dead, the feeling of taking away their lives was still present in Victor's memories.

"...Oh, Victor..." She rushed forward, far faster than she'd meant to, and hugged him gently as she held his face to her breasts, "I'm sorry for making you feel this way."

Victor didn't say anything. He just closed his eyes and surrendered to the woman's maternal embrace. He was exhausted. His physical body was fine, but his mind wasn't, and his heart wasn't either.

The girls were silent for a few minutes waiting for Anna to lose control like Leon, but as expected, nothing happened to the woman.

Everyone foresaw that. She was very honest with her desires, and because of that, she had no problems becoming a Vampire.

Kaguya, Mizuki, and Roxanne looked at each other and nodded.

Soon the surrounding wards begin to crumble.

"Maria, take Leon to his personal room. Tell the Snow Clan Maids to keep an eye on him and report anything necessary."

"Yes, Kaguya." Maria approached Leon and hoisted him like a sack of potatoes.

"I'll call Violet, Ruby, and Sasha," Mizuki spoke as she accompanied Maria.

Kaguya just nodded. She knew those three women were likely necessary to aid her Master's current condition.

"Roxa-..." When Kaguya was going to call to Roxanne.

A portal appeared in the room, and Aphrodite and Natalia stepped out.

"What happened to my Husband?" She snarled angrily. She was in combat mode. Her eyes were glowing a dangerous pink, but when they fell on a much younger Anna than she remembered hugging Victor's head, she understood everything.

"...Oh, so it happened, huh..." She asked as she slowly lowered her hostility:

"Now I understand why I felt his heart shatter a few seconds ago..."

This information just made Anna's body tremble, and she hugged her son even tighter.

Natalia just looked at Victor with worried eyes; after all, she knew how overprotective Victor was with his parents. The two occupy a big part of Victor's heart.

'Killing his parents... He'd feel like he was killing a part of himself... Even temporarily.' Natalia thought wistfully.

"Don't worry... He just needs to rest... A lot has happened in a short time, and he hasn't slept yet." Roxanne spoke.

Aphrodite sighed. All worry in her began to deflate slowly. Previously, when she sensed her Husband's emotional state and his heart shatter, she'd quickly stopped what she was doing in the Greek Pantheon, went to the Human World, and called for Natalia.

She thought someone had betrayed her Husband or someone had died; after all, it took things of that caliber to break her Husband.

Aphrodite glanced at the red-haired woman and raised an eyebrow as she felt the same connection she did with Victor.

'Due to the Blessing of Love... He must be feeling a lot worse right now.' Aphrodite shuddered at the thought of it. Her Blessings turned out to be a curse now; after all, all his feelings of 'Love' were amplified, and he'd just had to kill this 'Love'. Even temporarily, it must have hurt a lot.

"Hmm? Who are you? You have the same connection as I do with my Husband."

"… Oh, we never met, huh," Roxanne spoke matter-of-factly as she looked at Aphrodite:

"My name is Roxanne Alucard, a World Tree."

"... Huh?"

"Oh, and I'm connected spiritually to Victor just like you are, but my connection runs a tad deeper. It's no exaggeration to say I'm also connected physically to him." She smiled gently, and her smile grew even wider when Aphrodite's gaze widened in shock.

"This-... This-..."

"Yes, just as you thought, I am nurturing my Husband's Soul, not a planet as it normally should be."

"...." Aphrodite just froze with the same shocked expression on her face.

As an Ancient Goddess, she knew what a World Tree was. She knew more than anyone in the room how important a World Tree was.

And as an Ancient Goddess, she also knew what it meant for a World Tree to reside in a 'Soul' of a being and nourish it...

Slowly, she looked at Victor. Seeing the man in the arms of a woman so much like him, she couldn't help but say:

"Holy fuck… I hit the lottery, holy shit." She was so shocked that she completely forgot about her 'nobility'.

'A handsome, strong, courageous man, with a good heart, and who is also married to a World Tree... Damn, I hit the lottery a lot; I must have used all my luck getting in touch with Victor!' She was in internal chaos at the moment.

"Hahahaha, I knew she would make that expression." Roxanne laughed out loud.

"Roxanne, don't play with people." Eve scolded the woman lightly.

