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Chapter 600 - Chapter 600: Fire Gene, Extreme Cold!

Chapter 600: Fire Gene, Extreme Cold!

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After successfully escaping the terrifying environment that suddenly descended, Su Yang heaved a sigh of relief.

Even if this body was destroyed, it was nothing.

However, it would be best if it was not damaged.

After escaping, Su Yang continued to walk forward. At the moment, he did not know where to go.

They could only choose a single direction and advance in a straight line.

He would wait until he encountered a new situation.

The best thing was to find the human gathering place as soon as possible.

He thought that he would be able to find the human gathering place soon after he walked out of the flaming grass.

But now it seemed like…Perhaps not.

At least for now, he could only see endless wilderness.

Even if there were traces of human activity, no one could be seen.

Su Yang could only continue moving forward.

It was impossible for him to stay where he was.

It would take a day to analyze the white Soul Crystal.

That’s right, the crystal that Su Yang obtained from killing those fire bugs was called Soul Crystal.

According to the different colors, the levels were also different.

The lowest grade was the white Soul Crystal.

Currently, he had 103 white Soul Crystals and two green Soul Crystals.

He only needed one Soul Crystal to analyze it.

Therefore, Su Yang simply absorbed the remaining Soul Crystals.

A white Soul Crystal provided him with 100 trillion golden wills of all living beings.

One hundred and two of them equaled to 10,200 trillion golden beings ‘will.

In addition, the green Soul Crystal was worth a quadrillion each.

A total of 11,200 trillion!

This harvest could be said to be extremely huge. One had to know that this was only the harvest he obtained in this world with the body of an ordinary person.

As long as he had some strength, the rewards he obtained would be completely different.

If it wasn’t for the fact that the red grass behind him was already covered by the high temperature.

He wished he could kill his way back.

In just a short while, it was enough to increase his cultivation by 1%.

After learning about the benefits of the geno world, Su Yang became interested in it.

In the following period of time, he kept moving forward while paying attention to the genetic creatures in this world.

As long as he could kill genetic creatures, he would be able to obtain the cultivation resources he needed.

However, most of the genetic creatures in this world existed in extreme environments.

For example, those fire bugs.

They lived in a high-temperature environment.

The sudden appearance of the high temperature environment just now was not considered sudden.

It would only appear at a fixed time.

After that, it would disappear for a period of time.

This repeated.

He was able to obtain this information because his clone was collecting information for him.

Every moment, new information entered his mind.

Just like that, Su Yang advanced for about six hours.

He saw a new harsh environment.

It was an extremely cold land covered in ice and snow.

Su Yang was standing on a lawn, but one meter in front of him was an extremely cold place.

The wind and snow continued to erupt in the extremely cold land.

The terrifying atmosphere was roaring.

It was hard to imagine that the environment could be so strange.

It was like two worlds apart.

Looking at the extremely cold environment ahead, Su Yang did not step into it.

Right now, his body was still that of an ordinary person.

Without mastering genetic power, he would only be killed by the harsh environment if he stepped into it.

He had to wait until he mastered the genetic power before he could enter.

Now, he was faced with two choices.

The first was to take a detour and leave this area and move in another direction.

The second was to wait in place for a period of time until the extreme environment disappeared before entering.

However, the only thing he needed to worry about now was whether the extreme environment here would stop.

Not every extreme environment was like the high temperature environment he had experienced before.

It would stop for a period of time, and some extreme environments would continue.

Su Yang was not in a hurry.

He simply waited on the spot.

Even if this extreme environment didn’t stop, it didn’t matter.

When he finished analyzing the white soul crystal tomorrow and learned the cultivation method of this world, he would be able to start gene cultivation.

Monsters and cultivators from other worlds might have different cultivation methods.

But this geno world was different.

This was because regardless of whether they were monsters or cultivators, they all cultivated genetic power.

Then, there would be no problem of different cultivation methods.

An entire day had passed.

Su Yang looked at the extremely cold place in front of him. A day had passed, but the harsh environment here did not show any signs of stopping.

He didn’t know if it was not time yet, or if it wouldn’t stop at all.

However, he had already finished analyzing the white Soul Crystal.

His consciousness entered his mind and checked the cultivation method he had analyzed.

” Analysis complete. Obtained the cultivation method of the Rank-1 Fire Gene.”

” Flame Gene…”

Su Yang immediately understood. It seemed that because the insect was of the fire type, he also obtained the fire gene.

If the white Soul Crystal was at the first stage.

So the green Soul Crystal is the second stage?

Su Yang took out the last green Soul Crystal in his hand and observed it carefully. He also found that there was something different in the core of this thing.

Previously, he had kept it directly and had not observed it carefully.

At the very center, there was a wisp of flame.

It was extremely small, but it did exist.

He used the power of his main body to continue analyzing this special crystal.

[Level 2 Soul Crystal: Analysis time-30 days]

After seeing this result, Su Yang frowned slightly.

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