"Ahh, come on, Eve. It's a huge feat to shock an Ancient Goddess, you know? That doesn't happen a lot! She is as old as Earth itself!"

Veins bulged in Aphrodite's head: "Hey! I'm not that old!"

"… If you put it that way," Eve muttered.

"Well, we were the same when we discovered that Roxanne literally resides in our Master's Soul... how enviable is that position!" Roberta groaned.

"Indeed… I would do anything to live in his Soul permanently like Roxanne." Bruna grumbled.

"Girls, you are too greedy..." Kaguya just mumbled.

"Tsk, speak for yourself, Miss' Maid-Wife'." Roberta snorted.

"..." Kaguya just blushed deeply.

"Roxanne." Aphrodite approached the redhead.


"Is that already growing in him?" Aphrodite asked carefully in a low voice.

Roxanne opened her eyes wide, and then she smiled:

"Of course you would know; you are an Ancient Goddess, after all."

"And to answer your question, yes. It's already growing in him, but it's still like a drop in the middle of an ocean."

Aphrodite just nodded and sighed: "... Haah, my Husband really doesn't know how many Gods will envy his position. The last being who had a similar situation to him created the damn Norse Pantheon."

"Fufufu, I assume you'll keep this quiet, right?"

"Of course, I will not put my Husband at unnecessary risk. His existence will only cause another war."

Roxanne narrowed her eyes, "... Is it that bad?"

"Bad is an understatement. The situation is the worst possible. I suggest you never show yourself in front of a God. The information of your existence cannot leak out in any possible way."

"Hmm, that's not a problem; I will only remain in my Master's Soul."

"That's good... Now, I have to reformulate my plans and talk to Ruby later; ugh."

"Why didn't anyone tell me this before?"

"You weren't trusted until recently." Roxanne was honest.

"Fair enough."


Three women came speeding into the room and glanced quickly at Victor.

Wasting no time, they approached Victor.

"I knew this would happen! This stubborn guy, he said he could handle it!" Sasha grumbled with concern on her face.

"... There's no use talking about it; you know how he is. He wouldn't give up that easily." Ruby spoke in a neutral tone.

"B-But, he should've asked-."

"Victor wouldn't let himself do that. He'd rather kill his mother and father with his own hands than let someone else do it." Violet spoke with the same concern on her face.

"… Was there no other way to do this?" Anna asked.

"You were going to die either way. The only difference was a quick death or a slow and painful one."

"…." Anna fell silent as she remembered the burning sensation in her body.

"Haaa, what do we do now?" Anna asked.

"... Don't treat me like I'm something fragile. I'm fine... I just need time to deal with this. Seeing you all well and healthy will help, too," Victor replied neutrally with his eyes still closed.

"..." The girls looked at each other and nodded.

"Then we'll take care of you~."

Victor opened his left eye and saw Violet's seductive smile.

"Unfortunately, Honey, I can't do that, or I will hurt you."

"It's okay; you can lay still like a statue."

"... My seeds are also dangerous now."

"......" The girls looked at him as if he'd grown a second head.

"The energy flowing through my body right now is overloading me, meaning I'm working at 100% capacity all the time until I get it under control... So, no sex."

Violet, Sasha, and Ruby's faces darkened as if they'd just heard the most horrible thing possible.

"NOOOOOOO!!" Violet screamed.

"Darling, go train now! You must control it by the end of this week!" Sasha screamed.

"..." Ruby didn't say anything, but her intense gaze completely agreed with Sasha's outburst.

"Girls, he needs to rest…." Anna murmured.

The three looked at Anna with a twinkle in their eyes: "No, he's going to train." The three spoke at the same time.

Anna sweated a little. 'Is he so good for them to act like that...?' A forbidden feeling began to build in her body, and her new Racial attributes further fueled it.

She looked down and stared at her son. She sniffed a little; he smelled so good; he was so beautiful…


Anna opened her eyes wide and shook her head to get those thoughts out of her head: 'Bad Anna! Do not do this! Control yourself! Don't let your Vampire cravings take over!'

Victor looked at Anna with a cold sweat breaking out on his face. He wasn't blind enough not to know what she was thinking.

"I will rest a bit; then I will go back to training," Victor spoke as he got up from the floor.


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